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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.

Some People Paying Mad rents for Small Condos

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On 9/26/2022 at 1:02 AM, sailingbill said:

Hey Odense. Rebuilding the typical Issan abode. My specs/wants are simple. Modern design,farang friendly step in hot shower with western toilet,ceiling fans, air con in our bedroom. comfortable front porch.  A corral for a couple cows if i get the nerve.  Also want one of those VP178 and Gary Kubota things to tear up some ground and plant tomatoes but the tractor is separate expense. The specifics are that this is shared with Yoko's sister and husband.I spent 400k and they matched 400k. I've known them for years and they are fine people. The family has given upon farming except for 50 bags of rice a year shared with the extended family so the land is mine to play with. Her sister seems to be a well known and busy seamstress and husband has a small trucking co. One Uncle remains a farmer and we visit him along with many other family members in the evening. Bunch of people sitting and eating on those raised platforms with cauldrons of food over the fire. I really feel at home but don't kid myself that i could stay permanently as im spoiled over the years.  Its for her. 

We all met in Pattaya a few months ago to agree on planning and i rely on them for the construction.  Not sure what's going on but after a rainy season delay got the first videos of a large crane placing tall vertical girders in footings yesterday, thought we were 1 storey.   I'll be up there for Loy Krathong and post pictures and report further cash outflows if any and progress.  

Crap Odense i just realized you were asking about my building here. Sorry for the droning on.  Im at Northpoint on Wong Amat beach.


Northpoint is very nice.  I met a guy lives there once.  He was aiding his buddy in buying my condo and wanted to check me and the condo out to make sure his pal wasn't being scammed.  I really liked Northpoint.  Only issue with it is as you know going out at night isn't step out the door and you are there.  And i don't ride motorbikes.  But with the explosion of Bolt I think  I would give serious thought to buying there if I ever move there permanently.


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I have perhaps underplayed the location disadvantage. While i no longer howl at the midnight moon it would be great to walk from the Base Condo to Soi Diana/LKM.  Initially i thought no big deal to get dropped off on Naklua Road and walk home but after 9p the Soi Dogs become territorial. Same with dragging shopping bags back.  Bolt has been great and hopefully the rates continue low but with tourist returning maybe not.   A motorbike while not necessary is a big convenience. I need to find a way to attach a Par 3 carry bag on it.

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