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3BB problems with Gmail, Youtube, ...

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Many 3BB users reporting problems with Google services today.

Don't worry; it doesn't come from your computer :smile:

Just waiting for 3BB to solve that...


I urgent access needed, use a VPN. ;)

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Thanks........... why don't they say that themselves.......?


I've been having intermittent problems since yesterday.

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It may not be 3bb. I use AIS Fiber, and gmail is super slow today. So is Cloudfront. It may be any SSL service, or possibly just those outside Thailand. And if its happening to me too, its likely the governments packet sniffing servers that are causing the lag.

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It may not be 3bb. //

It is.


3BB said to several people calling the hotline that one of their big routers crashed and they were trying to understand the problem to fix it.

Also info (rumours?) that it will not be fixed before tomorrow...

Also this message from 3BB found on another forum:



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Ok well, since its also happening to me, and I have now confirmed its only happening to SSL traffic heading outside Thailand, I can tell you it is not a 3BB issue, but a issue with 3BBs supplier, or more likely, with the fiber connection coming in to Thailand.


A router could possibly be blocking SSL traffic by accident because of a failure. More likely its a overloaded traffic monitor, but it is possible that its accidental.


Connecting to a private SOCK5 SSL Proxy bypasses the issue tho... which further supports my theory that its a traffic sniffer gone rogue. Either way, hope they fix it soon.

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