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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.

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There are many good posts on the boards that have photo links to outdated pages. It looks like there must have been some kind of re-arrangement of photo storage that must have taken place around March 2004 to the present scheme, and another relocation prior to that. Some of the links just prior to March are still viewable, but you have to paste the URL into the browser. The older posts' URLs simply seem to go to pages that are no longer there. Are all the old photos gone? Or can they be accessed at a different URL?

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Think that the photos you are referring to may have been downloaded from a member's PC or another site. If that is the case, as far as I understand it, they will only be retained for a month or so. I doubt whether you will be abe to see any of mine that are more than 30 or so days old for this reason.


The only photos that will be permanently displayed are those that have been saved to the Pattaya Pages photo forum.


Hope this helps (and is correct B) )



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This brings to mind an issue that has bugged me for a while - with all of the pics dissappearing - the "ARCHIVES" section of the board is now pretty much worthless.


This area used to be the "Best of the Best", an area to maintain excellent Trip Reports from the past, allow newbies to see the best of what this board had to offer, and was a place to re-read those gems that you really enjoyed. Now none of the posts there have the pics that made them great posts.


The most recent addition - HILLYs TR to Indonesia was one of the best on the board. Now it is just text. Without the pics. 90% of what made it the best is gone.


It would be great if the archive section pics could be restored, or at the very least if when new additions are made, that the images be imbedded into the posts(or permanently saved somewhere) so they wont get lost. All this may not be technically possible - but why have an "ARCHIVES" section that can not be maintained longer than a couple of months! Otherwise the archived posts are not worth the disk space that they are are taking up.



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