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  1. That Seven Oaks seems quite nice but I cannot find any info about it on the net except a photo from its opening. California is also a new name for me but it seems that there's nothing about it on the Net also. Well, I guess I must see for myself!
  2. Well, I have only been one time to Jomtien for a walk and I really don't know anything about that area. Do you know any place to recommend me on the route of the tuk tuks to and forth South Pattaya?
  3. On my last trips to Pattaya I used to stay in hotels settled on Thappraya Road (road from South Pattaya to Jomtien) and I kinda used of that location. I have stayed in RG, Pattaya Garden Apartments and in another hotel near Mr Mac (same side of road) which I don't remember its name. Last year I noticed 3-4 new constructions in that area which were looking like future hotels. Does anybody knows if any of those constructions is finished and if it is really a hotel up and running? Or otherwise, is there any new hotel on Thappraya Road? Thanks and see you in Patts on March!
  4. Well, I stayed there for 2 nights 2 years ago and of course I would never return. The room was small, the carpet was smelling bad and had millions of black spots in it, the air condition was noisy and you couldn't control the temperature. You had to pay to get a key for the safe (refundable). Service was OK and the buffet was good too and cheap (but you can go there and eat whether you are a staying in the hotel or not). The pool was nice too. IMHO you can find better hotels with that money if you look only for the basics. I wouldn't reccomend APEX to anyone regardless his budget
  5. Thanks Valentino I have heard stories of overpriced electronics or fake ones; that's why I'm seeking for any word of wisdom concerning that fact. Any future advise will be more than welcomed!
  6. Can someone recommend me a good electronics shop in Singapore? I'll be there for only one day and a half and I want to buy a digital camera, a mobile phone, a video projector etc. As you can see, my needs vary so if somebody can advice me on any "electronics mall" or something similar with a lot of shops gathered in a small area, I would appreciated a lot
  7. Hey all :) Is there anybody out there who can inform me about the area around Tuesday and Friday market (Soi 20)-Pattaya South Road? I'm thinking of staying either in Sanya apts or Dolphin Apartments and I don't know if they are too far from Walking Street or too noisy during the days of the Market. Has anybody stayed there before? Your info on this will be much appreciated ::)
  8. Can anybody tell me if he has ever stayed in La Fontain apartments? I want to stay there for 7 nights but in their site they have as minimum period of booking 1 month. Does anybody know if they rent apartments for less period of time? I already mailed them but i didn't get an answer back. ???
  9. Does anybody know if there are any other low budget airlines connecting Bangkok to Phuket except Air Asia and Thai Airlines? 8)
  10. Hey everybody , I just heard that there is a new charter company flying from Phuket staight to Cambodia (Pnom Penh) at a low price. Is it so? Has anybody heard of it or know the name of that company? 8)
  11. I'll visit Pattaya in the middle of August for second time. I thought that it would be nice if I could book a hotel in South Pattaya. Looking at the map of South Pattaya it occured me that during my first visit I never walked the Walking street to its south end. Tony's was the farest point I went. Does someone know if there is any good hotel towards this direction (in Soi 16, 17, Yensabai or whatever other street in this direction)? Is it a safe area to live? Is it a quiet area? During my previous visit, I was staying in Apex and it was dirty and noisy.
  12. Well, I know that this is a little out of the subject but can anybody recommend me a good and cheap hotel in Bangkok? I want to be inside the action so it must be near a place where the action is gathered! Harry
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