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  1. I was issued vouchers with the 10% extra when they cancelled my flights but wanted a refund. If Qatar have cancelled your flights there should be no charges for a refund.... Their T & C's state that if they cancel, not you, then you are entitled to a full refund without charges. I got a full refund on a non-refundable ticket.
  2. In January I booked flights for May this year with Qatar and received notification during Easter weekend that my flights were cancelled. I successfully got a refund for the flights, despite them being non-refundable. If you booked online it needs to be done by going through a thing called Zendesk.
  3. Looks like they are working on burying a cable.... probably an afterthought!!!
  4. Was once stopping down in Twickenham and decided to go for a wander alongside the Thames heading eastward.... Didn't fancy walking all the way back from the centre of London, so I caught the tube from Victoria to Kew Garden and walked back from there...
  5. Can't really make any plans at the moment, but probably won't book a trip until the end of any quarantine requirement on arrival.... The only plan that seems to be set in stone is I'm retiring in 21 months time....
  6. https://www.tatnews.org/category/thailand-tourism-updates/ Probably the best website to keep an eye on for travel information for Thailand.... Situation updates posted every day and includes updates on airports and travel restrictions.
  7. How about this for a comprehensive list of those exempt from Quarantine.... https://immigrationbarrister.co.uk/who-is-exempt-from-the-14-day-coronavirus-quarantine-period/ I come under 2 of those categories....
  8. The bigger question is how long will it be before Thailand permits travellers from the UK to enter? And to enter without quarantine!!! Was watching a TV show this morning and it seems a lot of people are willing to accept quarantine on return as long as they get their 2 weeks holiday in Benidorm!!!!
  9. No quarantine for me!!! I've just been through that list and I'm in 2 of those categories.....
  10. Oh dear...... and the cabin door was open on that 787..... wonder how much foam got inside???
  11. Apparently punks can also write classical music.... Jaz Coleman.... singer with Killing Joke... And classical composer...
  12. Got a little bit of a surprise..... when I book flights I always link through to airline pages through topcashback.co.uk..... After my flights got cancelled was expecting the transaction to go down as a rejected cashback claim..... Interestingly it changed from pending to confirmed, and then shockingly had become payable when I checked today...... that £31.36 cashback is now heading towards my bank account...
  13. 9 days after submitting my refund request and I have had a full refund paid back into my account....
  14. 3 days after submitting my refund request online and I've had a result..... my refund has been authorised and should be credited back to my credit card account shortly.... Looks like quoting their own T & C's has helped.... along with threatening a charge-back....
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