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As many people ask me a lot about how to order grocery online in Pattaya.

I would like to share with you about online supermarket in Pattaya.  So far I have tired to find a place to order my grocery online in Pattaya. 

Fortunately, I found https://www.honestbee.co.th/ as a main service for me here. This guy provider online grocery  from Big C and Villa market in Pattaya areas with a crazy discount such as 300 THB OFF when shop > 990 plus free delivery. I think you can benefit from their service and hope you enjoy your stay in Pattaya. 




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I am going to guess Tobie (or To-bee) is involved in this venture. I guess if you were homebound this sort of thing might appeal but I don't mind at all going to Food Mart. 

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I have used a couple of home delivery outfits while living here, TOPS was one. I used them specifically to deliver heavier items, cases of beer, bottled water etc. Simply avoiding driving the truck into town myself, what with the traffic. I stopped using one as they stopped delivering booze. The other didn't have the selection I wanted. I think many people use BigC-X and then get a Songtaew to haul them and their bags home. They also used to have a free delivery over a certain purchase level. 

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