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  1. That's my point. If they need to come to USA for that how can they be happier
  2. If Mexicans are happier than Americans why do they all want to jump the border?
  3. I have an amusing story about bob's. About 10 days ago, I went to bob's for the first time. It was early and there was only one other guy there at the bar. I went in to try one of bob's burgers. So I sit down at the bar and notice the guy is eating Mcdonalds burgers. That was strange enough, but then I noticed the guy was Bob himself. I joking told him this was not very good advertising for his food. Bob had a good explanation, he and the kids just got back from a road trip and the kids wanted Mcdonalds...what could he do, no one can keep kids away from Mcd. Bob was a nice guy and I en
  4. thanks for the info...do i just grab a cab to get back and forth between the 2 airports? at least i think there will be more english spoken than thailand...
  5. I am taking a day side trip to the philippines, does anyone know if there are any lockers at airport you can store some unneeded luggage in for 3 days? any other ideas? thanks
  6. I decided to go with cebu pacific airline. I am flying into manila from bkk. I am then flying from manila to davao. What should i expect? Do i have to change airports? Any info appreciated...
  7. Anyone know the best airline to get a quick round trip? Is manila the only airport? Thanks
  8. I always liked your bar, you have any room availabilty 5-15 oct?
  9. I have heard rumors that the areca is now charging for girls to "visit" your room...anyone know if this is true...suppose to stay there next month.
  10. Did Mon go home or just move to another bar? She was a good friend of tg friend working in uk now.. Thanks Martin Love your bar and will be back in october...
  11. Is Mon still a service girl at flb...she was always smiling and very funny
  12. Adam, Congrats on year 2...I always enjoy your bar...see you in october. Larry
  13. sorry, i come in on the 5th. maybe see you there
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