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A Very Good Taxi Service

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Hi there,

I just used a new taxi service and it is very good.

I used Mr Toom for over 10 years and for a while after he died (I'm told by his family - from booze - RIP Toom).

After a two year break I decided a fresh start was in order.

Nams Taxis was highly recommended to me by someone on TVisa: All lady drivers, good cars. I gave her a try.... Excellent !

Good service. Fair prices. On time. Good quality cars Attention to detail. Couldn't ask for better.

Here are her details - Links



Highly recommended !

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I've been using Nam's taxis since she started. Never had an issue with her drivers and they provide a bloody good service.

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Been using Nams for years now. I was very critical of new Taxi services as they start great then fail with success . Nams had been the only outlier.  I have been using Miss Taen from Nams for 2 years. Comfortable Suv. There is no place she cant find

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I have endorsed Nam's before on here, but I also love Tan's Taxi Service (Facebook page also available) and I think they are both great for very similar reasons.

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Not to get off topic but a few years ago a few Taxi services came out and said under the new Taxi rules they no longer can service Don Mueang airport. Did they change the rules?

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