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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.
Evil Penevil

Under 300 Baht ... And Mediocre (Updated Jan. 26, 2019)

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Methinks you need to make some space in the camera bag for a "mini spice, herbs and condiments kit"! At least that would render the "mediocre" "edible"!

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I had the breakfast burrito at Retrox Game On this morning and it was mediocre.



With the 50% Eatigo discount at 7.30 a.m., it cost 88 baht, plus 40 baht for a bottle of water.


The menu description of the breakfast burrito was a bit optimistic. The pork sausage was tasteless; the small strip of bacon had been fried brittle, not just crispy; there was maybe a tablespoon of scrambled eggs; no hash browns but two chunks of what might have been baked potato; and there might have been a speck of mozzarella, not more. Except for the saltiness of the bacon, there was no taste at all.


I had asked the waitress to hold the baked beans, but in afterthought, that was probably a mistake. The beans would have added some desperately needed flavor.


I'm glad the sausage had been cut into chunks rather than diced, as that made it easier to avoid eating. Without flavor, sausage is just meaningless calories. And if Retox is not going to use proper hash browns, the potato should have been diced and fried with onions or sweet peppers for flavor. More scrambled eggs and less potato would have been a good thing. The tortilla was tough, a sign that it had been overcooked, maybe even reheated in a microwave. It would have been improved by Mexican or Tex Mex seasoning. Cheese would have helped, too, but not mozzarella. It would be unrealistic to expect r Monterey or pepper jack cheese in Pattaya, but Swiss, Emmenthal or even cheddar would be better than mozzarella.

Bottom line: Unless Retox Game On changes the recipe for its breakfast burrito, I won't be ordering it again. There's no way much a bizarre combination of ingredients can taste good together.


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Little Tavern began operating in 2018 the premises of the former Queens Arms on Soi Buakhao south of the intersection with Soi Lengkee.  Monday I decided to give it a try, but that was a bad choice.  The meal I had was squarely mediocre.


Actually,  I shouldn't have eaten there at all.  I had been attracted by an outdoor chalkboard sign that advertised Chicken Kiev with mashed potatoes and veggies for 169 baht.  But when I tried to order it, the waitress said, "Sorry, already finish."  It was about 7.00 p.m. at the time.

Naughty, naughty. A restaurant should take in an outdoor sign touting a special if it's not available.  In the past, in similar situations, I've simply said something like, "I really wanted Chicken Kiev. I'll come back another day," and walked out.  Don't get angry, just vote with your feet.

But I ignored my own rule, in part because I wanted to try Little Tavern and in part because I was tired, hungry and needed to deal with some messages on my phone.  I looked at the menu and said I'd take the baked ham at 150 baht instead.  "No hab today," was the reply.  The waitress wanted me to take the chicken breast with mushroom  at 165 baht. I didn't really fancy that and scanned the menu again.  Nothing caught my eye.  It seemed to be the same stolid pub food that's standard in dozens of restaurants from Naklua to Na Jomtien; Lake Mabprachan to Beach Road; and all points between.

The waitress pressed me to take the chicken breast; it was good and cost the same as the special, she said.  I gave up at that point, ignored all the warning signals and rolled the dice on the waitress' suggestion.  Unfortunately, it came up snake eyes.  Loser, loser, loser!


The chicken breast with mushroom gravy, mashed potatoes and the Pattaya Holy Trinity of side vegetables- carrots, broccoli and cauliflower- was not good.  As I've said about all the dishes in this thread, it wasn't bad, just not good.


When the plate came down in front of me, it looked pretty good and I thought I might have lucked out, especially after I tasted the gravy. It was excellent, clearly made from scratch and full of flavor.  But alas, that was the highlight.  The rest was a letdown and pushed the meal into mediocre territory.


