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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. It's what the app on my mobile was showing. Also bear in mind that Pattaya is on the coast, whereas Uttaradit is inland. Have just seen a facebook post showing it hit 43 DegC up there Monday afternoon. Up until 2016 Uttaradit held the record for the highest recorded temperature in Thailand @ 44.5 DegC (April 1960), until 2016 when Mae Hong Son recorded 44.6 DegC. I've experienced the temperature difference myself when I make trips down to Pattaya from up north.
  2. You think that's brutal.... just been checking Uttaradit where I'm are heading in 3 weeks time.... it's 5 degrees hotter than Pattaya!!! And forecast to be hitting 40 degrees all next week...... Have been there when it hit 45 Degrees a few years ago Hope it's not that hot in 3 weeks time!!!
  3. I've had both good and bad experiences booking through agents, but unfortunately the last issue I had with an agent with regards to dealing with a refund for a flight cancelled by an airline and moved the booking to another totally unsuitable flight left a sour taste.... The agent was of no help in chasing up the refund, so never got the refund. Dealing directly with airlines I've never had a problem that hasn't been sorted, including refunds and flight changes.
  4. I landed on an Emirates flight the day the protest had kicked off..... Had no problems getting down to Pattaya and the it wasn't until going to Cherry Bar and Adam asking me when I got there did I find out about the airport had been closed by the protestors!!! I believe the Emirates flight was one of the last ones to land. Was on a 4 week long trip and the protest was over before I flew home, but met a few who were stuck in Thailand and having difficulty getting a flight home.
  5. It's not reverse thrusters.... it's just the way the engine casings have been painted....
  6. In 15 years of driving on Thai roads I've been pulled in by the cops a grand total of one time. Every time we go through the police check points I always get waved through as soon as they see falang driving the car.
  7. Damn!!! Going to miss this by one day..... I arrive in Pattaya on the 20th!!!
  8. I posted previously about always booking direct with the airline, but for my upcoming trip in November Bangkok Airways prices were ridiculous for the flight we use flying up to Sukhothai and only showing the top price tickets available, the price quoted was more than double what we normally pay!!!, Searched on Skyscanner and ended up booking through booking.com as the fare they quoted was half the price than booking via Bangkok airways...... Within minutes booking was confirmed and was able to access the booking via the Bangkok airways website....
  9. First weekend of games and yet another shit start to the season for me!!! Why do I bother???
  10. I've been booking direct with Qatar for about the last 4 years, and had no problem getting a full refund when COVID hit, also they extended the validity of my Q Points and Air-miles too because of Covid...... and thanks to the number of trips I've made since Thailand re-opened I hit Gold status on my last trip!!! Just booked again direct with Qatar, using cash+air-miles to get discount on the fares.
  11. After years of mediocrity I was pondering about giving it a miss, despite achieving my highest ever score last season.... Stupidly I've gone ahead and entered a team. No doubt It'll prove to be yet another waste of time!!!!
  12. On my first ever trip to Thailand stayed in Hua Hin for 3 nights..... Loved it but not gone back yet, but hope to someday.....
  13. I tried accessing the link without being signed in using Chrome browser, I normally use Firefox, and it brought up the "Instructions" page OK. Looks like it's the way you are trying to access the forum.
  14. Could always employ some idiots with whistles to stop the traffic while they reverse out....
  15. Wonder if the appearance of the Wonderloaf van in the background was planned or just a fluke???
  16. My local telephone exchange is actually on the same street as where I live in the UK but fibre is still not available for me, but still get decent speeds on the old style broadband..... Was with TalkTalk but after they put up my monthly charge to £40 I decided to look elsewhere and sorted a deal for £18 per month on a 12 month contract...
  17. I watched that game too, yes it was dramatic but I wouldn't describe it as the best game of rugby I've seen. The Black Ferns deserved that victory!!! Really looking forward to watching all 3 Rugby League World cup Finals this weekend. England V France in the wheelchair final is going to be a cracker!!! Can Samoa pull off a shock in the Mens? Doubtful but I'll be cheering them on!!!
  18. To speed the game up Rugby League have introduced a time limit to ensure scrums are formed quickly, they have done the same with goal line drop-outs.
  19. At Manchester in June there was massive queues for security but when I flew out 2 weeks ago there was very little queuing. Still took nearly an hour to clear security as one of my bags got flagged for a closer inspection but thanks to a group of 21 Pakistanis who all had not taken liquids out of their hand baggage it took forever forever for my bag to be checked. Why was mine pulled? A couple of camera lenses!!! I'm starting to hate going through security at Manchester because they are so pedantic. Never have a problem at subsequent checks on my trip. Prior to going through security
  20. The plan is for the huge new station to be the hub for the planned high speed network. The idea of basing at Bang Sue rather than Hua Lamphong is to reduce the traffic disruption the railways cause in Bangkok with the existing network..
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