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The pig & whistle – Jomtien: Sunday beef roast.

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I wanted today a roast lunch and accidentally found their offer... pig / beef roast lunch menu. I thought, ok...anyway, too hot... meat, veggies, yorkshire pudding and gravy, all I needed and a few metres from my home...

When I asked how about a mixed plate, the service girl shaked her head... can not, beef or pork. Ok, beef. The meat slices were really thin, but at least 4 slices... the meat was a little bit dry, so the slim slices were useful to eat it. I don’t know the drieness was because of the beef meat, but the lamb roasts I tried before, all were soft and juicy. The gravy on the meat was enough and pretty tasty.


The veggies looked fresh and were cooked perfectly... The yorkshire pudding was something different I remembered from my previously experiences, but it was very good for my taste, at least the side was’t burnt.


I don’t really liked the baked potatoes, they were lukewarm and melted on the plate, so it was hard to catch it with a fork. Also received a sensationally tasty horse radish sauce in a side dish, which one I liked very much, despite I didn’t had an idea how to use it... I just used it to make more colourful the bites ( still many to learn ) ... The little sausage wrapped in bacon was a small piece of 7/11 hot dog sausage...


Verdict: It wasn’t bad, but either wasn’t something to remember, I would say it was value, but sadly I can’t to compare this 225 baht plate with the Retox Game On „ mini” Sunday roast lamb for 199 baht. In the Retox Game on I felt the touch of culinary art ( except the veggies, which ones were way better today ) , the today’s roast was just a correct plate.

Big bottle soda ( no lemon slice in the glass ): 45 baht


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