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  1. What’s up Doc ? 739C1735-32CE-4ED4-8828-DFC8B5342389.MP4
  2. https://forums.pattayatalk.com/topic/70984-stayin-alive-by-staying-at-home/?do=findComment&comment=1279566 Feel for the OP after this news , hope he’s not affected by it
  3. Rhinoceroses Theorem ?
  4. no I travel light at times not even hand luggage ,
  5. Have a place in Alicante use Ryanair a lot for the cost I can’t fault them ,
  6. Which airline and what destination ? bon voyage
  7. Lockdown idea 96983D02-040A-4C60-AD9C-B13C8C2FDCD0.MP4
  8. 7 Dwarfs in the bath feeling Happy Happy got out the all felt Grumpy
  9. I bet he was Grumpy
  10. Balloons on soi 6/1 FullSizeRender.mov
  11. This may also be a reason 603A1323-01A2-462B-90FE-267BB92348F3.MP4
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