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  1. Lower luggage allowances are definitely a problem if you have a Thai wife..... Mrs Fiend has our cases stuffed full of Thai ingredients when we fly back to the UK....
  2. We arrive on a Qatar flight and head up to CNX on Thai, the flights were booked separately... On the return flight I added 10Kg extra baggage and it still worked out cheaper than booking a higher fare class with 30Kg allowance. Don't know when they bought in the 20Kg allowance, but it was after when I booked flights to CNX for October last year as we had the 30Kg allowance then....
  3. I bought the tickets on the 20th December 2018 and the website was showing 20Kg then, just like it was when I checked it just now.... Also noticed the price has gone up 1100 Baht since I booked.... There's a Buddha day the weekend we arrive so I expect the flight to CNX will be very busy...
  4. Just checked my dates in May for BKK-CNX flights and it's showing 20Kg allowance on the Super Save fare....
  5. There'll be a bar crawl in May.....
  6. Boeing failed to inform the airlines about the MCAS system before the Lion Air crash....... you can't train pilots on as system if the airline isn't told about it......
  7. Apparently after looking at the satellite data the spotted similarities to the Lion Air crash in changes of altitude prior to the crash. The black box data should confirm it.
  8. You should read what some of the Boeing fanboys come out with on airliners.net. If it's a Boeing plane that's in an accident they throw the blame at anything but Boeing. It's the same with engine manufacturers too.... To them GE engines are the bee's knees and RR are to be despised...
  9. And Goldpanner definitely got it wrong..... he didn't even think it would last the first year.... Just goes to show that not everybody wants to use LHR..... I've flown via LHR once and I wouldn't do it again.... I'm spoilt for choice as I've got plenty of choice up North..... MAN, NCL, GLA and EDI all offer connections to BKK via Europe and the Middle East...
  10. Emirates have just announced London Stansted is to go double daily on July 1st 2019 due to increasing demand...... Emirates have certainly proved the doubters wrong!!!
  11. G-CIVB has just flown to Dublin to get painted into the final retro livery.... The Negus and Negus version
  12. Fresh out of the paint shop about to depart for LHR. https://twitter.com/British_Airways/status/1104310621217144832?s=20
  13. I've seen photos of the next retro repaint... it's a 747 in the Landor livery and it does look good.... G-BNLY It's out of the paint shop and due to fly to BA211 LHR-MIA this afternoon
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