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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. I'll wave to you going in the opposite direction! ☺️
  2. Durian Fruit Festival - 15 to 19 May http://www.thailandexhibition.com/TradeShow-2019/17717 Preparations being made this afternoon at Central Festival:
  3. The town is quiet, and the weather dull, so my guess is that it didn't get very busy. But I can't say for sure as I didn't go back.
  4. The Festival has been taking place over this weekend - from Friday until today - on Beach Road, with food stalls for most of the way from Hard Rock to Soi 2. The pictures below were taken this afternoon, very overcast with a sprinkling of rain. It would be more accurate to call it a food festival rather than a seafood festival because, I reckon, more than half the stalls were not selling seafood. There were some music events on the beach.
  5. You need to loosen your chastity belt!
  6. I think Butch realises that. Hence his story was not illustrated (thankfully!).
  7. Strange - it was flowing as normal mid-afternoon when I walked along it. I believe it is closed tomorrow from 8am to (?) 6pm.
  8. I see your point! ☺️ I guess I was reading the announcement as meaning Beach Road, rather than just the beach. That's probably because, somewhere, I read that Beach Road will be closed.
  9. https://www.pattayamail.com/news/pattaya-to-celebrate-coronation-may-6-on-beach-253940 "Pattaya invites residents who can’t make it to Bangkok to celebrate the coronation of HM the King on the beach. Banglamung District Chief Amnart Charoensri and Pattaya officials met with police and cultural leaders May 2 to plan the May 6 gathering on Pattaya Beach at Central Road. The rally is a chance for Thais to bless the new king and demonstrate loyalty, plus learn about the ancient coronation traditions. Beach Road will be closed during the proceedings. The ceremony will begin at 3 p.m. with His Majesty’s appearance at the Grand Palace shown live on a big screen. Attendees should wear yellow with government and military officers instructed to wear full dress uniforms." (PCPR)
  10. No. Don't eat much meat, and it didn't look very appetising - lot of fat on it.
  11. Second Road, outside Central Festival Mall.
  12. I have been trying to find out if it will be life as normal in Thailand over the next couple of weeks, or if there will be closures because of Coronation celebrations etc. The high point of Coronation celebrations is from Saturday 4 May to Monday 6 May. The public holiday, known as Coronation Day, which has been held on 5 May (or thereabouts) for many decades, has been abolished*. However, 6 May 2019 has been declared as a special public holiday**. There are a couple of other public holidays around this time - Wednesday 1 May (Labour Day) and Thursday 9 May (Royal Ploughing Ceremony Day). My understanding is that Government offices will be closed on 6 and 9 May, but not on 1 May (see notice in Jomtien Immigration office - pic below). I'm not expecting 1 May to affect any places, and 9 May not to affect any places other than government offices. However, does anyone happen to know if 6 May will have any effect on shops, bars, etc., please? * https://coconuts.co/bangkok/news/breaking-coronation-day-may-5-no-longer-national-holiday/ ** https://www.bangkokpost.com/news/general/1620030/govt-names-may-6-as-holiday
  13. The Garmin has its own GPS (i.e. does not use your 'phone's). You can switch off Bluetooth on the Garmin. In fact, you never need use Bluetooth as you can hardwire to your computer.
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