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  1. 555..... Can't get a 4G signal at work so that stops that!!!
  2. Best idea would be to wear a full body condom with it's own oxygen bottle for the duration of the encounter...
  3. Plenty of ladies active on thaifreindly.....
  4. I guess it will depend on how quickly the number of infections start tailing off....If things haven't improved I will probably cancel in around 5 weeks time.....
  5. I received an email from Thai this morning informing me that our booking with them for CNX-BKK in June had been amended.... look like like they have reduced the wide-body service to CNX down to a morning and evening flight.... our booking was for the afternoon flight..... Bollocks!!! Evening flight arrives over an hour and a half after our booked QR flight to Doha leaves.... Starts pondering options whilst stuck at work..... UK government issues warning about overseas travel for the next months...... Bollocks!!!!! Got in from work and decided to check my QR booking...... Guess what? QR have amended my booking..... looks like they are suspending the morning Manchester QR21/22 flights and adjusting the BKK flights....... Bollocks!!!! 3 out the 4 legs have been changed.... QR have offered a full refund if I decided to cancel.... Considering QR are allowing bookings to be amended free of charge up until 3 days before the flight I might just hang on to see how the virus situation develops....
  6. Had an email off QR today.... we will be able to rebook flights or receive a travel voucher free of charge up until 3 days before we fly.... Hope we don't have to resort to changing our plans. One lad I work with was due to go on a cruise next month..... he's already cancelled!!!
  7. I'm booked for the end of May and keeping my fingers crossed at the moment.... Checked my booking yesterday and the seat allocation maps for my flights on QR are showing loads of unallocated seats.
  8. The early 777's of Thai are really looking tired and worn out now..... their 747's are probably in the same state as well...
  9. Flew on KLM 747's on my second trip to Thailand... Wasn't impressed...... avoided the 747 since then.... Had a close call on my last trip....the CNX - BKK TG flight we had on our way home was operated by a 747 the day before.... it was normally an A330...
  10. I booked with Qatar last month for a trip in May and same flights are £17.50 more expensive on my latest check....
  11. Considering a Virgin Atlantic A350-1000 was only 1 minute slower on the same day then it is possible it will be broken if the similar conditions occur again....
  12. I went to an all-you-can-eat buffet place up in Chiang Mai on my last trip....... 2 hour time limit and couldn't eat any more after about 90 minutes....... Mrs Fiend lasted the full 2 hours!!!! She must have hollow legs!!!
  13. Another bad day for Boeing...... First flight of the 777-9 was supposed to take place today 24th January...... Boeing were all set up for live streaming the momentous occasion.... unfortunately they weren't able to take-off.... too much of tail wind on the runway they were using!!! Viewers watched live streaming video of it just sitting at the end of the runway....
  14. It's not a myth, I have had several notes rejected..... They don't seem to be as fussy down in Pattaya, or at swampy, but up in Uttaradit, where our house is, they go through my wad of notes with a fine tooth comb looking for marks and small tears.... I always check my notes before leaving the bank in the UK yet some still get rejected.
  15. Last week I booked flights for the last last week in May, MAN - BKK with Qatar..... £520 with 30KG luggage allowance and free seat selection.......
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