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I can't speak to that hotel particularly. However, Mae Sai is the border with Laos and it's always BUSY. Many buses doing visa runs and people everywhere selling junk and begging. Many hotels right there and I can't imagine any of them being very good. The reason I feel that way is because most just stay one night for the visa run and they pretty much have no choice if they don't feel like traveling back.


The touts will be on you tighter than a 2nd coat of paint. Hope you find an acceptable hotel.




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On My Way , Mae Sai is on the border at Burma , beeen there many times , but have never overnighted there , day time a very busy place , shopping etc , I can imagine night time could be a good hoot .

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Have just made my online booking at this site,




They have very good prices for hotels all over Thailand, and believe me, I have done a LOT of searching.


BassGod, the price for my dates in October was 964 Bt for a double, and 903 Bt for single occupancy.


As I hope to persuade the GF to stay in the hotel with me, and not at her family home, I DID indeed splash out on the double room ! LOL

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