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  1. Just arrived today on Qatar. A359 out of Manchester then 773ER to BKK. A359 flight was excellent but the 777 and the same age as the A359 but it looked a hell of a lot rougher and, despite being one of the Q-suite examples, the economy section wasn't in the best condition. Onegripe... You now have to ask for butter for your croissant/bread roll...
  2. I've flown China Southern but only domestically in China..... wasn't too impressed by their 737's...
  3. Times have changed in the UK. I think people have gotten more selfish and a lot of kindness we saw as youngsters has gone.
  4. People are always more vocal about bad experiences than good.....
  5. SWA also insisted that it didn't want to put it's pilots through additional training for the MAX.... The implementation of MCAS was very poor. On a safety critical system you shouldn't rely on just one Angle Of Attack sensor (not pitot tube) to trigger a reaction. I work on safety critical systems.... we never use just a single sensor.
  6. His profile shows he last visited the forum within the last week....
  7. You can fuck off too. I'm tired of bloody muppets.

  8. Over the years I've made a lot of good mates in Pattaya and Mrs Fiend lets me out to play and have a few days drinking with me mates.....
  9. Welcome to Pattayatalk...... And enjoy your first trip, but be careful as Pattaya can become addictive.... my first trip was 14 years ago and I can't stop coming back!!!!
  10. Yep, 50's are still bigger...... but no problem fitting in my wallets....... And Mrs Fiend only gets some of them..... luckily, she lets me control the financials!!!!
  11. I take mostly £50 notes on my Thailand trips and the only issue I seem to suffer from is notes getting rejected due to writing on them or tiny tears..... I try and check them all beforehand.
  12. Lufthansa A340-600's were built with toilets below the main deck. Airbus offered it as an option.
  13. LOL with regard to licensing taxis and private hire vehicles...... The garage where I get my MOT tests done is responsible for doing "TaxI" tests and lately they have been doing tests on "private hire" vehicles licensed in my area but are actually being based and used 140 miles away down in the Manchester area after my local council relaxed the rule of only issuing licenses for businesses based within my area.
  14. Qatar fly from BHX and they have free seat selection and 30Kg of checked in luggage. Unfortunately they use the 787 Nightmareliner with it's cramped cattle class seating between BHX and DOH....
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