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  1. I'm pretty sure that that was the case with mine from the UK in June this year. Edit: This was a visa issued on the basis of retirement.
  2. Could it be that the new staff don't have the experience to know what really needs to be checked, and so are checking a lot more?
  3. I wasn't there for that so didn't check.
  4. I went there a few weeks ago to see if they would change some US $ which TT were refusing on the basis that they were dirty. Damini said the same. Brought the notes back to London and changed them with absolutely no problem.
  5. Probably why they have to move and drive around the block.
  6. I found that trying to locate the girl holding a card with my name on it wasn't always straightforward, particularly if you don't carry hold luggage and emerge earlier than the girl guesses you will.
  7. Reading the thread on Addicts relating to Nam's taxi service, it appears that the change was made in May - most likely for cost-saving reasons, having had a bleak period during Covid: the driver does not have to pay for car parking whilst she waits for the customer to arrive. The day before you arrive, Nam will send you an email with a photo of the area in which the car will be waiting, a photo of the car, the car registration number, name of the driver, and the driver's phone number. The driver will wait in the car, but sometimes will get moved on, so Nam requests that the customer shoul
  8. Someone I know who posts on a different board stayed there recently, and made very positive comments about the place.
  9. Nam's is very good - I have used them for years. The pick-up procedure at the airport is a bit different now, though. The driver does not wait inside the airport with a card bearing your name, as happened in the past. She now cruises around outside. You are given her registration number, and need to spot her close to whatever exit number you are told (number 3, most likely). If you have a Thai phone number or have the use of wi-fi, ask for the driver's contact details so that you can let the driver know when you are ready. I did that a couple of months ago, and the driver appear
  10. This video, from about the 4 mins 25 secs mark, is a walk up Soi 13.
  11. If that was on the same side as the Sportsman, it had been demolished when I was last there - March 2020.
  12. Bazle


    If you look at the issue objectively, I'd agree with you. But the choice is a subjective one.
  13. This image seems to show the new drain is going to be the full length of Soi 15, so most certainly bad news for The Hideaway and for the condos and hotels from The Avenue Mall up to Buakhao.
  14. But don't you expect there will be over the coming months?
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