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Before all you ex pats and Pattaya legends start slating me LOL, i'll admit it, I'm another one ready to bite the dust LOL To get to the point I'm traveling to Pattaya on the 25th of next month for 10 days, I was meant to go to Pattaya with some lads but they dropped and left me to go it alone, I'm a 24yo british Asian and it's the first time I'm travelling alone, I just want any advice or any tips on what I should and shouldnt do, places to go and if there is anyone who fancies a pint when I get there! What can i expect there as a british asian as i've read somewhere that thai peoples attitude towards you can vary based on different nationalities etc?


Also any advice on how much cash i should bring and would you recommend i do 5 days Bangkok and 5 days pataya or just do Pattaya all the way!!


In regards to the BG,FL's ? are there any recommended steps to pick em' up lol or just approach em direct and ask em ow much which would be awkward? Lol


Cheers in advanced!!!


Thank you sirs! ??

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Pity the lads dropped out, always more fun with a group of pals.


I am sure you have come across a bit of racism before, well Thais are like that but not discreet about it!


They have a poor opinion of those coming from the sub-continent, until you persuade them you aren't direct from Delhi they will put you in that group... Cheap Charlie!


Tip a little bit here and there, that makes you popular!


Cash, let us say £250/day, but important thing is to have something to fall back on. An ATM card to use just in case, don't get stranded at the airport having missed the flight and not having a penny left! (Like we keep seeing on the Bangkok Airport TV programme). Have travel insurance.


Bangok+Pattaya or just Pattaya, up to you! If you want a bit of 'touristy' time Bangkok has some things to see. If it is all girlie action, Pattaya has it all covered, although a few days in Bangkok will make you appreciate Pattaya prices.


The BG's pick you up! The FLs you can just approach and talk to.

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You can have a great time in either place. BKK is more expensive. I'd stay three days in BKK at the end of my trip. Pattaya is a friendly town. Walk into a beer bar and introduce yourself. You'll do fine. Where are you staying?

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Bangkok is much more expensive for the nightlife than Pattaya. If you visit Soi Cowboy,Nanaplaza in Bangkok and see what the prices are for the drinks and women, you will probably do better in Pattaya for lower prices and have much more in numbers of go go bars and beer bars :smile:

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