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Looking for an upscale Villa/House with a private pool in Pattaya or Jomtien

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It's been a number of years since I last spent any real time in Pattaya.

A buddy of mine and I want to find:

- a small upscale 2 or 3 bdrm house/Villa with it's own pool to rent.

- Location in Pattaya or Jomtien not too far off the beaten path that is monger friendly.

- to rent for 7-10 days in August.

I am hoping someone has a suggestion or two through VRBO, AirBNB, private rental, or other that would work?

Thank you for any and all suggestions.

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Booking.com allows you to filter according to what type of property you want.  I clicked on "holiday homes" and it had over a dozen in pattaya alone. 

I presume the other sites have the same function.

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I appreciate the feedback. Thank you.

I am hoping someone has personal knowledge of a property. The booking sites are often misleading and do not tell you if the property is monger friendly or not.

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When I first read the post I thought hell, Pattaya and surrounds are packed with these types of houses for sale or rent, can hardly give them away. Got a few near me. Then I saw it was a short term holiday rental, which actually is not allowed unless registered as a hotel. I believe the Sheraton offers villas for rent which have their own pool. 

Plenty of the usual agent sites come up with options. 


Got one next door to me sitting empty. Usual problem is they are off the beaten path!



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Go on AirBnB and use the filters to get close to what you want with 2 minutes checking I found half a dozen places in and around Pattaya that might serve your purpose , but without the exact knowledge of what you want and where you want it , the only person who could arrange it would be yourself. As for the Ladies , you ask the owner just as you would ask the hotel or condo manager. Its Pattaya after all no on will get offended and if they do then you wont want to do any business with them anyway. Remember that money is king in Pattaya and even when it isn't you don't have to spend it with people who are not open with you. Many AirBnB s are girl friendly and if you have the whole place to yourself why would the owners be picky if you are paying a $1000 for 10 days.

 PS even if you go to a condo , in august most places are still almost empty and the pools are very little used.


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