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  1. Glad I arrive the day after it finishes... LOL!!!
  2. But could they identify which cables are in use and which are redundant???
  3. It's damning that Boeing knew about the issues before the crashes....
  4. So which one was you BigusDicus???
  5. I've been inside a Nirun condo in the same block.... I wouldn't exactly call them spacious... There's a few bars nearby.... and the Gentleman's Clubs on Soi Bongkot are only a short walk away, so the location isn't that bad.
  6. Prices fluctuate up and down and it's not just with TG..... After I book a flight I always keep checking the cost of the same flights, and my flights for next month with QR have fluctuated between £500 and £600 over the last couple of months..... I paid £466 when I booked it last December...
  7. Jet Airways - another one of Etihads investments gone wrong. They also invested in Air Berlin and Alitalia, both of whom went bankrupt!!!
  8. The main problem with the 737 is that it is basically an aircraft the was designed in the 60's. The original design utilised under-wing engines and short landing gear. Subsequent generations involving larger diameter engines required the engines being mounted ahead of the wing due to the short landing gear. On the MAX they increased the height of the nose gear slightly to fit a larger diameter engines. Boeing also added some fly-by-wire systems control systems in the MAX update. including MCAS... The MAX was Boeing's response to the Airbus A320NEO series. Boeing had been contemplating a new clean sheet design but took the MAX option instead as it was cheaper and quicker to develop.... With grandfathering rights on the 737 it also meant the 737MAX option was quicker to certify.
  9. The pilots were following the Boeing procedure.... which means the procedure for recovery was badly written. Why can't you just admit that Boeing screwed up badly with the MCAS implementation on the MAX? Not only was a safety critical system designed to only use one sensor, but also the recovery procedure if a fault arises was badly written.
  10. They were following Boeing's procedures....
  11. Seems like the pilots followed the Boeing "procedure" https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-47812225 So you can stop trying to blame the pilots - the 737MAX was badly designed!!!
  12. Even with name tags I struggle to remember names.... especially when drunk!!!!
  13. Remember the Ethiopian Airlines 787 Nightmareliner that suffered a fire at LHR..... Was that the pilots fault or Boeing poor design??? It was another poor design problem that lead to a global grounding of all the delivered aircraft......
  14. Should that be offered as an "optional extra" or should that be fitted as standard??? You would think that a critical safety system, especially for a control system which is highly important in the ascent or descent phase of a flight would have more than just one sensor and indication. It's bad design and implementation that has resulted in the loss of several lives. I'm not an Aviation Instrument Engineer, but I am an Instrument Engineer (40 years experience in instrumentation systems) and my work involves safety critical systems.
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