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Pete, Slow Perl responses

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Hi Pete,


Glad tp see you back safe and sound ... hope the holiday went well.


Since the upgrade, I am finding the posting and downloading from the board very slow indeed - even getting connection cut due to inactivity etc. Its only on the perl side, not the rest of the server. Neotrace asays the connection times to the server are fine.


Could it be that its due to video streaming from the perl side?

Could it be some other congfig on MSIE here?






BYW did you find the source graphics in your in-tray?

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Strange Rhoel I only connect at 28,000 because of old phone lines so I am told and no Cable or DSL in my area

but I am finding it (THE SITE) faster than ever and with 28,000 I need all the help I can get.

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Thanks Pete,


The ISP connection is excellent - 100 ms responses down the chain ... I have upgraded my firewall and virus software about a month ago, I suspect its to do with that: I'll blitz my config files and see what's amiss.


THX again.

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"internet" has been extremly slow this weekend, saw on the news that one of the main cable between Europe and US is down.


Maybe this could be a reason?`


From norway the speed is excellent...

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HI Ling,

No, the connection times have been good ... just the time the pages took to display - I have now downloaded MSIE5.5 ServicePack2 and this has solved the problem ... I had IE5.0 on this machine and for some reason it didn't like the new YABB upgrade.


So for anyone else with a slow display, have a look at which version of IE you are running.


Thanks everyone for the feedback.



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