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  1. FWIW, Glitterman (in full fig) was sighted in Merton High Street, South West London yesterday.
  2. Seems they have started again, Suvarnabhumi departures show delays of several hours this mornlng, but this afteroon's flights to London left on time.
  3. I sometimes see UK newspapers on sale in shops - the price tag is mostly 200 baht.
  4. As at yesterday, PBG had the Daily Mail and USA Today Robin Hood in the Avenue also had a good selection - Mail, Sun etc.
  5. If it should happen, it will cut both ways - Europe based airlines will need permission to fly into and out of the UK. I think that there are may more of them. The bureaucrats would love it (more paper to shuffle), but the EU politicians would find themselves being heavily lobbied by some of their own powerful interests.
  6. Thank you Frosty I wasn't online at the time, but your efforts are very much appreciated.
  7. I tell everybody that I come to visit friends, so it would look a bit odd if I stopped suddenly
  8. I.m sure there are several factors involved, cost being only one. Others might be congestion in the arrivals hall and availability of gates
  9. Could well be so, but I would have thought that the buses and drivers would cost more than opening the gate - either way, the xost would only be a small proportion of the operating cost.
  10. I'm not sure that it is entirely up to the airline - when I worked in civil aviation (many years ago) gates and/or parking were allocated by air traffic control.
  11. Just a heads-up. I've been having trouble using the forum's Agoda link. This is what I get: I can get into the Agoda site by entering the URL into Firefox, but not through the forum.
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