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  1. I'm retiring at 59 and my state pension won't start paying until I'm 67, but I've got that gap covered with an additional pension provision.
  2. I'm coming up to retirement and if anything my pension has received a nice boost this year.... I'm lucky enough to still be on a final salary scheme and thanks to a regrading I've had a 10% increase in my salary this year which means a nice 10% boost on my pension.... Am looking forward to my retirement to Thailand...
  3. Billy Idol is a punk who sold out and then fucked off to the USA where fame, drink and drugs took over...
  4. What we have here is a classic spammer..... he's only registered with the purpose of attracting visitors to his youtube channel...
  5. Excellent trip report... tempted to visit a few of those places after I retire!!!
  6. 10 x B747-400 6 x 777-200 6 x 777-300 6 x A340-600 5 x A340-500 1 x A300-600 2 x 737-400 The A340's have been in storage for years, the 772s and 773s have been in service until recently but are old and looking their age and along with the 747 were coming up to retirement anyway, the global COVID situation has brought forward their retirement.
  7. But those boards of yours did go wrong...... I used to spent plenty of time in my younger days replacing components on them.......
  8. Now what we have here is a sneaky spammer.... After a little bit of detective work he appears to have posted hello messages on several forums and his IP address shows him from Pakistan and not the US.... He won't be back!!!
  9. Found out today that my step-daughters graduation ceremony is to be held in December and for the first time since Thailand closed the border Mrs Fiend has mentined about flying back... Even just to have a week with family it'll cost her 3 weeks leave, and that's if they'll let her take it.... I could go as well, due to being the spouse of a Thai National, but if I go I'll have to suffer a stay in an ASQ....
  10. Things don't get any better for Boeing..... It has now come out that there is a large number of 787's that have been built with a manufacturing flaw in the horizontal stabiliser... https://www.seattletimes.com/business/boeing-aerospace/boeing-admits-a-new-quality-issue-on-the-787-and-tallies-more-737-max-cancellations/ More quality control issues..... And apparently the issue could be on up to 893 of the 982 that have already been delivered The 787 is still living up to its' Nightmareliner nickname...
  11. I know I'm shite at this and I don't know why I keep entering but I'm back for another go!!! My score for the last 5 season has increased every year so I do seem to be slowly getting better at it....
  12. For a regular flyer who lives near one of the places selling the passes it's a good offer. I've used Bangkok Airways to fly up to Chiang Mai and Sukothai.
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