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  1. Me and MrsFiend do the same, we get sufficient top-ups to extend our sim card validity until our next trip, but not enough credit so that it is used up automatically renewing the package the following month. I've had the same AIS number for about 5 years now.
  2. TheFiend

    Site downtime today - My bad!

    I was unable to access the site on my desktop PC yesterday, but strangely did manage to access on my mobile when I tried it on that... trying again on my PC later on resulted in no access again....
  3. TheFiend

    Pictures from around Pattaya

    It'll keep the drain cleaners busy after they've finished on Soi Buakhao!!!
  4. TheFiend

    Has anyone gotten married at the Amphur in Pattaya?

    Congrats on getting hitched Ron!!! Back in Sin City in May so I'll buy you and your good wife a celebratory drink then... When I got married, we got the "freedom to marry" affirmation from the embassy and then travelled upcountry to do the Amphur signing the next day.... The day after getting married we were back down in Bangkok sorting out a spouse visa application.... March 2019 will be the 10th anniversary of getting the ball and chain round my ankle!!!
  5. TheFiend

    Qatar upgrading Manchester

    Just booked flights for 16th May until returning 4th June next year and QR27/QR28 have both come up as being A359 on the Qatar website...... for the last weeks when I have been checking flights/prices they were showing as being 788 Nightmareliners.... QR21/QR22 showing A359 and QR23/QR24 showing 788 on the same dates.... Fingers crossed the amend the aircraft type allocations again before I fly.... Also managed to get the A340-600 to and from Bangkok...... wonder if I'll get to fly on A7-AGC which is the only QR A340-600 I haven't flown on!!!
  6. TheFiend

    Did I remember?!?

    I can always guarantee that on my way to the airport that I'll suddenly realise I've left something at home that I meant to take with me.... luckily I've always remembered my passport!!!!
  7. TheFiend

    New content

    Would it be possible to disable the "Politics and Religion" new posts notification again???
  8. TheFiend

    Congratulations on the Upgrade

    Wasn't expecting the forum to be back up and running so quickly. Well done Frosty!!!
  9. Good luck with the upgrade Frosty......
  10. Yep, best of luck with the upgrade.... Fingers crossed it's a success!!!
  11. TheFiend

    Indian girls

    Thanks for clearing that up...
  12. TheFiend

    Indian girls

    Why is your IP address showing that your posting fro Puerto Rico???
  13. That's what BM Navidnavid could do with.....
  14. TheFiend

    hello all users

    Really? You posted this from Australia....