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on board baggage allowance.

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    It's been years since i travelled long haul (32years)the idea of travelling light appeals to me.

    What would be the maximum size and weight of any baggage stored in the overhead locker?


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Hello jem23- here's some info about size and weight restrictions for carry on luggagae for U.S. airlines (from the internet...). You can always call to check if you're flying out of another country on a different airline, or check their web site.


<<<U.S. airline Carry-on Restrictions  


NEW FAA Requirement : Please note that airlines will now only allow ONE carry-on bag and one personal item (Briefcase, purse, diaper bag etc.)


Airline      # pieces      Max dimensions(")      Max weight (lbs.)

American      1 piece-      45 linear inches       40 lbs

America West      1 piece-      45 linear inches       40 lbs

Continental      1 piece-      22 x 14 x 9       40 lbs

Delta      1      piece-22 x 14 x 9       40 lbs

Northwest      1 piece-      22x14x9       40 lbs

TWA      1 piece-      45 linear inches       40 lbs

United      1 piece-      45 linear inches       50 lbs

US Airways      1      piece- Max overhead size: 24 x 16 x 10       40 lbs


All sizes in inches.  Linear inches = Length + Height + Width


We would generally recommend that your carry-on piece does not exceed the dimensions - 22" x 14" x 9" and does not exceed a weight of 40 lbs


New Security Measure : No knives or cutting instruments of any kind are allowed on any carry-on baggage.>>> 

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If you are travelling from Glasgow with KLM see their site and click on KLM Services; Hand Luggage from the left hand menu.




Most airlines will have a similar page since the baggage allowances form part of your terms and conditions of carriage if you book online.


Most, if not all, European carriers have a much lower hand luggage allowance (typically 7-12 kg) than their US counterparts.  You should be aware that the list of  items prohibited from hand luggage is now quite extensive and is rigorously applied at UK airports.





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ThankS GUYS.


                    Greatly appreciated,  WOH! 15lbs is not very much, shall have to rethink.



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Depends on your ticket and in some cases your F.F. status.....As for United...Premier Exec and above get extra baggage an Bus/First Upgrades even more!  Look how much overheard and floor space there is  with the sleeper seats in United First Int'l   I went three bags....My whole trip including B.F. gifts into the compartment above my sleeper.  Full size Suit Bag, med duffel, and a the usual carry on roller bag.  Lots of variables...Remember....Those Cabin Serving Wenches can make you gate check anything!  

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