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  1. Not exactly bloody cold up north... 16 degrees at night and hitting 30 during the day. Certainly beats being in the UK where it was snowing when I left 6 days ago
  2. Sad seeing some of the TG fleet parked up in storage at Swampy, looked like a few hadn't moved for a hell of a long time.
  3. Just flown the Qatar 787-9 on the MAN-DOH route and it's an improvement on the 787-8. The legroom is more bearable and they don't have the dreaded metal boxes underneath the seats. They don't feel as cramped. The flight was just about full. The meal service was ok but missing the little things like butter, salt and pepper. Have noticed the timekeeping on QR 28 hasn't been the best lately and was 1.5 hours late departing due to late arrival from DOH. Made up 30 minutes on the way
  4. At the moment I believe if you have arrive at BKK you have to clear immigration at BKK and do the "Test and Go" thing with a 1 night stay in a SHA/AQ hotel before you would be allowed to fly to Koh Samui. I don't think they are currently allowing CIQ transfers for other Thai airports.
  5. I loved the Qatar A340-600's, managed to enjoy them on the QR836/837 DOH-BKK legs on 2 trips before they were retired.... Had booked a 3rd trip on them but sadly a month before the trip they were withdrawn and the A330-300 was used instead.
  6. I try and avoid the Qatar Nightmareliner 787's if I can, but that wasn't an option for my trip. I always plump for a window seat so the elbow next to me isn't a problem as it's Mrs Fiends, but being a 6 footer if the seat in front of me gets reclined it's pushing against my knees. Fingers crossed for this trip there will be a fewer passengers and the row in front is empty. As for the Qatar A380's.... I've managed to get the upstairs extra legroom seats a few times just by asking at check-in if they were available.
  7. I've just booked a trip and for my dates QR28 is showing operated by a 787-9 MAN-DOH and a 777-300ER on QR27 when I return... I'm wondering if the newer 787-9's are an improvement over their 787-8's....
  8. Mrs Fiend turns off the water virtually every time we leave the house....
  9. I've flown on 5 out of Qatar's fleet of 10... From a passenger perspective it's a great plane to fly on. Would love to see the A380 on the DOH - MAN route.
  10. The proper Cumberland Sausage from a butcher isn't straight, it comes as a ring, just like a proper Bury black pudding....
  11. Thai ladies love my Cumberland Sausage...
  12. Most insurance providers will probably be including cover for COVID by now.... I know the Travel Insurance provided as part of my current account has been updated to include COVID cover.
  13. Finally the requirements have appeared on Thai Embassy website for UK travellers.... https://london.thaiembassy.org/en/publicservice/requirements-for-foreigners-travelling-to-thailand-during-covid-19-tra?page=5d6636ce15e39c3bd000734d&menu=5d6636cd15e39c3bd00072e2 I'd email the Thai Embassy last weekend with a query and these match what they had put in their reply. Looks like they've removed the requirement for the $50K Thai COVID insurance as long as you can prove your existing insurance provides the cover.
  14. Deliberately baiting you??? Trolling? LOL.... I have watched his videos and I do read his tweets as well He made a name for himself as a 14 year old You Tuber and then managed to get acquantied with some of the right people in the industry. He also managed to get tagged with the title of "Aviation Analyst" as a 14 year old. He's an influencer who has made a career out of his hobby as a kid.
  15. I've flew LHR-MAN once on my way back from Bangkok with Qatar.... Upper deck on the A380 on BKK-DOH and also DOH-LHR..... That trip via LHR put me off flying via LHR for life.
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