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  1. I'm confused. isn't it illegal to allow smoking in public places there? I mean I know it isn't enforced but realistically it shouldn't be hard to find non-smoking venues. For myself been so long since I went out at night other than dining and meeting the lads at some open air bar I forget what it is like in crowded gogos and the like. For myself I gave up cigarettes about 28 years ago. I am pretty sure my lings are pink and free of gunk. I noticed when I tried marijuana here (legal in my state) I coughed like a MFer. Betting back in my ciggy days I wouldn't have. I find gummie
  2. I know tourists think the flooding is clean water since it came from rain. Au contraire. The water that floods Pattaya is not clean at all. it mixes with the shit in the sewers. I remember one time I had to walk/wade home from LK Metro to Soi 13 and Second road. And OK I'd had a few. I walked to the end of LK Metro and the water was rushing. And about knee high. Despite being inebriated I realized I could easily be knocked off my feet by that and get pinned under a car and die. OK, yes I am a pussy. So I waded around back up LK Metro to Buakhao and over to Soi 15 and down safely.
  3. Way things are going he can get a cell next to Joe and Hunter. 😄
  4. Gotta admit even though I think this is a witch hunt that is funny. 😄
  5. Priorities. Man is an athlete. LOL
  6. I am almost the appropriate physique for that job. ?
  7. I was gonna say "what the fuck is that shit on the first plate?". ?
  8. Have seen a lot of them. The price is extremely good. And they look OK. I have no idea if they are reliable or will hold up. I did ride in the back of one of the pickups and it wasn't very comfortable but heck, beggars can't be choosers.
  9. Here is my rant about food delivery, Those guys on scooters delivering are FUCKING INSANE!!!! End rant. ?
  10. So yesterday I got a new job. I was so excited and then I got fired on the first day. What a bummer. I was a massuer. I don't understand why I was fired. They told me to finish on her face.
  11. Thanks. I don't think this is my issue. I play a lot of golf and it puts a strain on the soft tissue of my left hip which went away for a while when I was doing therapy. And the knees are fucked so...... But it's always good to have more information than less.
  12. Please expand. I take a statin and have LOTS of leg pain these days. Heck I don't even have bad cholesterol.
  13. Was checking out construction of my condo years back in Pattaya. 7th floor unit. Across the parking lot from the next over building. Standing there with the builder looking out the window when a guy walks out onto the balcony across from us. Swings around and catches the balcony next door and vaults across. I'm thinking there must be something to prevent him falling. Look over the edge of my balcony and nope. Nothing but 7 floors of drop to concrete. The builder and I look at each other in shock. Over drinks we posited it was someone in the wrong condo with the wrong woman when a
  14. As a cat owner I approve of the above message. ?
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