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I haven't been able to connect to the board for the last couple of days.  I tried four different browsers, with and without my hosts file (screens out known bad sites), with and without a VPN, and tried TOR, so that makes five browsers.  The site won't load. Finally I used a search engine and hunted for pattayatalk.com. It came back with a different address.
All these years it has always been, www.pattayatalk.com, or more specifically, http://www.pattayatalk.com or securely, https://www.pattaya.com.
Apparently there is a new system that I have NOT heard a single word about and the address is now, forums.pattayatalk.com
Note the "www" has been replaced by "forums."

When did this new web address go into effect?


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It was about 2 years ago now or so. Its always been my intention on doing something like a landing page on the www portion of the site, but all the life changes that came with covid just blew that out of the water... tho I still hope to get around to it ?

Sorry about the confusion... ill see if there is something I can do to forward those other possible addresses for the time being. Thought I Was doing that actually, but may not have been ? - its been one of those years. 

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