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  1. I'm tempted to give it a try on my next trip!!!
  2. I watched that game too, yes it was dramatic but I wouldn't describe it as the best game of rugby I've seen. The Black Ferns deserved that victory!!! Really looking forward to watching all 3 Rugby League World cup Finals this weekend. England V France in the wheelchair final is going to be a cracker!!! Can Samoa pull off a shock in the Mens? Doubtful but I'll be cheering them on!!!
  3. To speed the game up Rugby League have introduced a time limit to ensure scrums are formed quickly, they have done the same with goal line drop-outs.
  4. At Manchester in June there was massive queues for security but when I flew out 2 weeks ago there was very little queuing. Still took nearly an hour to clear security as one of my bags got flagged for a closer inspection but thanks to a group of 21 Pakistanis who all had not taken liquids out of their hand baggage it took forever forever for my bag to be checked. Why was mine pulled? A couple of camera lenses!!! I'm starting to hate going through security at Manchester because they are so pedantic. Never have a problem at subsequent checks on my trip. Prior to going through security
  5. The plan is for the huge new station to be the hub for the planned high speed network. The idea of basing at Bang Sue rather than Hua Lamphong is to reduce the traffic disruption the railways cause in Bangkok with the existing network..
  6. Mrs Fiend can't walk past a lottery ticket seller without stopping to look at those tickets!!!
  7. "Parking like a dickhead" is not just a Thai thing.... I see examples of it every day in the UK.
  8. The problem with airports like Skiathos is they are limited on the length of runways due to their location. Any further extension would involve encroaching into the sea. Also since it was built narrow body aircraft have also got bigger and heavier as has demand for holidays to places like Skiathos.
  9. The pilot of that plane obviously had an engineering background!!!
  10. You'd be surprised how much tape gets used by engineers to make temporary repairs to stuff...
  11. https://simpleflying.com/qatar-airways-boeing-777-freighter-wing-collision/ Bit of duct tape and it'll be good to go!!! There's plenty of Boeing 787 Nightmareliners flying around with taped-up wings - the tape is used to cover cracks in the wing surface coating due to wing flex....
  12. Congrats on the 17 years... Wish was there to be able to celebrate with you!!!
  13. I stopped at the i-Rovers once for 4 nights and wasn't very impressed by the rooms.
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