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  1. frostfire

    Site downtime today - My bad!

    Ok, Not that it matters, but I found and fixed the issues. This was simple laziness on my part. When I set up my enterprise network 10 years ago I did so with multiple redundancies to prevent issues like this. I got it set up, configured, and *poof I thought, done! Uh huh. But Microsoft. A series of issues caused this downtime, I just did not know they were happening... because the system was working as I had intended it. lol. I have 3 name servers. All on different physical servers and in different racks inside the datacenter, and on different subnets, all "best practices" for DNS hosting. What I failed to do is run periodic tests to make sure all 3 servers were up and running. My primary server hosts 99% of DNS requests (about 500 per second), and unless you specifically ask for a specific server for some reason, #1 will answer. Apparently #'s 2 and 3 both had issues that arose from windows updates sometime in the past 2 years or so (since the last time I checked them physically). One was down due to a change to the firewall rules (turned off the rule that was supposed to allow the traffic), and the other was too sensitive in its automatic IP blocking rules. It seems that 10 requests per second not over the top for dns servers), which resulted in that server blocking every single IP that was requesting data. lol. The end of the chain, my primary server, had a hiccup for a yet unknown issue- I simply hit "start" and it started working again. Ill research that later... but all 3 are now back up and running, and now on my monthly maintenance to-do list. On the plus side of things, its unusual for a windows server to not go thru a reboot at least once a month or so... and DNS servers 2 and 3 managed to stay up and stable for over 2 years! Woohoo? 555. Anyway, sorry about that lapse guys. Totally not cool of me. Ill do my best to prevent it in future... and have put my phone number out for the mods in case it does, so I get notified faster. Ill also get our facebook presence up and running ASAP so those that want to can join it and be able to contact me there if need be. Frosty
  2. frostfire

    Site downtime today - My bad!

    Facebook. Dave post messaged me at noon, but I was sleeping. I just woke like 15 minutes ago. I will send my number to you guys in the private area.
  3. Hi guys, Was told a few minutes ago that the site was down... when I went to check, sure enough the DNS was not resolving. The issue was twofold. First, my primary DNS server hiccuped. Second, the secondary and tertiary servers did not pick up the slack, though I still do not know why yet. I am looking in to it and will make sure it does not happen again. I suspect I will be able to find the answer fast enough as those other 2 servers are still not serving pattayatalk.com addresses for some reason. Frosty
  4. frostfire

    Dating "normal" girls in Pattaya

    Approved your post. I suggest you check out the link for activating your account (upgrading). You will get access to more content that way 🙂
  5. ok, ill see if I can find a way to kill it on mobile. Tomorrow tho. Im dead tired lol.
  6. frostfire

    Sign out time limit

    There is no "time limit", except for the default session timeout limit on the server, which is 20 minutes. But to get around that, all you need to do is have the signin option "remember me" checked, which should work for what your talking about. Also, click on reply again on that thread and see if your text comes back up. It does for me sometimes. Also, another trick I use is if I have to do a long post or reply ill type it in Notepad++ first then copy and paste.
  7. No, on PC. I say strange because I did set it to show on the bottom, but figured that was "broke" as I didn't see it. I actually don't want this banner in both places. I am going to try to put a search box at the bottom. That box is way too big for the top, but I think it works better as it allows the user to type in options first (dates, etc). And I don't like that the banner shows prices for multiple nights. It makes some of the places seem way too expensive. Not a very good advertisement IMHO. I am also going to play with their API to see if I create my own banner or ad instead that better fits what our users want - like cheaper places. No sense showing all those 5000 baht a night places. Agoda does have a wide range of really cheap options, including hostels for as little as 140 baht per night. I'm not a fan of hostels, but its the first time I've seen them advertised online. Kinda neat. And there are multiple hotels from around 500 baht per night on there. Again, not sure I would stay there as I'm sure the bed is like a rock, but its a good cheap option for someone on a very limited budget, so its good to show them here. In any case, this is just a test at this point. if it goes well, ill leave it or improve it... if not, will think of something else 🙂
  8. It was pointed out to me that I should add the note: You need to click the banner, not just go to agoda.com, to give pattayatalk the credit for the visit 🙂
  9. Strange, I don't see the one at the bottom. Still working the kinks out of this.
  10. Hi Guys, I just put the first new ad online, and you should have seen it by now, assuming your not ad blocking. Everyone that comes here needs a hotel to stay at. And getting a good deal is much more important than helping the board keep costs covered... now that said, in most cases you can find as good a deal or better using Agoda, so please give it a look for your dates. If the price is the same or better than where you usually book your tickets, please consider using it. We get a commission of the sale price, and while its not very much, it does add up. Over the last year with the ad being located inline in a single forum only its made about $100. Hopefully with the ad more prominent it will get some more activity and actually be worth the hassle. I will monitor it and decide if it needs to stay or go away based on its performance. And annoying PMs saying "wtf is that ugly thing doing in my way" haha.
  11. frostfire

    Satalite Dish

    You might be better going with a Android box of some kind. Cheaper, more options and more reliable these days. Satellite is an old expensive technology. Of course I have no idea if there are hacked/cracked receiver boxes available. If so, then satellite may be ok. I just can't see paying a huge monthly fee for it these days.
  12. frostfire

    Font since the Upgrade

    Anyone else noticed that? Seems fine to me... Perhaps a new skin would help. Ill start looking in to that.
  13. No, its not. Our power went out one night a while back... was about 6 months or so ago now. I had just taken nyquil, and I have a really hard time sleeping without aircon... so I left it to the GF to find us a room for the night. The place she found was cheap - 700 baht for the night... place was nice enough, just what you expect from a hotel. But the mattress. Holy shit was it hard. Like sleeping on a slab of wood. It killed my back. I woke up after about 2-3 hours in some serious pain. Got up and went back home and slept without Aircon until the power came back on later that morning. Yes, there are mattresses that are way too hard to be even remotely comfortable. I hope they fix the problem. Dynasty was my favorite hotel for my first several trip here, until I found Resident Garden. I still have fond memories of the place.
  14. frostfire

    Dining at Terminal21

    Read here:
  15. frostfire

    Has anyone gotten married at the Amphur in Pattaya?

    The info I just got is that when you get the Freedom to Marry document, which you have to get from your countries Embassy, you have to tell them what month you will marry, and its only valid for that month. Not sure how accurate this is... but was just told by someone who claimed thats how it worked for them.