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FYI Thia time. Warning maybe

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Just a little lesson in Thai time for those who do not remember.

2 weeks quarantine is 15 nights and 16 days. they count 0 as we count as 1. so please note that you will lose 16 days vacation

in 5 days will know first hand ?. will do report of of new paper work and real time travel then.


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?️back at last. i had connecting flight in usa so had to show papers there too. Changes to COE

where Q time and number of covid tests required. I was in hotel system so they just added extra to bill and extended stay. 

Make sure to have negative covid test it is #1 all the way thru. they did not look twice at vac card. the reason for changing dates for me.

From7 days to 16 whoppee we all gonna die. nrt to bkk 17 people on board 3 farang the rest thai nationals made immagration quick.

14 days and counting. glad i sprung for 1 bedroom jacuzzi room with balacony . air travel was better after ord. empty airports and flights like a cheap B movie.  

will be on thai time when i get out of the hotel. one thought on hotel complete set up for cooking , except no knife of any kind not even butter knife.



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