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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Just about to hit the sack when I got this notification, so I wont put a lot of work in to this... just too tired and there are a LOT of lessons learned over the last couple decades of living here (almost anyway. Somewhere north of 15 and south of 20). I agree with all that Forcebwithu said, but ill add to that this: For the last 18 months or so, I have seen zero dangerous spikes in the electric grid. My main workstations are super expensive and almost none of the parts can be bought in Thailand, so I am very careful with them. I use a 3000va Smart UPS for that and it monitors the
  2. ok, ill look in to it. I know there is a big update for the board needed... and I need to finally upgrade the server hardware. I think its time I do that lol.
  3. This says posted on May 2, but I just got the email notice. Anyone else? And Gary, check your DMs if you have not already.
  4. I think I resolved this. Let me know if you see the issue again. Also, I did not get a notification for this message, so if this kind of thing happens, do not hesitate to call or email/message me outside ptalk if I do not reply quickly.
  5. This is a much faster server... but it seems to have broken tapatalk. I am working on that 🙂
  6. Ok, site back up and on its new home. Please report anything at all that looks weird! Sorry that took so long! Frosty
  7. HI guys. This got delayed for technical reasons, but I am starting on this right now today... will be taking the site in to offline more here in a moment, and will return it to service once the move is made. This may take most of the day today - I will try to have it done as fast as possible, but I expect it to take at least 6 hours to transfer the data. Will update this thread once we are live on the other server.
  8. Hi Guys. Been a while since ive posted here.... sorry about that! Been super busy for the last year. I am getting some failing hard drive notifications on the server this site is hosted on, and I fear the backup is out of date. So I am going to move it asap. Not sure that will happen today, but it will be very soon... and there will be no further notice. When I start I will take the site offline and you will see a message saying the site is offline... and when it comes back up it should be on the new server, provided the hard drives last that long. ? Will update here as
  9. It was about 2 years ago now or so. Its always been my intention on doing something like a landing page on the www portion of the site, but all the life changes that came with covid just blew that out of the water... tho I still hope to get around to it ? Sorry about the confusion... ill see if there is something I can do to forward those other possible addresses for the time being. Thought I Was doing that actually, but may not have been ? - its been one of those years.
  10. I'm in town.   Care to meet tomorrow (24th) for a few drinks?

  11. Ya, this new (very temporary) server .... well... sucks. lol. By spec its not bad... but its shit hardware. My servers are still in route to the new datacenter, so it will be at least a couple weeks before I can get back on solid hardware again. Not much I can do about it until then
  12. Ok guys I know we have an issue here... I am trying to find a workaround. Give me some time please.
  13. @jacko is this still happening? Do you know a way to reproduce it reliably?>
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