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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.

where to buy a bed

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looking for king size thai bed mattress and frame.  they use to have outside carefour(new big c now) off kalang.

are they still there in parking lot. if so what are the prices now there or other places in pattaya area. 

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Pop round to the newer HomePro on Sukhumvit, beds out front and inside the store . Not cheap though and sometimes (often) not really 'in stock' and you will  have some goon getting stuck in traffic keeping you at home all day. 

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I was lucky that the condo came with quality Sealy products. Available here at Home pro. A friend with back problems suggested a Zenus ,available on Lazada. I bought a topper and happy.    With the hot season approaching also consider Bamboo Sheets. Nothing much better under you except a Thai girl.

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7 hours ago, aj said:

they still there in parking lot.

Funnily enough I once bought a bed from there and he was still there up until last week and when I drove past on Sunday the place was raised to the ground and gone.

Buying a bed depends on you I bought my decent one from Index and I know not cheap but do you skimp on bed you’re spending half your life in...

Didn’t see SB mentioned Sealy that’s what I bought very good.

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All down to personal preference

I 'pushed the boat out' and had a traditional bed made from carved mai sak to my specifications from the shop on Sukhumvit just north of Makro

The mattress (imported extra deep) I got at a 'promotion' price at HomePro and later added a topper


The whole ensemble is a bit grandiose but it's there for the long haul, and not prone to the early demise of the usual cheap n cheerful Thai furniture 

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