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Skiathos Low Landing lol from Wizz Air

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I did laugh reading this over the Skiathos low landings in Greece.....

I went there in 2015 with one of my own lads and we stood at the end of the runway by the water one afternoon.....stand on me its makes the low landing and jet wash blasts at St Maarten in the Caribbean seem like a nursey outing in comparison

Watch and enjoy the bystanders shit themselves.....

After first part watch it from 1.30 for side view lol which is even more revealing how low the motor was



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That video was on main GMB news at 6am this morning on ITV !

If you watch right to the end though it shows what they think was an even lower entry from an Italian carrier in 2013

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38 minutes ago, redwood13 said:

Samui 2100m = 6889 ft.

Skiathos  1628m = 5341 ft.

What makes Skiathos even more dangerous is the huge slope and the fact its water and the runway literally metres apart.....theres no threshold so to speak

They take off  in same direction they land and the pilot of our TUI aircraft came on to pre warn there would be a lot of noise pre the aircraft moving on its take off roll......because of additional slope issues they have to spool the engines as high as they dare whilst still holding it on the brakes

Then they let it go.....at the top end there is a sheer drop into the sea

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The problem with airports like Skiathos is they are limited on the length of runways due to their location. Any further extension would involve encroaching into the sea. Also since it was built narrow body aircraft have also got bigger and heavier as has demand for holidays to places like Skiathos.

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That type of thing happens in a few Caribbean Places. I was on Aruba once and staying at a good hotel.... this place was impressive with a bit of a lagoon and canal  into the lobby, and a launch would pick you up from there and take you to their private beach, which I think was on a spit of land running parallel to the coast. The approach to the airport was over that spit and you could enjoy the same experience of a jet flying just over your head.

What a nice weekend, with a Venezuelan girl who was a recent graduate and was doing a bit of time at the power station I was at!

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