In Texas hold'em poker,   Ace-King hole cards are called an Anna Kournikova after the beautiful but moderately talented tennis star because they "look better than they play." I'm trying to express the same idea about my meal at Little Tavern, but you eat food, you don't play it, and how Anna Kournikova would taste is anyone's guess.   I doubt many can speak from personal experience.

The three chicken breasts were dry as sawdust and about as tasty.  No seasoning had been used on them.  One edge of each had been pounded thin and cooked so hard it was inedible.  The potatoes were watery and seemed to have been pureed, not mashed.  All the flavor had been boiled out of the vegetables. The gravy was excellent, but gravy alone does not a good meal make.

Here's what may have happened: the chicken breasts on my plate had been intended to be used in Chicken Kiev, but the cook didn't prepare enough portions and for some reason couldn't make more.  Maybe they ran out of bread crumbs or the cook who knew how to make it had gone home.  Who knows?  The  waitress pushed the chicken breasts with mushroom gravy to help use up the ingredients on hand and frying  was the quickest way to do it.


Aside from the food, there were some positives about my meal at Little Tavern: comfortable seats; good lighting and ventilation; background music at a blessedly low volume; and friendly service. It's a nice place to have a drink and would be a good one for a meal if the cooking improves.


As noted earlier, the menu at Little Tavern isn't very inspiring.  It's mostly British comfort food, steaks of unspecified "imported" beef and some Thai dishes.

I'm sorry the resolution in the photo below is so low, but if you click on "Enlarge," those of you with good eyes may be able to get a better idea of what is on offer.


Food prices seem to be on par with or higher than comparable restaurants nearby.  With its rock-bottom prices, the Chunky Monkey has proved very popular.  As several posters have noted, Soi Buakhao and LK Metro are price-sensitive areas and the food has to be top quality to justify premium prices and remain competitive.  That sure wasn't the case with my meal.  The happy hour price for bottled Thai beer is 60 baht, but at a bar across the street, the happy hour price for the same brands is 45 baht.  Little Tavern is likely to struggle on the price front.

If I remember the sign right,  Little Tavern is open between 7.00 a.m. and 11 p.m., but the kitchen closes at 9.00 p.m.

Bottom line:  I won't be rushing back.


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Your report reminds me of a line I have used on some very odd occasions, when meeting the same results.

'Excuse me, do you have a menu? You appear to have given me a list of things you don't have!'

Of course I usually get the Thai waitress gormless look back, but have a little giggle to myself.

(I am a sarcastic sod!)

Thanks again.



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Then there are places that add items which they post on FB without printing new menus or putting them on a special board.  Good luck on ordering one of them.

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Each to his own opinion. I had the Sunday roast dinner here a couple of weeks ago and it was magnificent. It was the small dinner at 199 baht but was a real plateful of chicken and pork (could have had lamb or beef as well). I was told they had retained the Queens Arms chef.  Conversely, I gave Chunky Monkey 2 visits and thought it was poor

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Three strikes and the Chunky Monkey on Soi Buakhao is out for me, at least when it comes to eating a main meal there. Last night I had my third mediocre meal at CM and I'm being generous to call it mediocre.

I had the meatloaf, mashed potatoes with onion gravy and garden peas for 169 baht. This is the classic meatloaf meal and one I remember fondly from my childhood. My dad loved it hot with mashed potatoes and peas, or cold the next day in a sandwich, so my mom made it one night every week.  It was also one of the very few school lunch dishes I liked as a child.

Meatloaf is popular  in home and institutional settings because it is an easy recipe that is cheap and quick to make. If  newlywed brides as well as the cooks in schools, prisons, mental hospitals, homeless shelters and on military bases  and aboard ships can get it right, it's a shame the cook at Chunky Monkey can't.



It is indeed a large portion, but a heaping mound of mediocre food is not a positive thing in my book.  It just means more of it will remain uneaten. However, I do appreciate that if someone on a tight budget cleaned that plate, they'd be getting around 1,500 calories, which is what an older person  needs every day.


