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Your earliest memory of Pattaya

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3 hours ago, Daveuk said:

My first visit to Pats was in 2001 with a pal who I had previously visited Spanish resorts - ie Benidorm, Lloret etc. We had heard rumours of Thailand and the Thai girls so on one fateful evening in a pub we decided to give it a go and booked flights on British Airways from Manchester to Bangkok via Heathrow. On the plane we got chatting to a guy who we gathered was an experienced monger and who obviously could see our inexperience. He enquired as to where we were heading for. This was before the internet was in full operation.  We told him “Bangkok” to which he asked “what are you going for “. The answer was to fuck girls and drink beer. In a micro second he replied “you need to go to Pattaya” following which he gave full instructions to complete the journey and reach paradise.

The taxi pulled into Pats and the driver enquired “hotel” to which we replied words to the effect of “no have - you find” . He drove up Soi 7 with us looking google-eyed at the bars and girls but could not find a vacancy there but a couple of rooms were obtained nearby at the Little Duck Hotel  just off Second Road. Whilst checking In I remember cautiously enquiring about being able to be joined by our girlfriends as if we had already acquired them. The reply was positive so we embarked without unpacking for our first foray into the unknown ending up at the Tim Gogo, where said girlfriends were obtained. Our lives had been altered for ever and now 18 years later I still go to Pats but my pal only made a couple more visits, but we still talk about the fun we had long ago in 2001.


Ahhh... the Little duck, with the nightclub behind it called the Disco Duck. I stayed there once around the same time, 2001. It had a great pool but the rooms were shabby and really dated, but for 600 thb per night I wasn't complaining.

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Circa November 2007. I had just left Chiang Mai because I couldn't find a young massage gal who would do BBBJ. I checked into a BR hotel, then I walked over to the walkway. An 18 year old hottie says "ow smoke gap boom ha loi baht mai?" We jumped into the shower, then we had a good session. I Stayed for 9 more years.😀




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