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Hi all, first time posting so I hope I'm following proper forum etiquette here; feel free to let me know if otherwise. I'm inbound to Pattaya in early March, and am planning on staying 2-3 weeks. It's my first visit and I'm looking for recommendations on hotels. I've searched this forum but am looking for updated info since the general wisdom seems to hold that things change somewhat rapidly there, and the posts I've found are mostly aging. Here are the criteria I'm hoping to find:


- Guest friendly

- Safe in room

- Walkable to Soi 6/1


I'm not sure what to say for pricing. I'll probably stay at Marriott for the first day or two after travel just to get a better night's sleep on their mattresses, but past that I don't think there's much value for me in paying for a 5 star room. I can afford better than budget hotels, but I'd rather spend my money on entertainment.

Thanks for reading and thanks in advance for any insights. I can't wait to be there!

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As for the "walkable" to Soi 6? for me, that wouldn't be a very important criteria, if you don't mind taking a baht bus. The baht buses run continuously down Beach Road and down Second Road, so it can be easy enough to get to Soi 6. I normally stay in guest houses when I'm in Pattaya, but I once spent a month at the Sabai Lodge. The was good, and they have some nice pools. Check around on the pricing and you might find a deal.

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The Marriott is now called The Avani, I don't know what effect the change has had on prices. It is probably about 20 mins walk from Soi 6.

Most hotels in Pattaya have in room safes so that should not be a problem.

If being close to Soi 6 is really important look for places in North Pattaya, sois 1-5. The Sabai hotels are pretty good, but it is a while since I have stayed in any of them.

A mate of mine has stayed in The Blue Sky on Soi5 a couple of times recently, which is a newish hotel and has rooms for around 1500 baht.

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IF walkable to Soi 6 is important, try the @Mind hotel. I reviewed it a while back here: http://www.pattayatalk.com/forums/topic/63746-review-mind-serviced-residence/


Very walkable to Soi 6.


Also very walkable are:


1) Season 5 Hotel (Soi 5): http://www.seasonfivehotel.com

2) Seven Zea Chic Hotel (Soi 5): http://www.sevenzeahotel.com

3) Centara Pattaya Hotel: http://www.centarahotelsresorts.com/centara/cpy/

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The Hilton is a lot closer to Soi 6 than the Marriott/Avani.

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you could stay right on soi 6, the Queen vic offers rooms.




If I remember correctly the Queen Vic faces about half a dozen noisy bars so god help you if you get a roadside room

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