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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.

Dining at Terminal21

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I'll bet you are like a kid in a candy store, with ALL the new eateries to try and give us the review's, I look forward to them, ALTHOUGH, if you eat at everyone, you'll gain so much weight, you'll need help gettin your pant's on ! HA! HA! HA!

I have gone to dozen's of the restaurant's you have reviewed over the years, and find your pallet to be quite accurate, I will continue to follow your tastebud's !

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Evil thanks for that SUPER post. All three of the rest. that you ate at looked great and the prices and presentation were extremely attractive. Oh yeah, the girl you took a pic of and for was attractive. Was she desert???

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Hopefully wetter than the desert - what happens in Vegas Pattaya...... (etc.)


Great review and photos EP ! Looking forward to a food adventure there with your expert guidance of Chinese regional culinary differences.

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It seems like a large proportion of the square meterage is devoted to food.


Should be re-named, '21 Stop Eatery...........'


A friend's friend stayed at the hotel......Reports it being full of Chinese guests. North Pattaya in general seems to be a Chinese hub. Even, it's whispered...(and it's not Chinese whispers), Chinese only sex shows.


I'm planning to pop along today after the gym for a late breakfast and mooch around. See it albeit belatedly for myself.

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To be honest Chip, I'm not a great seeker-out of the extraordinary in Pattaya - the ordinary is already extraordinary!


Flo and I will definitely have a mooch-aboot but only in August :cry1


Waiting for atlas2's (aka Lord Whore Whore of Chonburi) deliberations (and other in-situ BMs').


Slowly emptying the freezer at home - wish we wuz there.


Andy Cap

(aka The Europhile Grammarnazi)

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32 minutes ago, fufu308 said:

thanks for the pictures and information, I was gutted on my last trip as I missed the opening of this new mall by a week due to my schedule.  So its definately somewhere i'd like to visit on my next trip ?

Read here: 


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