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Monkeywatch - October 2015

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As usual a good read and great to start the day with a laugh.


Where is the place that has the Friday night music show or is that a secret?


Question. According to this forum the cost of nooky in Pattaya is soaring. If so why is it so popular with the Indians? Perhaps they are negotiating a bulk deal?

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Very good laugh this month.......but I thought it was 10 for a bhat bus and 20 for a tuk-tuk.......but then again I may be accused of being a LDOP.............thanks as always

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Great 'OOOOps' pic there tallguy!

Contender for caption contest.....

'Somchai though he saw a 10 baht coin at the bottom'........


Plenty of examples of the recent rains in town with teeth shattering road surfaces and crappy repairs that have been washed out.

Soi Chayaphun is like the lunar surface again.

Prepare to have your teeth cracked as you enter Tesco from North Rd.

The one above got me as I was still dazed after the pothole from Phettrakun onto North Rd.

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