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  1. The concreting of the Second Road end Soi 15 appears to be complete. Not only that, but road markings are being done. The bad news is that the concrete feels very undulating when walking over it, so be prepared for wet feet after some rain if you are a pedestrian. I'm not entirely sure of the status of Second Road at that intersection. It might be regarded as complete, but I hope not as there are a lot of improvements which could be made e.g. see the drain cover in this picture:
  2. I have noticed today that new seating, looking very similar to what they had before, is being installed along the new Beach Road pavement:
  3. Spotted on Beach Road this afternoon. Maybe a new variety of freelancer?
  4. There is no sign of re-opening happening, and isn't the story I've heard.
  5. @jacko "Is it the only place to go now....Walking St no longer suits the Expat. Except maybe the 3 Windmills....." 3 Windmills? There are 2 Windmills, and each has 2 floors.
  6. Unfortunately, Steve is having problems accessing the forum (mods: are you able to assist, please?), but I've made him aware of your post and he will email you.
  7. Thanks very much, RT. Very useful. Unfortunately, I think that nothing you have said persuades me that a visit to PP is warranted on my next visit to LOS.
  8. Thanks, Regyai. That seems to make sense. So, as far as someone looking to rent a property is concerned, it doesn't really matter if a property is a condo or an apartment as it affects only to whom they pay rent.
  9. Thanks, but I don't think that that is a commonly accepted definition. Thanks. So if someone buys a condo and rents it out, does it then become an apartment?
  10. Apologies for going OT, but can someone help me out here, please. What is the difference between an apartment and a condo?
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