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  1. When I landed at Swampy on this trip wandered down to the basement level to see if the FX booths down there were open Good news - they are open. Upstairs at arrivals was 39.95 to 1GBP, down there it was at 42.95!!!
  2. The extra cost will depend on where you're flying.. I've also started using banked air-miles to reduce total cost. Don't travel often enough to collect enough for reward flights but since Qatar brought in using miles to help pay for flights I've spent them that way..I used my miles last time, for our upcoming flights I've used Mrs Fiends.
  3. Cheap? No, just different priorities for my spending money. If I was cheap I'd be paying the lowest fare possible to fly, but I don't. Since Qatar changed from 30Kg and free seat selection on economy, to a tiered economy fares structure with varying amounts of checked luggage, seat selection not-included/included and differing mileage accrual I'm paying the extra to get 30Kg checked baggage and seat selection.
  4. I've flown economy and business class and to me business class isn't worth paying the extra for what you get.
  5. While other airlines switched their 777's 3-4-3 to squeeze more passengers in Thai kept the 3-3-3 layout and it's nice to see the 3 new ones supplied in that configuration. I've flown on Thai 772, 773 and 77W's BKK-CNX-BKK
  6. I believe they have retained the 3-3-3 economy layout for the 3 new 777-300ER's.
  7. Plenty of available ladies on thaifriendly without having to stump up 1000 baht barfines....
  8. You need to be wary of motorbikes all the time, you'll often see them traveling the wrong direction on your side of the road and you'll often come across them at night with no lights on on rural roads.
  9. All I can remember buying is some polo shirts and she bought some crap as gifts for her friends in the UK. Spent a few hours in there and only got round about half of the market.
  10. I've been dragged round there by the Mrs....amazing place...
  11. They are listed as being withdrawn from use and stored since 2020 and it's very unlikely they will ever return to service. Going forward it looks like TG will only operate A350XWB and 777/787
  12. I applied for a Thailand pass in November for me and Mrs Fiend...... hers came back in 8 hours, mine took 4 days before it was granted!!!
  13. Mrs Fiend has savings accounts in Thailand with multiple banks, but doesn't have a main bank she uses..... I'll be sorting out a Thai bank account for me later on this year.
  14. When we arrived 30th November 2021 the lady in the FX booth tried to convince us that due to the COVID situation we wouldn't be able to get money exchanged at banks in the provinces... Ignored her advice and had no problems getting our cash swapped for baht at the bank.
  15. Not exactly bloody cold up north... 16 degrees at night and hitting 30 during the day. Certainly beats being in the UK where it was snowing when I left 6 days ago
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