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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.

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  1. gs joe

    Indian girls

    I only go to Poke a huntress , Joe
  2. gs joe

    what id do i need to carry

    Passport and tourist visa , have a nice trip , Joe
  3. I don't know the first episode is titled Wednesday bar crawl , Joe
  4. gs joe

    Where's my omelette?

    Me too Eggcellent , Joe
  5. gs joe

    Good Movies / TV Shows

    Seen it all very good indeed , hope they make another season , Joe
  6. gs joe

    Lek hotel soi13

    No pool at the dynasty Joe
  7. gs joe

    The Beach

    How do you manage with the heat ?
  8. Wonder if they will ever go the same way with not carrying your passport ?
  9. I get the impression it depends on their mood , only witness it once while I was getting checked , they just let it go .
  10. The high fine may encourage guys to get a IDP , or it may encourage guys to speed passed check points , Joe
  11. gs joe

    When you are the only one

    An old joke A guy is in the delivery room waiting , his wife screaming " the pain this is all your fault " The guys reply " no it's not I wanted to fuck ass you said no it might hurt " Joe
  12. gs joe

    Rodney Dangerfield Humor, Rest His Soul

    Bean wasn't my bag , but Blackadder brilliant, he works best with a team , Joe
  13. gs joe

    Increasing Indian presence

    End of June , Don't recall the name , Soi 12 Second rd end , facing the Lek , is an Indian dance club , the sign says " try something different, so I give it a go , A Thai door man leads me though a room where some Indian guys are sitting Then up a set stairs, a Thai girl dressed as a sexy nurse then leads me to a seated bar area with a small dance floor , four young Thai lads and two older looking Indian customers are enjoying the dance show , Sexy nurse asked me to pick a seat , and if I required company, I assume she ment her self , She took my drink order Jack and coke , I watched the show , four Indian dancers, done a solos, different ages and sizes non slim , but I did stay and watch all four , was entertaining, the atmosphere was enjoyable , But time to check bin , I must admit I was thinking her gos ,, 150 baht not that bad , I did tip one of the dances a 100 to a loud chair from all , and made my way out , Joe