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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Lots of us confuse brains and education. Sure, the majority of us have more formal education and more exposure to world politics and science etc. That doesn't mean our inherent intelligence is higher than that farm girl from Issan. Many of them are dumb (since the majority of the human race is sub 100 IQ no surprise there) but there are smart ones and they are learned in the art of human manipulation. Most of us have no chance in a contest of the heart versus one of them.
  2. Sure looks like they expect to be back in business at some time. Thanks
  3. I think Areca is a great location but never stayed there so Jacko's observations are more helpful. I have a friend that stays around the corner in the old LK Metropole hotel. If you like the LK area and the local golf bars on LK and on Soi Buocao a perfect spot. Hotel is a bit run down and I think you want to make sure you are in the old building off the road. My friend had a regular with him so no idea if there are joiner fees.
  4. Leos was nice. And now I can't remember the name but there was a really good restaurant at the end of the Soi Leos was on too. Went a few times to eat and stopped at Leos. Good night all around.
  5. Yeah the top acts will get a payday but by and large the musicians around Pattaya must be starving. Think how many bands and venues for music operated every night and now gone. But they are no different than the bar girls, massage girls, bar tenders, managers, etc. I wish I could do my part and come over and spread a little money around. Maybe next year.
  6. Thanks. Been thinking of an e-bike here in my community. Private roads and I can get from the clubhouse and back on an e-bike quicker than the golf cart. And more fun.
  7. Looks like fun. I wonder how stable it is with those small wheels though. As an aging pensioner I worry about things like falling off bikes. 😄
  8. Not sure how you perceive I have disparaged anyone. I don't like too much sun cause I live in it year round. I don't demean anyone else for their different desires. You are reading things into what I post that aren't written.
  9. I've always had trouble spelling Buachaowa whatever. 😄
  10. Yes well I have a lot of English/Scot/Irish friends that fit the mad dogs and English mindset. 😀 I think it comes from living in cloudy skies all your life and enjoying the change. I live in Arizona and we get more than enough sun year round. Other than golfing I stay out of it all I can.
  11. Errm, the you would be wrong statement was that I had never been to any of the beach beer bars. And I do think most of the ones sitting there in the afternoon are tourists but I have no idea what you do.
  12. You would be wrong about that. But not in the day time with the sun beating on you. I never understood sitting out in the hot sweaty sun drinking beer. Spent most of my afternoons relaxing indoors after golf waiting for the sun to go down. But I get it if a tourist isn't wasting any Pattaya time.
  13. Not my cuppa. No aircon and uncomfortable seats. But I can see why someone on a 2 week holiday might find it appealing.
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