 The meatloaf screamed "no seasoning!" at me.  A mixture of ground beef and pork baked with egg and bread crumbs as a binder has very little taste on its own, but there are 1,000 ways to add flavor. Any kind of sauce ( Worcestershire, BBQ, chili, steak); bacon bits; garlic; any of a number of herbs and spices; ketchup; mustard; even salt and pepper would perk up the meatloaf.  The cook at the Chunky Monkey skipped all of them. Bland, bland, bland. The ground meat itself must have had a high fat content, as it was greasy with an unpleasant mouth feel.

The frozen peas hadn't been boiled long enough and were quite hard.  The gravy was very salty and also a bit greasy. The mashed potatoes were OK, but could have done with some sort of seasoning.


To lift the meatloaf from the depths of insipidity, I made liberal use of the well-stocked condiment basket on the table.  That pushed the meatloaf into the somewhat palatable category.   If it hadn't been for the condiment basket, I would have rated the meatloaf as poor.

North American meatloaf is almost always topped with a glaze. ranging from dollops of BBQ sauce out of a bottle or spaghetti or pizza sauce out of a can to complicated variations based on homemade tomato sauce. The Chunky Monkey's meatloaf had no glaze, so it was U.K. style.  But if you read the meatloaf recipes from Gordon Ramsay or Jamie Oliver, you'll see they use a lot of seasoning and other ingredients to add flavor, which the CM's didn't have.

But theirs no doubt many Pattaya residents and visitors like the Chunky Monkey.  I ate at about 8.00 p.m. and there were 25 diners in the enclosed section and another 15 or so outside.  Just about all of them were eating, not just drinking.




I assuming that has to do with the prices and not the quality of the food.  No doubt CM is a cheap way of filling your belly.  There are numerous specials on top of the low everyday prices. Wow!  But the prices of the Monkey Madness specials on chicken, fish & chips, sliced steak and pork chop debuted at 79 baht and are now 99 baht.


 It seems to me that the food and service at the Chunky Monkey has gone down steadily since it opened.  In the beginning, the food was good and the staff friendly.  Not so last night.  The server literally threw down the menu on my table without a word of greeting or a smile, then came back 30 seconds later and asked, "What you want?"

If that were to happen to me in a restaurant in North America or Europe, I would answer "Nothing" and walk out.  However, in Pattaya I make allowances for language skills and work load.  They were very busy last night at the CM.  It's also possible several months of dealing with chea-  I mean, price-conscious, budget-minded customers- has left the wait staff jaded.  It does appear the service at CM is getting close to the infamous "service with a scowl" at the original cheap-Charlie bastion, the Sailor Restaurant.  

Bottom line:  I won't be back to the Chunky Monkey unless I have strong reason to believe the food  has improved.


I'm including a few pics of the menu to give a better idea of what's on offer and how much it costs.




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I am quite sad to read the reviews of the Chunky Monkey. I hit the place shortly after opening and the meals, service and prices were all good. The service ladies seemed to give personalized service and seemed happy to see you each time you were there. I did however start seeing some of my favorite meals going down hill even then and moved onto the curry and beer combo's which were very satisfying and reasonably priced. I realise that there is a tendency to believe that people eating at places like this are CC's but there are also people out there who who have been there and done that with gourmet food and found it pretentious, meagre and over priced. I fall squarely in this category and enjoy some of the great meals available in Pattaya that cost little but taste great however every restaurant has off days due to staff holidays and the comings and goings of the industry. Don't get me wrong. There is crap aplenty and disappointment could be on the next plate be it in a gourmet haven or a 50 baht street café.

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Surly staff eh.... bet they took them on from Crazy Dave's when it shut. 

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From  what I have read elsewhere, the former owner of the Robin's Nest has had problems hiring and retaining staff, cooks in particular.  I recall the Chunky Monkey canceled its Christmas dinner plans because of difficulties with the staff.  It's also up for sale.




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