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  1. Lufthansa A340-600's were built with toilets below the main deck. Airbus offered it as an option.
  2. LOL with regard to licensing taxis and private hire vehicles...... The garage where I get my MOT tests done is responsible for doing "TaxI" tests and lately they have been doing tests on "private hire" vehicles licensed in my area but are actually being based and used 140 miles away down in the Manchester area after my local council relaxed the rule of only issuing licenses for businesses based within my area.
  3. Qatar fly from BHX and they have free seat selection and 30Kg of checked in luggage. Unfortunately they use the 787 Nightmareliner with it's cramped cattle class seating between BHX and DOH....
  4. In 2008 I acquired a bar on New Plaza, redecorated it and 3 months later sold it on for a profit. It can be done.
  5. Angelwitch in Nana Plaza was one of the first GGBs I visited..... loved the music and attire of the vixens doing the chrome pole shuffle.... It's a pity Angelwitch Pattaya is now history.
  6. Visited Wat Po on my first trip to Thailand.... Yep..... I admit.it - I'm addicted to visiting Temples!!!
  7. I used to be an Emirates fan but over the last 3 years I've stuck with Qatar and even though they are now more expensive than Emirates from Manchester I intend sticking with Qatar As they still offer a 30Kg allowance on the "cheap" tickets......I need it due to having Mrs Fiend travelling with me.
  8. Thai's A330's are 2-4-2.... Thai have gone against the norm and stuck with 3-3-3 with their 777's and should be applauded for it.... It also looks as though they have finally been given the go ahead to order some new aircraft, so they could be getting rid of their 747-400 and 777-200 and 777-300 which are getting on a bit.
  9. Now looks like other airlines are having the "MAX" moniker removed from their aircraft that have been built and put into storage whilst the wait for the grounding to be lifted
  10. How long has it taken so far on the R-Con sewer project.....Coming up to 6 months? If you think that's bad where I work in the UK they've been installing a 200 metre long pipe trench for an effluent line and so far it's taken them 2.5 years and they're only just now welding the stainless steel effluent pipe.... Another fairly simple project of replacing one air compressor with 2 has been going on for 18 months....
  11. The drystone wall and street-lights in the background point to it not being in Thailand....
  12. When we check in with TG at CNX, even though we are on separate PNR's TG wil check us in for the QR flights and issue our boarding passes all the way though to MAN.... With regards to the flight into BKK we clear immigration, pick up checked baggage and then clear customs before checking in for the domestic flight up to CNX. I don't know if Qatar will interline with TG/PG on separate PNR's. Theoretically we could clear immigration and customs at CNX since it's an international airport. Clearing customs and immigration at BKK give us the opportunity to get our AIS mobile data package sorted, currency exchanged down in the basement level FX booths and Mrs Fiend to have some som tam in the Magic Food Court... I've just done a dummy booking MAN - CNX with QR and it came back with connecting flights at BKK onto TG and PG.... but the cost booking all the way through adds quite a lot onto the MAN - BKK price. It works out a lot more expensive that doing it on separate bookings.
  13. Not for our homeward journey we check in our bags with Thai at CNX and they interline with Qatar so bags are checked in all the way to MAN.
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