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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.

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3 hours ago, misteregg said:

I think the objections are from Thai land owners overlooking the beach who realize that with cars parked and food stalls permanently on the walkway their premises are not worth as much.

Thzts my felling anyway.

The same goes for bar owners w/girls who aren't happy about the availability of freelancers on Beach Rd. Notice how the plan is to eliminate the majority of places to sit on the path. I'm sure they will start to enforce a "no loitering/standing" policy once done. It'll drive business back into the bars. IMO, this is what happened with/because of the FL's on Walking St in AC. 

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Today's excitement on Beach Rd was the removal of an old pump and iron drain pipes. There were two other flatbed trailers parked up nearby, so guessing there's quite a bit they'll be removing today.



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Is the Walking Street wiring jungle all nice and neat now?

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Latest news is the work on the beach has been suspended due to encroachment issues. Puts into doubt the Mayor's earlier assertion this was part of a multi-phase project. If it was you would expect the minor detail of encroachment would have been worked out.

New recreation areas 'encroaching' on recently rebuilt Pattaya Beach

The Marine Department has ordered Pattaya City to halt the building of recreational areas on the ocean side of the footpath along Beach Road because it may be in in breach of the law, a department official said.

Ekarat Kantharo, director of the Regional Marine Office in Pattaya, said the work could be construed as illegal encroachment on the newly renovated beach and this needed to be sorted out.

Pictures from this morning with no workers onsite.


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17 hours ago, forcebwithu said:

Road barricades, construction security fencing along the beach, and heavy equipment all gone.

Along with much of the sand?

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Not Pattaya, but pics from today of the Jomtien Beach nourishment project. Looking south and north from opposite of the Chaiyaphruek intersection.



Nice example of redneck engineering for hauling boats out of the water.


A peak behind the construction barricades of the work currently taking place from soi 12 - 13.







Pic looking south from the north end of Dongtan Beach.

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17 hours ago, forcebwithu said:

They're back... the all too familiar orange construction barriers for the Beach Rd project to add a lane on the north end.

In which decade will we ever have a nice promenade devoid of construction?

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9 hours ago, forcebwithu said:

When they're done destructing/reconstructing the footpath it'll be interesting to compare before and after pics to figure out what they accomplished with this project.




Easy to see right now what was accomplished.  Someone made money. 

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