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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.

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Not sure if you want us to coment here - or start new topics - but here is a comment:


Not sure if it is my processor but the flashing message on the first page needs to slow down.  Flashing so fast that it is somewhat difficult to read and a little irritating.


Then again that may not be the case on others machines.


Can you regulate it Pete?

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Yes I am...on the "dreaded" Macintosh - nice Mac though...a titainum G4 PowerBook laptop.  My home machine...Use and manage Windows Servers all day at work...


by the way, can I get into the member area of this new message board?


Promise to be a good boy...sorry I'm not such prolific poster..but I am a great supporter...also addicted...not many days go by that I don't log in...


Once again, thanks for the site...and nice bar (I've been in...just not in a while...kind of a "lurker" in person too...but I'll be back..not until summer 2002)



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Oh my God  :o A mac and Netscape 4.7.  A deadly combination.


A quote from another board, Netscape is not an application, it's a bug.


But seriously, I'd like to know if anyone else is having this problem of flashing news.

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So far so good! It will be even better once i know how EVERYTHING works.      Much better than the old board, but you won't please everyone i guess. ;D

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Pete...There are a lot of new options and a nice organization to the new board.   It really has a lot of potential.  However, I think we all will miss the simplicity of the old board.  



If so...then nothing changes but the look and feel of the board, improved site navigation with hopefully less daily problems for the Webmaster.


Best of success with the new board software...and new web site host!!

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I have not had a problem with the 'flashing messages' at the top of the pages.  I'm still learning how all this works. Someone said your new board is like "Nana Plaza", while I like that board alot, it doen't have all the options this one has. I do like all the bells and whistles here.


I also notice you added at the bottom 'go to top' feature, this sure save my scroll finger, THANKS.



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