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Instructions on joining the Members Only Forum

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Forum Rules

  1. No flames ever for any reason.
  2. No posts designed to upset other members. If you enjoy upsetting people even if you stay within the rules, you will still be warned.
  3. Absolutely no discussion on girls under 18 will be allowed. It's not my thing and I don't want to hear about it in any way shape or form.
  4. Please do not post explicit x-rated photos or videos. Nude r-rated ones are OK but any  showing explicit sexual activity will be deleted and the member warned. This is not my idea but a requirement of Thai law.
  5. No racist or bigoted comments. Comments which criticize specific group of people such as all Thai's are, all bar girls are, all Germans are - will not be allowed.
  6. Posts attacking individuals are not permitted. You may disagree with anyone's opinion but not bag the individual. I disagree with what you say, is fine. You are a moron, is not.
  7. Do not post excessively or overuse features of the board. Polls, signature files and avatars all help make the forums user friendly. When these features are over used or abused they detract from everyones enjoyment.
  8. No photos or special characters in your signature line please.
  9. Avatars should be PG rated only. More racey ones can cause embarrassment to members when they have shoulder surfers.
  10. Discussion of other Pattaya forums and what they may or may not be doing is not welcome here. Some time the politics gets out of hand. This forum remains focussed on Pattaya.
  11. Posts about non-bar related issues such as hotels, transport, restaurants etc, should be placed on the open board. This does not mean such details cannot be included in trip reports, but it helps keep the open board alive if we post questions and answers about day to day living arrangements where newbies can easily find them.
  12. The parts of this site that require a password to access may not be shown to any person who is not a member.
  13. If you have a problem with the moderator or his actions, you may email your view to flbbar@gmail.com. The moderator's actions are not to be discussed on the board. No warnings will be given and no correspondence about deleted memberships will be entered into.
  14. As we pay the bills, we reserve the right to delete any post that for any reason we find objectionable.
  15. Thai authorities do not appreciate open discussion of prostitution in Thailand. For that reason I want this site to remain secure. Please do not share your password with anybody else. If I see hits on the site from many different locations with one User id then that ID will be immediately deleted. The best way to keep the site secure and therefore operational is to keep the info completely to yourself. If you have a friend who would like to become a member then refer him to the open site which has details on how to join.
  16. Negative discussion of the current political situation in Thailand jeopardizes the board and its continued accessibility in Thailand. If you want to talk about Thailand politics, do it somewhere else please.
  17. Never, never, never ... Show these pages to a bar girl. Some times some very stupid Farang thinks it's fun to show a Bar Girl a site on the internet that features her picture. Please do not do this as it can cause a lot of strife for everyone. If you show or discuss any content of the Member's area with any non member, you will be permanently banned.
  18. Copying or crossposting information from the member's section of this site to any other website, without first gaining approval from the author of the post(s) is not allowed. If you see such a crossposting of your work or another's, you are invited to bring it to the attention of the moderators via PM.
  19. Most of us like to see pictures...a picture is worth a thousand words, as they say. This forum encourages picture posting, be it ladies of the night, group photos, photos of travel scenes, pictures of daily life...generally anything pertaining to Thailand that entertains or educates. Any board member who criticizes the very act of posting pictures, if they are within the bounds of legality, will be dealt with strongly. Obviously, such a person does not belong on this forum.
  20. The yellow card warning system is in operation. It's works like this:
    • 1 warning - nothing happens.
    • 2 warnings - your will not be able to post for 7 days
    • 3 warnings - you will not be able to post for 14 days
    • 4 Warnings - you will be banned from the forums permanently

Please Note: These rules do not cover every possible transgression. The mods interpret the "spirit" of the rules as fairly as they can but in the end their decision is final. The mods do not generally report their actions or the reasons for the decisions they make. Warnings or bannings are kept confidential to the member concerned and the moderators.

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