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  1. The Dead Kennedy's were a punk band... the name was meant to shock, as were their songs!!! I was actually lucky enough to get to see the Dead Kennedy's original line-up play live on their first UK tour in 1980!!! As for crude..... how about the song title "Too drunk to fuck!!!" ???
  2. Impressed by this guy...... very reminiscent of Tangerine Dream...
  3. .Actually, yes I did!!!..... The NHS Vaccination Record letter I referred to is will be accepted as proof of vaccination for travel and widely accepted as such.... those vaccination cards you have won't be... Also the NHS letter can be done in alternative languages, although Thai isn't one of them. Will these vaccination "passports" cause problems at immigration, doubt it.... with the likes of barcodes and QR codes on the document a quick scan at immigration should be enough for them to see your status.
  4. You can request a letter/cerificate from the NHS which shows your vaccination status..... it includes info such as the date of vaccination, vaccine given along with the batch number and the place where it was administered. I requested these for both me and MrsFiend.
  5. This is in contravention of rule 18 @TaaSaparot
  6. Can't seem to access what? The members forum? You've only just registered so that area at the moment is off limits for you but have a read of this... https://forums.pattayatalk.com/topic/69445-instructions-for-joining-the-members-only-area/
  7. Another problem for Boeing.... https://www.seattletimes.com/business/boeing-aerospace/a-new-787-dreamliner-manufacturing-flaw-will-prolong-boeing-delivery-halt/
  8. Pre-pandemic the A380 was a very useful aircraft for high demand routes to and from slot restricted airports like London Heathrow.
  9. The final A380 has already been built and flown but has not yet been delivered.... Sad because a huge majority of passengers that have flown it loved flying on it. I've flown both upstairs and down stairs and loved it....
  10. Thanks for posting this. I've had many flights on 777's..... I've even managed to fly on Thai Airways 772's 773's and 77W's domestically between BKK and CNX,. I'll admit I do prefer flying Airbus wide-bodies long haul because I find them quieter.... My favourite? The A340-600, sadly an aircraft that became a victim of the 77W success story.
  11. But what about the 346 deaths caused by Boeing developing the 737 MAX instead of starting from scratch with a new single aisle aircraft? Boeing had to act in response to the Airbus NEO'ing the A320 series. The 737MAX was the cheap option and the attractive one for the bean counters in charge, only caring about profit and shareholders dividends. The original 737 design used much smaller diameter engines.... it wasn't designed to use bigger engines and mounting the engines forward of the wings introduced instability into the design. The height of the landing gear limited the size of the eng
  12. If you check out the youtube channel it come up with the following contact info:- For Business Inquiries Email: aviationmaximus@gmail.com Offices: 7918 El Cajon Blvd Suite N345 La Mesa, CA 91942
  13. Boeing is in a big mess and it's all down to the bean counters in charge wanting to putting profit before everything else like product quality and safety..... It's now 10 years since the 777X program was announced and despite already having 18 months of flight testing for the FAA to delay type certification flights until 2023 shows they are not happy with what Boeing is doing.... 787 deliveries are also being delayed due to production quality issues...
  14. Is there an Arhanta Yoga school in Pattaya???
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