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Just paid for TEST AND GO but.....

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I just received my confirmation email from the SHA plus plus hotel saying I'm all set for the TEST AND GO program. Today, a Thai youtuber said its possible, when December comes around, Thai government could allow double jabbed people into the kingdom with zero days quarantine. Hopefully they chose this route in that it will encourage more tourists to come. But for us who paid for the T.A.G. we'll  probably be out some cash. I'll keep the insurance. Maybe change the hotel or just keep it.....if it still included ride from the airport. Just something for you guys to think about.

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The idea of getting a test with printed results within 72 hours is not practical. I think the only practical solution is testing upon arrival in Thailand. If I need to isolate for a couple of days that is not a big deal for me. People are faking vaccination cards in my country and results of a negative test could be faked as well.

The insurance issue is another that I wish could be handled in Thailand. I was hospitalized in Bangkok once and I had great US insurance that was not accepted by the hospital. I put it on my credit card, took the bills back to the US and got reimbursed by my insurance company.

Countries will work all of this out eventually. Covid-19 is not going away (endemic) and we need to learn how to live with it.

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