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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. A few minutes ago at TT on Second Road: Sorry about the sideways shot. Some pesky people prevented a full frontal.
  2. I took a look at the situation at the north end of the beach on Friday (1 March). Once upon a time there was a footpath that went around the Dusit headland, enabling you to walk to the bay beyond. Inevitably, it wasn't maintained and rotted away. I have been wondering if they would establish a beach around the headland, and thus give access to the bay again. The answer looks as though it is not in the plans. There was an intrepid guy seeing if he could walk around all the same, but was scuppered by the rocks. And this is how it's looking outside the Thai Airways office:
  3. Many Brits complain that they can't get a good British-style Indian curry in Pattaya, so I would like to make mention of Beer Hubb. I've just come from there. It is on Soi Buakhao (on the edge of Treetown, opposite Chunk Monkey), a newly opened place, and looks very upmarket from the outside. It is Indian-owned so, as I fancied an Indian curry, I thought I'd try it out. The decor is very smart, with tables inside in air-conditioning, or outside for people watching. Most of the outside tables were taken, but probably only a quarter of the inside ones. There is TV sport, and background music (a little too loud for my liking). The menu has Thai, Western and Indian food. I ordered a Chicken Madras with plain rice. I'm not a food critic so will say no more than that it was good; I would have been happy if it had been served to me in the UK. Including an orange juice, the bill was (IIRC) 287 Baht. The owner came over for a brief chat. He said the restaurant had been open 2 weeks, but he was not new to the restaurant trade having owned a place in Phuket for 3 years. All the food is freshly prepared - no frozen pre-prepared stuff. They will be adding to the Indian menu shortly (currently, it is somewhat limited). That will be good as it would be nice to see the option of side-orders like raitha, naan bread, etc. I believe that upstairs there is a bar with a view and, furthermore, there is draught Guinness available. I was hoping they would have a website so that I could point to further information, but I can't locate one. However, they do have a Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/beerhubb/ and I took the pic. below. I will certainly be eating there again.
  4. The Imperial (previously Montien) Hotel was a hotel set in grounds occupying an extensive plot of land bordered on the west side by Beach Road, on the north by the Hard Rock Hotel, on the east by Second Road, and on the south by Sea Terrace restaurant, and several other businesses. View from the south It is now boarded up on the Beach Road and Second Road sides, and its sign on Beach Road covered over. The website for the hotel says: Here is a review on Trip Adviser from March 2018: The comments there seem to be confirmed by a recent item in Pattaya News Flash (http://www.pattayanewsflash.com) which says: Another shopping centre is being built behind these barriers. Beerli-Jucker, the current owner of BigC and Makro, is building a Mall and Hotel on a plot located between Pattaya Beach Road and 2nd Road. There's no sign of building work commencing at this point. It will be an enormous project if it ever gets off the ground.
  5. That's The Base - an enormous condo development. They've recently started building more towers there, having demolished the buildings opposite Kiss on the corner of Second Road and Soi Diana.
  6. Butch Do you happen to know when this pic was taken? I think it was a fair while ago as Kaos is now Dolls, and the realtors next door is now Jibby's - , I think Jibby's opened in September 2017.
  7. 22:10 today at TT on Beach Road (nr. WS):
  8. Not just the media, but also the Deep State which has to ensure that the country has a clear enemy, and to keep the arms industry well plenished.
  9. Just don't allow smoking at the back!
  10. Thanks for another interesting review. I'm tempted to give the place a try but I didn't like the look of the almost-uncooked egg in your picture! https://www.cdc.gov/features/salmonellaeggs/index.html
  11. The project has finished, except for a few final touches. The south end is the most dramatically different. The reason for building the concrete jetty, just before the sewage outlet, is now apparent: it forms the boundary to the new beach.
  12. I am eagerly awaiting the rules regarding having the funds in the account for 3 months after the extension. I'm in and out of the country frequently, and it might well be that I won't be around at the precise time of the 3 months after. If they are going to be flexible and let me establish that I've maintained the funds appropriately, say, at the time of the next renewal, fine, no problem. Otherwise, I foresee difficulties.
  13. So the lesson to be learned is not to travel on the Dreamliner!
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