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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.
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Evil Penevil

Under 300 Baht ... And Good!

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1 hour ago, Evil Penevil said:

Prime Burger has taken over the premises of the venerable but now defunct Butchers Arms across Soi Buakhao from the southern edge of Tree Town.


As the name makes clear,  Prime Burger is narrowly focused on premium burgers. In addition to hamburgers made from 100% imported Australian beef (70% chuck, 30% brisket) ground daily in the restaurant, the menu includes chicken, fish and vegetarian burgers as well as some traditional side dishes and salads. Prime Burger is a good option if you're in the mood for an upscale burger, but not if you want anything else. 


The interior features booth and table seating. There is a big screen TV on one wall and a pool table in the back section. For those who want to people watch or prefer dining al fresco, there are tables outside.

IMG_0148 - Copy.jpg



The burgers are named for cities around the world and come in three sizes (single-, double- and triple-patty). Each patty weighs 90 grams.  Eight different burgers are available. The New York Burger is a basic cheeseburger, but I chose the Paris Burger with cheese, U.S.-style smoked streaky bacon, tomato, lettuce, Dijon mustard and truffle mayo. 


On its Web site and printed menu, Prime Burger states "the quality of beef and ingredients" is the  key to making the best burger.  I  certainly won't disagree but add that proper execution by the cook is also important in producing a great burger.  Even the best ingredients can be mistreated in the kitchen and result in an unpalatable dish.

But the kitchen staff at Prime Burger got it right regarding the basics.   Quality ingredients were  well prepared to yield one of the tastiest burgers I've had in a long time.  Admittedly, I don't often eat hamburgers in Pattaya, so I don't have a large or up-to-date basis for comparison.

The owner of Prime Burger is a Swede who opened a Prime Burger in Phuket earlier this year and its Stockholm Burger promptly won the annual Phuket's Best Burger.  If the owner isn't doing the cooking himself, he's trained his staff well.

A bacon cheeseburger is straight out of Peoria or Omaha; it's the Dijon mustard and truffle mayo that gives the Paris Burger it's French twist.  I'm not sure truffle mayo  really has a place on a bacon cheeseburger; a more neutral base like pasta, eggs or mild meat and fish is needed for the truffle flavor to shine. 

A generous blob of Dijon mustard would have been a brilliant addition, as it would have added a contrasting bite to the fatty richness of the cheeseburger.  Alas, the cook had been rather stingy with the mustard and I couldn't notice any taste from the mustard or truffle mayo.  Nevertheless, as a straight-up bacon cheeseburger, it was very good.  The bun, the most overlooked component of burgers, was fresh and light, exactly how a hamburger bun should be.


I ordered the halloumi salad at 90 baht as my side.  Halloumi is cheese that originated in Cyprus and is traditionally made from sheep's milk. It has a low moisture content that makes it perfect for grilling and frying.  Halloumi has a unique taste that's hard to describe; it's sort of like feta, but milder and creamier.  I can't even recall seeing halloumi on a Pattaya menu before.

In modern times, halloumi has been made from cow's milk and I think (but can't be sure) that was the variation I got.  It had a good texture but very little flavor.  The vegetables,  pieces of vegetables (tomato, cucumber, green and red pepper) were freshly chopped.  Black olives provided the accent rather than the cheese.

Bottom line:  Next time I have a yearning for a hamburger, Prime Burger will be one of my options. I wouldn't say it's the best burger in Pattaya, but it's very good and the location is convenient for me.  I also want to try the Tokyo Burger (deep-fried fish).  The total cost of my meal (burger, salad and soda water) was 375 baht.

I'm not sure about Prime Burger's hours of business.  I got there at 2.30 p.m. and the staff was still putting out the settings on the outdoor tables. A "Closed" sign hung on the door, but the waitress told me to go inside and "wait five minute."  I believe it is supposed to be open between 3.00 p.m. and 11 p.m.


Halloumi has to be made in Cyprus and feta must be made in Greece that's in the EU mind, Traditionally it was made from goat and sheep milk now cows is also used it's gained in popularity so they now import some milk but it's made in Cyprus so it's authentic go figure.keeps for ever unopened in the fridge.

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7 hours ago, sailingbill said:

 Evil, As you know from our PM's ,my brother is in town and not on a budget. I appreciate your  sugggestions   Really likes nice restaurants but we dont want to stray from LKM  /Diana   ...   we onlly have one meal a day. Thinking Robins Nest.?.

I think you'd do better at Kilkenny, Golf Club,  Harry's or the Buakhao Bistro on Soi Buakhao across from Serenity A Go Go (former Oasis).  Smokin' Joe's on Lengkee is  also good for U.S.-style farang food.

 Kilkenny revamped its restaurant menu about three weeks ago.  Here's an excerpt from the new menu:




Kilkenny also has great value-for-money daily specials.  Today's three specials:



and yesterday's two:


I've tried and reviewed the beef stew, pork chop and Ozzie burger.  All were very good.

Most noteworthy is probably the Sunday roast lamb dinner for 199 baht.  You won't do better than that for the price anywhere in town.


What impresses me most about Kilkenny is its consistency.  I've never had a bad meal there.  In many farang-oriented places in Pattaya, the quality of the meals can swing dramatically depending who's in the kitchen at the time.

Prices are reasonable at Kilkenny but it's 30-50 baht higher for popular menu items compared with the nearby Cheap Charlie's, Chunky Monkey and Hungry Hippo.  However,  in terms of quality and portion size, Kilkenny wins hands down.  Kilkenny also has an extended Happy Hour from 4 p.m. to midnight every day, during which all house spirits and bottled beers go for 65 baht.

Kilkenny's is located at the corner of the L on LK Metro, across from the Billabong Bar.  It's an excellent spot for people watching on LK Metro. Things can get quite lively at the Billabong.

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1 hour ago, sailingbill said:

    Im no Gabor  

Thank God, Buddha, Allah, Shiva, Zeus, Odin, Tezcatlipoca and all other deities known  and unknown for that!


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Evil now that was dammed funny.  Actually a good history lesson of the deities.   Gabor was ok in small dosages.   Killkenny it is tonight, thanks. We will be there about 8p, Pandoras after that. Buy you a beer or 4 if your about. 

Im the American with glasses  ,my brother is a scary looking fellow, a biker with long hair and tatoos. Cant miss us.  Unlikley pair?  Thats us.

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Regarding Cheap Charlies. I was in there last week and they have buggered about with the outside tables again..They can't seem to get it right!!

Anyway, I have purchased a "Reward Card" for 200 Baht valid until 31st Jan 2020 starting 1st October. All specials are 99 Baht. I have my eyes on the Liver and onion, Beef stew and Spare ribs.....I am sure I will have got my money back by end of October.....

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