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  1. Bazle

    Pictures from around Pattaya

    As I walked along Beach Road this afternoon, I came across two teams power hosing the pavement. Looking at the pavement after it had dried, it really didn't look that much different. However, the objective seemed to be to get rid of the loose sand by washing it into the drain at the side of the road. I'm sure that will do the drainage system a lot of good!
  2. Bazle

    The rate on the street.

    About 19:45 on 24 Dec. at TT on Second Road:
  3. I'm not a mindreader but I wonder if the mouth image is intended to convey "talk". Unfortunately, it conveys to me another oral activity! The fact that it is right beside "Pattaya" re-inforces that thought! Maybe an image which looks like someone talking, placed to the right of "Talk", would be better.
  4. Yes, me too. I hope I'm not out of line saying this but I don't like the mouth!
  5. Bazle

    Poor Bambi

    Oh deer!
  6. As shopping malls go, I would regard this one as impressive, but not aa much so as either the T21 in BKK or Central Festival in Patts. As you mention, it is bound to dilute business at the other malls, something those malls can ill afford.
  7. Bazle

    The TM30 and Jomtiem.

    Atlas I own my own condo, and leave Thailand 5 or 6 times each year. I filed a TM30 once, but have not done so subsequently; I've had no problem with renewing my Retirement Extension. My understanding is that the attitude of Jomtien Immigration is as set out by Jacko. Cheers. Baz
  8. Bazle

    Dining at The Avenue (Updated Jan. 10, 2019

    I would add Beefeater to the busy list.
  9. Bazle

    Increasing Indian presence

    Considering the large number of Indians who are members of Addicts, I wonder if posting this topic there would elicit useful information. All we seem to be able to do is shrug our shoulders in confusion!
  10. Bazle

    Nam's Taxi, Lady Driver

    Yes, totally agree. I don't even get a message from her now: all communications seem to come from her secretary, Ms Chanya. Well done that girl. ☺️
  11. Bazle

    Lek hotel soi13

    A wise decision! ☺️ I'm sure the hotel staff would blab.