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  1. I hear you. Yes, if you wish to bop around Pattaya there is no easier way to get places and park. But I disagree that the level of danger other than trips and junctions is that much less. Less yes but it takes little to have a serious injury on a bike even at low speeds and you don't even need to be drunk or do anything wrong. There are idiots on the roads in town that will ruin your year or life slamming into you at 30 MPH for no reason than they just don't care to watch out. I have friends with bikes and I understand them. To me the risk is too high. To quote an erudite scholar
  2. Have to say with the current cost and service of Bolt riding a bike has become silly. You can get a car to pick you up and take you anywhere in Pattaya for less than 100 baht. Why take a motorcycle and risk a simple trip being your last one?
  3. Well, except for Gina Gerson. I mean there are limits to my sacrifice.
  4. As an additional point walking in Pattaya isn't always safe. I see people walk with their back to traffic 2 abreast and the road isn't wide enough for traffic of two cars arrive at the same spot at the same time. Or some idiot bike overtakes and forces the car to it's limit. Soi Buacao is a prime example of this. I always walk facing the traffic on my side single file and ready to bail if something looks iffy. And yes I know guys who have been nicked by passing cars. Really getting around in Thailand, by car, bike or walking, is the worst part of Pattaya. Other than that I have zer
  5. I love the scream. And hey, if you are kicking someones ass why put your self within chomping distance. Did she think the other girl was going to fight fair?
  6. Not sure why the webpage is still open. Dale might still be organizing some golf trips using it.
  7. Golf Club was my watering hole and I was friends with the owners and Steve. After Steve died I believe there was only one owner left with 100% ownership. The remaining owner was not interested in running the place and sold. I wasn't there so second hand info. New owners apparently kept most of the staff prior to covid. I have no idea now how the place is doing now. I will miss the camaraderie of the place.
  8. We should also remember - the airframe is not the deciding factor regarding seat comfort. Airlines kit out the interior of jets as they wish, and they could put great seats into the 787 if they wished. The thing to compare is: Airframe - smoothness of flight. Air quality. Noise levels. 380 is awesome and rumor is so is the 787. Airline seat - width, pitch, access to the aisle. etc. For me first it's the seating. I want direct aisle access and no one crawling over me and a lie flat seat. After that the airframe comes into it.
  9. Nice. Love the 380. I am flying QATAR US-Doha-BKK in January and pretty sure I'm on A330. Also a fine jet and in business with a pod so I don't have to wear a mask the whole way. but a 380 would be better. Flew them twice and smooth and quiet. Love them.
  10. I did point out the convenience of them. And it isn't as if I tell anyone else how to live their life. The question was asked and I am sharing my opinion which is they are very dangerous to ride in Pattaya. I hope you would agree a minor accident on a motorbike is much more likely to get you injured than riding in the back of a baht bus despite being a passive form of travel?
  11. IMO if you live in a location not served well by baht bus loops or mototaxis it's hard not to own one. Like sailingbill living on Wongamot beach. Tough to get there without. And I guess if I lived there full time I'd have one. But I am really set against it unless you absolutely need one. There is no question in my mind every person posting here with a bike has either been down or will go down. Usually it's not too bad and they live. The question you have to ask yourself it "am I willing to accept the pain that will come when some idiot on a car swerves into me and I get a broken leg an
  12. He was famous. Dead now. I guess his style isn't for everyone.
  13. Sorry. I got the mistaken impression you were a newby to Thailand. Sounds like you already got that part figured out. ? I was so lucky with the maid I had. I hired her to clean my condo on a demand basis. She asked what the building charged me to clean and I told her 400 baht. So she wanted 400 baht to clean a 1br condo with 3 sliding glass doors and small balconies etc. Man what a bargain, She would come when I called and clean until I threw her out. I mean the windows, Jacuzzi, take all the dishes out of the cabinets wash them, wipe down the cabinet interiors and replace th
  14. Welcome aboard Brad. Finding a maid will be easy. My only advice is - if you like the job she is doing as a maid KEEP her as a maid. It is a lot easier to find companionship in Pattaya than it is to find a good maid. ?
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