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I read on FB that this place had a soft opening today. Having had my fill of Sunday Roasts, my friend and I thought it would be worth a look and a taste of some of the daring items on today's menu.
I had the bruschetta on house made focaccia bread. Lots of bits of good things on it around it, including some very nice tomatoes.
I decided to try the seared tuna as a starter, and the owner Ewan wisely suggested I eat that and then decide if I wanted a main course. He was right..remember, this was my breakfast (as in "break fast') for the day, and so I wasn't ravenously hungry. The tuna came, and as you can see from the picture, it was a BIG starter. When I had finished, I was full (except for enough room for dessert, which I put in a special stomach I keep available for that).
My friend had the garlic and rosemary chicken. He said it was very good, and from what I could see, it did look good.

I had the shortbread millefeuille dessert. My only issue is that the shortbread was too hard to break with a spoon, and I had to crush my dessert when I tried to break it into bite size pieces. I ended up just eating it like a hamburger, from the outside in.

After the meal, the chef offered us a free drink...as advertised on the opening day post he made. I opted for a cognac. My bill was 510 baht.

I look forward to trying some main menu items, and from speaking to the chef, he will be varying the menu regularly, so if you see something you like, you'd better get over there and eat it!

Quality ingredients, quality preparation with superior presentation, a convivial chef, a very sexy waitress (likely the missus :P) and a good location on 3rd road. I expect this place to be a success! Let's make it true, folks!

2016-01-03 16.46.43.jpg

2016-01-03 16.46.59.jpg

2016-01-03 16.49.18.jpg

2016-01-03 16.49.23.jpg

2016-01-03 16.50.31.jpg

2016-01-03 16.50.38.jpg

2016-01-03 17.26.54.jpg

2016-01-03 17.27.01.jpg

2016-01-03 17.33.15.jpg

2016-01-03 16.36.46 (2).jpg

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They have an internal staff administration problem and will no doubt be open shortly. Nothing whatsoever to do with unfounded comments about food poisoning.

I had dinner last night at The Bite, which is the reincarnated Bite Me! on the same premises near the corner of Third Road and Soi Lengkee. I had one of the two daily specials- escalope of chicken wi

LOL. I was trained by the US Army to inspect mess halls, restaurants, snack bars on military bases for food sanitation. I have 4 years experience conducting monthly inspections. When a restaurants sta

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Food looks good - now show us the waitress ;-)


Posted from my mobile so I blame any spelling errors on that.

Sorry, I was too shy to take her pic.


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For those of us that don't understand what moo,s are can you give us a landmark on 3rd rd,or alternatively educate me in understanding Thai addresses.

On the menu it says corner of Third Road and Soi Lengkee.
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Inspired by MM's review, a friend and I ate dinner last night at Bite Me Bisto. I don't think MM has any telepathic powers of suggestion, but I ordered the same two dishes as he did. Bruschetta and seared tuna are both favorites of mine.

I agree with what MM said. Bite Me Bistro is a welcome addition to the Pattaya food scene. In terms of flavor, seasoning, freshness of ingredients, preparation and presentation, BMB is punching way above its weight class for such a modestly priced restaurant. I've had much less expertly prepared food at far higher prices in Pattaya.

Bottom line: Both my friend and I thought it was one of the better meals we've had in Pattaya in the 450-550 baht range (two courses and a bottle of beer).

The owner, Ewan from Scotland, is very friendly and more than happy to talk about his plans for BMB. He has wisely chosen a limited menu (four starters, eight mains and three desserts) that he plans to change frequently.

The bruschetta was excellent; thin slices of grilled bread topped with tomatoes and roasted eggplant and onions. It had a subtle hint of herbs which I liked. But it has to mentioned that this isn't the chopped tomato bruschetta with which many people are familiar. It was a touch heavy on the olive oil for my taste, but nothing serious. I would also have preferred slightly thicker bread as the base, but focaccia, the type of bread most often associated with bruschetta, comes in many forms. In all, the bruschetta was reasonable at 150 baht.





The sesame seared rare tuna was my "main dish," although I took it in starter size at 195 baht. Fresh, high-qaulity fish on a salad of pickled vegetables with ponzu dressing. Ponzu is a Japanese citrus-and vinager-based sauce that perfectly complements (but doesn't overwhelm) the flavor of the tuna.






My friend had the sea bass fillet with white wine dill sauce and Mediterranean vegetables. He eats a lot of fish in Pattaya and really enjoyed that it was poached and not fried. It cost 290 baht for a substantial slice of fish.



He had the strawberry shortbread dessert. He had no problem breaking the shortbread with his fork. It wasn't as soft as say Walkers shortbread, but it wasn't at all difficult to eat (he gave me a little piece). It cost 120 baht.




