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Cancelling A Priceline Hotel Reservation

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Was able to get the Shangri-La for 55 bucks through Priceline but will have to cancel my trip due to medical reasons.


I know that Priceline is usualluy non-refunable and non-transferable but anyone have experience with cancellation due to medical reasons?


Anyone have a US Priceline number where I can speak with a real human being?


Thanks guys!

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Partyanimal, do you have any travel insurance? That should cover you for any costs incurred unless you were travelling against your doctor's orders.



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Can I change or cancel my hotel rooms?


Once hotel rooms are purchased through priceline.com, they cannot be cancelled or changed by priceline or the hotel that accepts your offer and no refunds will be given.

Our hotel partners allow you to save up to 40% or more off the lowest published fares with priceline because we've promised that our customers are guaranteed buyers. This is the agreement that keeps this great service available and the reason we ask you to carefully review all the details of your offer and make any necessary changes before you click "Buy My Hotel Rooms Now" on our website.

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Sorry Party I think you are fucked 40 ways to sunday I think they issue no refunds and you have to read and agree on that when you buy on there web site.

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i don't have travel insurance except if my credit card somehow has it.


this is the first time i've been overnight in a hospital since i was eight years old.


luckily i'm only talking about 200 bucks here.


what sucks is i accept i cant cancel but if i cant cancel i should at least be able to transfer my room. i would have little trouble getting rid of one of the best hotels in asia for three nights for a grand total of 200.

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For an outside chance, if you have no luck with priceline - maybe one of the web auctioneers - ebay.


Or maybe, if you can swing it with the Shangri-la, one of the other board members.


If I was in LOS at around the time(when is this for) I would take the Shangri-la for a few nights for 55 plus whatever the admin was ...


I'm thinking this because as I understand it once you have your booking you then deal with the hotel directly.


Look on the bangkoktonight forum and do a search for priceline as some of the posts there give hints and tips etc for priceline usage.


Also Valentino's link looks good but unfortunately it was unavailable - maybe a 404 error type thing ... but I'm sure you could find the site through Google.


I hope these comments are not totally worthless ...


Cheers, good luck and get well soon!!!



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I was thinking of giving away the room if Priceline was uncooperative since supposedly the reservation is in my name for two people. As you say I'd be dealing directly with the hotel and it's actually easier to deal with a world class hotel than a shithole. And everyone says the Shang i sguest friendly.


Turns out Priceline is willing to refund my money minus a 25 buck cancellation fee per night for a total fee of 75 bucks if they can verify with my doctor. I'm working on having no fee charged. Those cocksuckers make out better getting 25 and not paying the Shang than by getting 55 and paying the Shang.


Re Bidding for travel site, it's been down a bit this week due to EZboard revamping. Very good site to learn about Priceline.


Lesson to be learned is not to bid too far in advance cause shit happens.


Also especially if you're not staying on a Saturday you can probably get teh Shangri La fro a 55 bid which works out to about 65 a night depending on how many nights.

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