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  1. Last week I booked flights for the last last week in May, MAN - BKK with Qatar..... £520 with 30KG luggage allowance and free seat selection.......
  2. TheFiend


    Try and stay on topic folks, it's not about events in the Middle East!!!
  3. Just like KM I always get 50s for my trips and always check them and get the dodgy ones with pen marks or tears changed before leaving the bank..... yet still get the odd ones rejected in banks in Thailand.... you can almost guarantee I will return home with notes rejected in Thailand...
  4. Looks like the Starliner cock-up was the final nail in the coffin for Dennis Muilenburg as he has been disposed off at Boeing...
  5. Must be a Thai thing..... at home in the UK Mrs Fiend is like that..... she won't use a washing up bowl, she washes stuff under a running tap..... good job our house is not on a water meter!!!
  6. Not quite true..... The GEnx has had problems and Airworthiness Directives issued against it!!!
  7. My last 3 trips I've stayed at Zen Rooms LK Metro - The rooms above Destiny GGB.... On my most recent trip I paid 725 Baht per night for a room with balcony overlooking the Soi.
  8. That article was June 2018, they were early builds and were replaced by new-build A380's Another ex-Singapore A380 has found a new home with ACMI specialist HI-Fly and was recently used on Thomas cook repatriation flights...
  9. A post on airliners.net Manchester Airport thread.
  10. Apparently Thai have proposed starting MAN flights from July 2020 using the A350-900. Apparently they have applied for a daily slot but looking to start with 4 flights per week.
  11. Just arrived today on Qatar. A359 out of Manchester then 773ER to BKK. A359 flight was excellent but the 777 and the same age as the A359 but it looked a hell of a lot rougher and, despite being one of the Q-suite examples, the economy section wasn't in the best condition. Onegripe... You now have to ask for butter for your croissant/bread roll...
  12. I've flown China Southern but only domestically in China..... wasn't too impressed by their 737's...
  13. Times have changed in the UK. I think people have gotten more selfish and a lot of kindness we saw as youngsters has gone.
  14. People are always more vocal about bad experiences than good.....
  15. SWA also insisted that it didn't want to put it's pilots through additional training for the MAX.... The implementation of MCAS was very poor. On a safety critical system you shouldn't rely on just one Angle Of Attack sensor (not pitot tube) to trigger a reaction. I work on safety critical systems.... we never use just a single sensor.
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