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North Pattaya Hotel Recomendation

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Hi Fellas

Planning my 2nd trip for this october. Stayed at the Dusit last year on a competitive package deal, great hotel with the 5star treatment but wasnt mega guest friendly and got stung on a couple of occasions with a 1000 baht guest fee!!! :nod


Anyway what i require is as follows:


1. North Pattaya Location

2. Modern hotel ie. A/C, Good Sattelite TV, Pool, In room safe.

3. Guest Friendly

4. Between 800-1000 Baht a night for approx 2 week stay.


All suggestions greatly recieved, i have already discounted the Sabai Lodge met up with a couple of mates who were staying there on my last trip and found the place a bit dreary, or maybe it was because i was pampered at the Dusit B)

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Sunshine Vista serviced apartments was pretty good when I was there in April. It would meet all your requirements listed. If I want to stay at the north end I will book for there again.

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I am curious about the SunShine Vista serviced apts. A few questions for you if you will indulge me:


- Did you use the safety box at the front desk?

- Was the pool worthy of a swim?

- How did you find the restaurant at or nearby the hotel?


Appreciate the help, as I find myself leaning more toward the North part of Pattaya for my next stay. I like the fact that most MPs, and Big C Center are nearby. Thanks.



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About the Sunshine Vista:


1) There are in-room safes


2) The pool is on the top of the building. While nice, it's also virtually deserted. I prefer the ambience of the pool at the Sabai Lodge - which you could certainly avail yourself of, as no one would know whether you're a guest there. At the Sabai Lodge you can read the morning paper, have a drink or meal poolside, or enjoy the TGs (other guys' or your own) splashing about. Occasionally there's some family trade, but everyone (it's mostly single guys) seem to get along well.


3) The restaurant is very nice - as is the Welkom Inn outside restaurant just across the soi.

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Thanks for posting the info about the Sunshine Vista! I know what you mean about the poolside restaurant ambiance at the Sabai Lodge. I stayed at the Swagman in Angeles City years ago, and enjoyed many a meal poolside. I suppose the walk from soi 3 to soi 2 to Sabai Lodge would not be too much of a strain. I may start at the Sunshine, and then check out the Sabai Lodge.



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Thanks for the input guys. Got a short list of 3.


1.Sunshine Vista


2.The Mark-Land


3.Peace Resort


Anyone stayed at these recently, i realise there are Pros and Cons everywhere but i have noticed on a couple of posts that the Sunshine Vista is surrounded by building work at the moment and is im not a particularly early riser whilst on holiday this is a negative in my book.


Once again all info gratefully recieved. :rolleyes:

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You can see what is going on near the Sunshine Vista.

The photo was taken on July 4th.

The left building is Sunshine vista, and right is Mike orchid resort in soi 4. The building under constraction is an apartment house of Mike orchid


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