I didn't have dessert but contented myself with an excellent glass (not cup) of coffee latte.


I'll definitely be back to try more of the main courses, with the Moroccan lamb skewers and the New York strip steak at the top of the list. A big :thumbup and :clap1 from me.




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Glad you enjoyed it, EP. From the buzz in the Facebook food groups and Google reviews, the place is getting rave reviews.

I've not seen a single negative review yet, which is testimony to Ewan's food quality and preparation.

As the first person to review BMB here and on Facebook, and the first customer, I take some pride in having "discovered" a new, quality place, though it's obvious it wouldn't have stayed a secret for long.

Ewan just posted he'll have a weekly set menu. I include the menu for this week as an example.



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Hope this is ok not sure of forum rules, but just a heads up maybe a bit premature, but coming soon at Bite Me Bistro :)


We have some big plans - the Bistro itself is just a part. Our production kitchen is almost complete, and will have vac-packed dishes of the same quality as the dishes served up in the restaurant. Whether single portions, or 5 kilo packs for other food outlets, there will be a big range of dishes - Bite Me Shank, Bite Me Coq Au Vin, Bite Me Hotpot and many many others.


As with the Bistro itself the prices will be very affordable. Expats will be able to buy single portions, other outlets including restaurants from single portions up. Precooked, marinated for hours, these are delicious. Simmer them in hot water for a couple of minutes, then serve. Easy! Restaurants can buy at a great price, cutting down on kitchen costs. We can produce special dishes exclusive to your restaurant, deliver to bars. You will be able to add fine dining to the menu in Soi 6 ;)


Bang in the middle of town, so the delivery service we are setting up can reach South and North Pattaya in double-quick time. As soon as we are ready to roll, we will update here.


In the meantime here are some tasters from the set menu this week, at 490 including a glass of wine, a beer, or a soft drink. Look forward to seeing you!




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Super Saturday Special - NZ Venison Striploin, Potato Rosti, Whisky and Tomato Chutney 290 baht


Only 7 portions left!

I had one of the remaining portions and it was superbly tasty. The tomato and the whiskey chutney went well with the rosti and venison. A delicious meal! Sorry about the pic...I dove in and had a few bites before remembering to take a photo.

2016-01-23 17.49.43.jpg


I also had a crepe suzette that was nearly a perfect dessert....sweet yet light.


2016-01-23 18.12.40.jpg


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Not everyone's on Facebook, so here's a copy of a post that's gone on the FB groups in case anyone has any great ideas -


Competition time again! The lucky winner will get 20% discount for six months on all main menu dishes and 10% off all drinks at Bite Me Bistro or the new restaurant (opening end Feb). Or if you are just here for a short stay, a meal for four at either restaurant with a bottle of house wine.


Come up with a great name for our Pratumnak rooftop restaurant and cocktail bar, with its fantastic views over Jomtien, Pattaya and beyond, and if that's the one we pick then the prize is yours.


Take a look at the photos, look forward to reading the suggestions, both serious and tongue-in-cheek lol.


Had a few already, Atmosphere, Apex, Climax, Don't Jump and Skydivers lol, A Cut Above.... Clouds, Elements, Loft, Rapture....










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Above the Rest

Top Chef Pattaya
A View to Grill
Mount Kitchen
Munchers for Punters
Sam and Ella's (can't be worse than Bite Me)
Spire Fryer


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I suggest Skyline would be the perfect name for your rooftop place.

I'll be in to sample Bite Me soon, you're just down the road from the house.

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Are you going to settle for a pork chop and fries? Or twice-fried purple potato Patacones from Panama, called 'tostones' in other parts of Spanish-speaking Central America and the Caribbean. Panamanian dishes are often quite mildly flavoured. Black bean rice is another Hispanic staple, nutritious and easy on the wallet (like all food and drink at Bite Me!). A mouthwatering Creole marinade for the chicken, and you have today's special at the Bistro.... 250 baht.


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I just had the pork loin special and it was indeed special. Lots of flavor with a variety of tastes from the perfectly tuned vegetable accompaniments to the mashed potato foundation Superb!

2016-02-17 18.12.47.jpg


The missus had the southern fried chicken on a sort of pancake...it was too exotic for her simple tastes, I think, but what I tried was deliciously crunchy and flavorful. She did eat all the chicken and vegetables though, but she left the potato(?) base it was on. I pretty much finished that. I believe this is a new item on the a la carte menu now. Get it while it's there!


2016-02-17 18.12.54.jpg


I was so full, I had to skip dessert...610 baht with water, coke light, and cappuccino.

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Sounds good - and good vfm too. But I would probably agree with Pin - simple peasant food suits me :-D


Posted from my mobile so I blame any spelling errors on that.

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