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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.

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I always found it a good place to pick up girls over the years,quite a few on the hunt. Go there with the GF every week I hide in Benjamit coffee shop,while she walks.

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I really can't take the heat and the jostling in the aisles, though I have to say, the market is a good place to go for many things.

I might give it another go before it really heats up this summer.

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It's one of my favourite places to just watch Thais being Thais. Shopping….mooching….unaware…..relaxed.


I've no reason other than people watching to go there these days, so I don't make it as often……….As it happens, after a gap of many months I went along last week. I sat in the Dolphin Restaurant and was pleased to see, 'Tennis ball lady' was still going strong.


She's an old girl now and wisely doesn't attempt any new tricks. Years of holding the ball in her outstretched hand……letting it go…….and catching it before it falls still excites her……and she forever expects it to dazzle her audience trapped at the tables.

Visitors to the market come and go…..they change weekly but she's a constant and whoever she performs for they seem to understand and play along. Most smile indulgently….some laugh with her……Some pass over a few coins. She walks off proud and happy…. still catching that bloody ball.


I wondered where she lived?…..how she managed?….What she did between market days?


And realised that if I ever came here and she wasn't around…….carted off to 'Arkham' perhaps, or 'Time' was called from the Umpire's chair…….. Then the market would have lost something.

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Good pics.

Are Thai markets any good? UK markets are a waste of time. I have been to Thai markets with TG's, but didn't ask prices, except in Bkk nightmarkets, where the prices were higher than dept stores back home.

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