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Aroi Pub and resto

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Finally given the option to visit the famous Aroy Sunday buffet. The whole experience is different from what I imagined. A huge, but very friendly environment, just like a club.


I liked it very much. Emiel the chef friendly met me personally at the gate of the restaurant, just like any other guests... Yes, guests, not customers... He had always a few good words for the guests, probably the best host I ever seen. Also a real chef, no one second to rest, if not take care the guests, then busy with the food, personally cut the meat and serving every single guests with generous hands.





But let see the foods.. The appetizer table was rich and various. The bruschetta was fine, but I don’t liked the toast concept, I prefer the soft, fresh bread variant. The varous salads served in two different size ( I tried the smaller „ in the spoon „ version ) The tuna salad was perfect, it was more a tuna paté....very tasty, served with taste in a small salad canape. I can say the same about the crab salad ( less paté kind... more salad ) I loved very much both of the salads. The egg salad... my nervous point, I’m very picky about it and I know it’s an art to make ( none of my own egg salad I liked I made myself ) It was a perfect egg salad, a holy food, every times I returned to the serving tables eye contacted with it..... But hey... we went because of the meats...





Emiel several times mentioned the argentinian beef... I tought, OK, beef is beef I’m excited about the lamb... The lamb was sensational, real lamb taste, not overcooked, swimming in a tasty fine sauce... Together with the tasty, rich mint sauce it made me an gastronomical erection.... However the gastronomical ejaculation was the beef... Sending the very first bite to my face... I almost fall down from the chair... strong, sensational taste, the meat melted in my mouth. My friend I was with, just looked on my face, probably the structure of my face changed from the delight.... Unforgettable experience. The carrots from the lamb sauce were perfect, the potato side ( baked potato ? ) was delicious and fine, despite it was served in a buffet, not freshly made for the food. The sauteed cauliflower was too crispy for my taste, despite I like the veggies crispy... For me the sauteed veggies better if cooked soft.


My friend remembered me I missed the liver pate... and he was right to remind me, it was really good on the soft, fresh bread... I enjoyed it a lot. And now the ribs.... Maybe I was spoilt with the ribs back in Hungary, Emiel also mentioned me his problems to find the right ones. It was served with a fabuolus smokey sauce, but I had to mining the meat pieces from between the rib bones. It was good and no matter if it is in an all you can eat buffet, you can take as much as you want... and I saw, it was a very popular item for the guests. And sorry... no room already to try the chicken...


The dessert was the usual „ serve yourself from the box „ ice cream, but I liked it very much, I took twice.


But remember I’m easy pleased if talking about the ice creams. I just asked Emiel what kind of coffee they serve and he started to list them: Arabica, equator etc etc... My original question was about: Nescafe or real coffe ? :-D He showed me the huge, italian professional coffe making machine and personaly made my arabica espresso ( wide options from latte to espresso or ristretto and many more ) It was real and quality coffe.... like a hammer beat... I felt, like I was stoned...in a good meaning.


Verdict: Simple super, king size value, very highly recommended.
Buffet: 300 baht
Soda: 40 baht ( please teach the service to cut right the lime slice to gain the juice... I know, I made my own cut wrongly for years )
Espresso: 45 baht


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Depending on my route It's often on my way back from the darkside.


First time I went I was alone it was mid week midday......


I 'calibrated' the quality of food by ordering something I know very well, a green curry......Along comes a side dish of various breads ..... :clueless ......Then the 'gang-keow-wan-kai' It was delicious......I mean really good.


The boss came over and he was very considerate and informative. I asked about breakfasts.......He told me he couldn't produce a good one without prohibitive cost...Going into the constituents of a good sausage etc.......Knew his stuff.


He talked about his Sunday fare..'Only the best products .......these cooked traditionally.......Individual portions no scrapping out from big tins'


He had me sold.


I have stunning, hi-so woman I see in her 50s, I met exercising.........She oozes quality and gets VIP attention wherever we go.


When she pops out her 'pince-nez' from of her handbag ....peruses the menu and interrogates and confuses the waiter I always feel sorry for the guy....Girls she's less brusque with.


We were both looking for somewhere new and with quality....I told her about this place and she picked me up. She doesn't drink much...and so we share the driving responsibilities ........In many ways she's the perfect woman.


I called to book (something I only do that with her in tow).......


Despite booking no one seemed to know we were coming and the place was almost empty and at night time disappointingly un-atmospheric but the Boss came over and was great


They found us a nice table...... the menus arrive and it's time for the cross-examination.


I'm hoping the food lives up to his billing......The place is filling nicely. Thai groups..falang groups.....and the usual mixture of both.


We had a good time we always do......Despite that frosty demeanour she's easy company.


The Boss sent over some very sweet champagne which we both appreciated as a kind gesture but neither of us could finish.......(If they'd been a pot plant available!!)


She paid.......We left....... Can't remember what we ate...... wasn't great though.


This was about 6 months ago.......I've been thinking of returning for another go but with a 'low-so'.


The guy is doing well. A good reputation in a bad location........There must be a reason. Give it a try.

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I and some of my friends have been big fans of Aroi for a while now.


As mentioned above, the owner, Peter (Emiel), is personable, knowledgeable, and service-oriented.


Pricing is extremely competitive, and there is no better deal in town than the Sunday buffet.


I am posting pictures from our various visits below...



2016-08-13 20.09.29.jpg

2016-08-13 20.09.32.jpg

2016-08-13 20.26.55.jpg

2016-08-13 20.28.12.jpg

2016-08-13 20.48.28.jpg

2016-08-13 20.48.36.jpg

2016-09-03 20.20.16.jpg

2016-09-03 20.20.21.jpg

2016-09-03 22.07.13.jpg

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