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  1. Hope it continues to go well Jeff. Will try and get somebody to bring me a copy out to Philippines.
  2. That looks too good to be true? Also the best deal I have ever seen!
  3. And it looks like Qatar also start from 28 October. Another good airline! http://www.businessmirror.com.ph/index.php/en/business/companies/16637-qatar-airways-begins-daily-clark-flights-on-october-28
  4. Tiger Airways is the best IMO. Much better flying times than Cebu air. Depends on when you book as to the price


    He is not the first Italian to abandon a sinking ship recently.....
  6. I think Accommodation has to be included with the real bargains. The guest houses around LK and Boukhao are very good value for what you get. Buying a bottle of whisky in a bar is way cheaper. Taxi's - A 120km taxi in UK would be £180, in Pattaya approx £25 Most Pharmacy stuff
  7. Nice to know that when all else fails in Pattaya there is always JP to fall back on
  8. I wont ever buy him a drink - Him and Esco got me so shitfaced on my last night last year that I missed my flight the next morming. No, he is a top guy and very commendable and brave what he done that night IMO.
  9. 20 trups in the last 6 years and never taken more than 45 minutes from walking off the aircraft to sitting in the taxi. I will put my $50 towards my first 3some.
  10. Chuba Hut has a nice pool although the place was a little run down last year
  11. Leftie obviously has a great chance but too short at 13/2 for me. I like Watney Westwood and Johnson. If Bubba drives the ball well he could have a big shout at 50/1!
  12. Thai Time or lack of it No queueing!! Girls wanting to leave at 7am Thais still kicking shit out of a guy thats half dead Putting the price up when things are quiet But Mirky about this 7/11 bell. Youve arrived at the airport. The cab is on his way to Pats. The weather is hot. You ask him to stop so you can get a couple of cold beers. Fuck me, that bing bong is the greatest sound in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. I stayed at Chow Soy last trip and that was 600 baht a night. Top quality room, decent restauarant and great service. I also stayed at Jasmine and had a nightmare but it was a few years back and I was relatively new to Pats then.
  14. At 111-5 they were 800/1 on Betfair!!!
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