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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.

Sim Card with decent monthly data packages

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Move the thread if you think appropriate but leave here if possible for now

Am looking to update a Sim from Truemove which is still "live" or replace it with DTAC or AIS

Simply looking for monthly deals on data....not on calls whatsoever

Fot yonks I was using a short code on True which was an "always on" unlimited data connection and around 212 Baht for a month.....speed was throttled after 1GB was reached but it didnt matter as was only used for Messaging Email etc etc

What have you guys got. Am not interested in going Lazada or anything like that just a simple short code....now True still have deals on website but much much higher monthly cost now for anything with decent speed.....Multiple times I read elsewhere of 15 speed downloads unlimited data for a month for around 200 Baht !!  No sod wants to tell you what it is though  (does it exist !)

As I intended to use it for a bit of streaming and maybe "tether" clearly I need more than a heavily throttled speed which that existing plan is

Any suggestions ??  Thanks

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Not in your budget probably ais/12call is 1000 baht month unlimited hi speed.

works great for streaming sports and video. sim/data both worked in USA . 

connects to T-Mobile in Midwest and Vegas. worked everywhere in Thailand too

great for visiting family up country.

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......and thats why I wanted it left on the main board

Seriously the board can go 24 hours without a post in the main sub forum so I start a thread (certainly 100% relevant to myself) I ask for it to be left there if possible (clearly politely) and yet minutes later its moved quite deliberately

AJ if that was subtle pop it went over my shoulder and is currently floating down the English Channel

I'll ask the question elsewhere instead where I should have put it in the first place.....disappointing

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Here's the 30 day package I used for two 30 day packages over June/July/August 2022.  It suits me.  I activate my sim2/AIS while taxing into Swampy and then tack on the 350B package.  I also used it precovid.


1mbps 30day 350B.JPG350B.jpg


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Not quite on topic but I would add. The package you buy has to be related to the amount of free Internet in your accommodation..I took on board the suggestion of a boardie to key in the long code from AIS. In a month I did the heavy work from the free WIFI and used my data plan when out and about.

Result. I only used 80% of the package that cost me 275 baht for a month.

A little bit of planning has saved me some baht.

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