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The TM30 and Jomtiem.

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On 11/10/2018 at 6:25 AM, jacko said:

Just a short report on a subject that causes confusion amongst many an Expat.

Me too!

Submitting a TM30, ie reporting to immigration where a foreigner is residing.


Firstly you might think you do it, done and dusted with, when you fill in the TM6 on arrival. No, not quite. If you go to a Hotel, Guest House and the likes they are required to do it, and great, they do it for you and online. What about condos, well the owner or house master should, but he may not want to, guess who the responsibility falls on, else you can be fined, yes Joe tourist.

The strict rule is it should be done within 24 hours (ridiculous, not everyone can put their life on hold and get to immigration at such short notice). If you go out and back into the country, or go stay in Bangkok for a few days, guess what, you are supposed to do it again!


Fortunately Jomtiem is a bit more realistic, and a long term Expat seems to be allowed to come and go without having to traipse in and out of Immigration after a shopping trip to Bangkok, or even a visit to dear old Ma in blighty, if he has his own place. Just the usual 90 day reporting and Extension renewals with re-Entry Permit, which are handled efficiently in Jomtiem.


But I had a friend come stay at my place... as the owner (housemaster) of my property I am required to submit a TM30 and had no idea what was needed. Some may say don't bother! I thought so too, but some other worrywart made me think otherwise. Perhaps he gets into a motorcycle accident or some other reasons that Immigration, or the police, were putting him under a spotlight. That spotlight would come my way when his address was asked of..


I armed myself with my passport, copies, a filled in TM30, copies of friend's passport and stamps and TM6 details, house book and anything else I could think of and went to immigration on a Friday afternoon. Stupid time you might think, but maybe not, remember you only have 24hrs to get it done, hands tied!


Nightmare, my ticket showed 50 people ahead of me, the counter/ room, area 10, was packed and people were queuing outside, I sat elsewhere watching the customer counter move one every 15-20 minutes as a solitary girl at a desk handled this bedlam. I sat there contemplating whether to just forget the idea.


I was pleased to see, as it got later, and maybe it being Friday afternoon helped here, by 3pm, there were now 3 ladies processing. It was moving along well, perhaps checks being less stringent. Numbers were thinning, but still substantial for TM30s.


My number called, be friendly and pleasant I thought. Things went smooth, TM30 form, copies of my passport and TM6 taken, my guest's similarly, my phone bill as proof of address. I was asked if I had copy of housebook, no but I had the original which was not looked at. A few questions about where I lived and how I 'owned' the property, done and dusted. I was then given a slip my friend is supposed to keep in his passport. I had been there 2 hours, but thankfully persevered.


If my old friend wants to visit next year, I shall tell the Mrs to pretend I have died!

Jacko, just a small addition. to the info you have helpfully detailed that may be useful for others.   I own my house, as a 'minority' company shareholder, so who is the House Master? if as in my case, the other shares are split between wife and Thai daughter. In our case, a House Master can be nominated to immigration as the Company Secretary, my wife in my case, who then is responsible for reporting and indeed for the yearly accounts and tax payments.  I use online for 90 day reports of course, so not an issue. When it comes to the yearly extension, a letter from her suffices to cover the issue of my main residence. .  

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If i could piggyback.  I have a house in Khon Kaen, moving there next month. The Gf wants to put my name on "the Book" . Told her i didn't care as if she kicks me out ill just go quietly back to Patts.  Is there a reason, immigration advantage? that i should pursue this? 

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2 hours ago, sailingbill said:

If i could piggyback.  I have a house in Khon Kaen, moving there next month. The Gf wants to put my name on "the Book" . Told her i didn't care as if she kicks me out ill just go quietly back to Patts.  Is there a reason, immigration advantage? that i should pursue this? 

If you are moving up to KK permanently it might be worth doing this and registering with Khon Kaen immigration and then conducting all your immigration business up there. If you are retaining an address in Pattaya then you may need to consider where you will spend most time. I have a couple of friends with houses up North who still conduct all their immigration business in Pattaya.


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