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Anybody buy and place a full gas range in their condo here in Thailand?  Not talking about a thai burner that used a small gas can, but an actual Western style full Gas Stovetop/Range?

1st of all is it safe to use/have a full size gas range in a condo?

and if you did buy one already for your condo, where did u buy it from?


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27 minutes ago, DangerRuss said:

1st of all is it safe to use

It is as safe as the people using it. I live by myself and have a 2 ring range but I only use one ring and have never had a problem........However! ... I have lost the hair on my right forearm twice! On each occasion "somebody" had used both rings and failed to turn the dials completely to the off position. No problems  I hear you all say because the valve automatically blocks the flow of gas! So Mr Blurry eyes here goes to do a fry up, pushes the valve plunger and starts cooking as normal but unbeknown to me the other ring is kicking out gas and the flame jumped across from my ring taking my arm hair with it. I am fully aware that I shouldn't have allowed the same thing to happen twice and now make a conscious effort to check the dials before pressing the plunger.

 From previous posts I remember that you will have a small child in the condo. I shudder to think what would happen if the child's face was the same height as my forearm.

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15 hours ago, Bazle said:

Might be contrary to the building's insurance. You need to check with the management committee. 

I was of the  opinion gas was not allowed in condos.... the bottle would have to be out on the balcony and you would be limited as to where a range could be placed. 

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I asked many years ago, about having a back-up gas stove ( the small camping type, with an aerosol type gas cannister ) in Park Royal 3 Condo ( Pratamnak ). I was told ( from what I can remember ) :-

1) Only 1 stove

2) No spare Gas

3) Stove to be kept ( and used ) only on the balcony

4) Letter of indemnity required from my Insurer to the Juristic Manager, Stating that my insurer accepted the entire Fire Risk ( for the entire Condo ) in the event of 

            a) My Gas Stove causing a fire

            b) My Gas canister exacerbating a fire that started outwith my condo & balcony.


Suffice to say, I decided it was probably not a good idea, and didn't pursue the matter.

In the event of a power cut, there are plenty of places, usually within a very short walk, that you could buy food; so no big deal, really.

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Stupidity on my part
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Drunken tourists and their chums partying in a condo with gas appliances lying around is not a good idea.

Remember this? It's on the internet.

Hotel blamed as fire kills 78 at Thai beach resort | The ...

11 Jul 1997 — Pattaya - Fire raged through a 17-story luxury hotel yesterday in the ... the smoke-filled 450-room Royal Jomtien Resort on Jomtien Beach, ..
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