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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Wrong forum, that's not this one....
  2. OK, how about a much more recent article on the 787 problems... https://www.reuters.com/article/us-boeing-787-exclusive/exclusive-boeing-faces-faa-fine-and-a-much-bigger-787-repair-bill-sources-idUSKBN2AP2SL?il=0&source=content_type%3Areact|first_level_url%3Anews|section%3Amain_content|button%3Abody_link
  3. Not me...... That was firth I think........ Mods getting a discount??? Never been that lucky!!!!
  4. LOL....... How much do we get paid??? Zilch..... MM invited me to be a mod when he found out I already had experience of being a forum moderator... Other moderators also have prior experience....
  5. Yes the article is from a while ago yet no 787 deliveries have been made since October 2020
  6. Did you read that article I linked to..... 900 airplanes with a possible issue on the horizontal stabilizer.... perhaps some might see it as not being an immediate safety issue but what happens if one fails in flight???
  7. After the MAX problems the 787 was supposed to be the one that kept the cash rolling in.... instead production numbers have been cut and no deliveries are happening because of the problems.... The 777X is also being delayed. At the moment things aren't looking too good for Boeing. I have flown on the Nightmareliner quite a few times and to tell the truth I am not impressed by it.
  8. Recently problems were discovered with the production of them... The 787 still lives up to it's "Nightmareliner" nickname. https://www.reuters.com/article/boeing-deliveries/boeing-finds-new-787-dreamliner-production-problem-idINKBN25Z2R6 Perhaps Boeing have been lucky that due to COVID demand for deliveries has dropped off, but already some customers are re-examining their orders due to Boeing problems and the delays.
  9. It's all well and good Bojo saying all Uk travel restrictions ending in mid June..... but everybody is relying on other countries to lift restrictions. Massive surge in holiday bookings for summer reported last night.... Prayut will probably wait until there has been progress made on vaccinating Thais before allowing arrivals without quarantine.
  10. 5.1 for me..... My sat box outputs digital audio so it's not just for watching DVD's.... In preparation for when I retire I've already got a set of Kef speakers sat awaiting installation in Thailand, along with a Marantz AV amp...
  11. Think this season might be my last.... I've got to admit I'm shit at this Fantasy Football and all I seem to achieve is mid table mediocrity.
  12. You're lucky.... after losing 4 of my squad players to last minute Covid postponements I didn't even qualify for the cup...... the first time I've failed to qualify!!!.....
  13. According to British Airways "Terms and Conditions" you are entitled to a full refund as you are now a victim of them cancelling a flight. I quoted "Terms and Conditions" to Qatar Airways after they cancelled my flights earlier this year and received a full refund within 2 weeks despite my fare being of the non-refundable type.
  14. That's not a Kia..... it's a Ford Focus...
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