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Hi All,


Coming over next month and might spend a few days on Koh Si Chang with the wifey, anyone been there and stayed. Any recommendations for hotels etc, which side of the island to stay on.


Any info much appreciated thanks.


Did a quick search but couldn't find anything on the board.



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Before I moved to Pattaya, drove up there with the GF on motorbike and took it over on the ferry. Stayed at the Sichang Palace Hotel on the Island close to the dock and restaurants. It did have a pool. Drove around the island and it looked to be the best Hotel at the time. Others around the island on secluded beaches were more like wooden beach chalets.

Also stayed in Sriracha in the Seaview hotel and had a night out in the bars. This has a view to the jetty and also to the Koh Loy Island Park which is worth a visit where I have eaten out many times (Thai food)

My Island visit was 7-years ago and there was very little tourism at the time. It is probably more commercialized now with better facilities. And probably overrun with Chinese.

DSC04339 (Small).JPG

View of Koh Loy Park from Sriracha Seaview Hotel

DSC04340 (Small).JPG

View of jetty from Sriracha

DSC04358 (Small).JPG

Loading the motorbike on the boat

DSC04352 (Small).JPG

Good seaworthy vessel lol

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Made a day trip there a few years ago with the GFE provider. Made for a nice day. We were sitting on the bottom deck of one of those ferries and it was rather choppy, enough that I was figuring out a go to hell plan.

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KSC has developed quite a lot of the last 10-15 years.

But still fairly sleepy.


I'd say the smartest accommodation on the island is https://somewherehotel.com/ - is part of a group that owns 2-3 hotels in Si Racha.

The hotel's very close to Pan & Dave's restaurant.

These are both on the east side of the island.


There's a couple of coffee shops that are half way decent.


For sunsets and beaches - best on the western side.

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thanks for all the info, couldn't get hotel above but staying in sichang palace on monday for two days. May do a mini tr depends on what happens.

Cheers Kev

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