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  1. I HAVE A HEART. (insert video of Steve Martin in the Jerk jumping up and down when the new phone book arrives). 😁
  2. I don't think I run any special adblocker. I don't see many ads here but maybe it's in some setting on my end. There are the ads at the top of the page I can see. Don't know. haven't had this issue elsewhere so who knows? Is Upgrade a unique group? I was always told I was special. Even going to school I got to ride in a shorter bus. 😀
  3. I would click like to this - or LOL. But nothing there. 😀
  4. New paint and seat covers good as new. 😂
  5. Thanks for the quick reply. Problem is - I have no heart. LOL. No seriously there isn't anything there. I see stuff after others have liked or whatever but in your reply to me now there is a blank area. No heart.
  6. I see people have upvoted or something posts hey like. I do not seem to have that ability. I tried Chrome and Safari. Thanks for any tips.
  7. Yeah pretty obvious it was a screw up of epic proportions. And it will damage Boeing for years to come. But it is still in our best interests for them to survive and continue to innovate.
  8. I sense some are happy Boeing is having problems now with the 737 Max. I don't get it. As passengers it is in our best interests for both Boeing and Airbus to succeed. Without both there is little competition driving innovation and improvement. Note Boeing didn't do a lot of new stuff for a while after Douglas and Lockheed gave up passengers jet production. No need. If a new airline came along they could buy Boeing or Boeing. Now there is a choice and Boeing is forced to produce new and improved products. I get it the national pride some have of Boeing over Airbus and vice versa. But don't let it color the reality - we the public benefit from both being around for the long term. OK, off the soap box. Almost fell getting down. 😂
  9. Yes. But then again it's always about service versus price. No one else is even CLOSE to their price for biz service between BKK and USA. If I was willing to spend whatever it took I'm sure I'd fly Singapore Air. But then, I think it would more than double my cost. Hey, I'm still a bit flush but not THAT flush
  10. I fly the EVA business all the time. They have flat seats but NOT horizontal. I would love flat and horizontal seats. But I don't see anything near the same pricing from a cursory look at Delta. I pay around $2700 RT biz class on Eva and I fly them cause there is no one else in the same range that I know of. I'd would love to have someone point out an airline I'm missing. ALways happy to save money
  11. hey guys, I'm wondering if the "high season" is as high as normal. I've got a reservation at my normal place, but might look around a bit when I get there. Is the town hopping or a bit off as far as hotel occupancy?
  12. Rex, The Pattaya travel concept is a simple one. Provided you stay between 2nd Road and Beach road, you can get anywhere in short order. Beach road goes south, 2nd road north. If you wish to go further north in Pattaya, you walk to Second road (minutes), jump in the first baht bus that stops for you (takes all of 1 minute on average) and hit the buzzer when you get where you are going. Pay (big argument on this, but your first trip just give the guy 10 baht - a whole US quarter). Going south? Down to Beach road jump in a baht bus. Truly, anywhere between 2nd Road and Beach road is accessable quickly. And always close to SOME action, massage, food, etc. That is the beauty of Pattaya. ;D Stay where you like provided you stay between 2nd Road and Beach Road.
  13. Emil, I confess I am pretty flush with money, but still happy to save when I can. ;D I am not aware of the "minibus" service. If this means waiting around over and hour, then taking another hour longer to get there (what with stops, etc), I think I'll pay the fare. But, I am curious. How does this work? Sorry you have so long to go. I know how it feels.
  14. OK folks. Less than a week to go. Any takers? Anyone else flying on on the EVA 11:05 flight? Mai pen rai. I'll be SO HAPPY to be there nothing else matters. ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
  15. Crola, I still have room. So far just me planning to get a Benz with Thai limo (1500 plus tolls) for the ride to Pattaya. Slight change in plans - I am checking luggage. Just can't quite fit it all in the dang carry on case. I am happy to share if you are willing to wait. My flight arrives at 11:05 with EVA. They have been good at being on time. I am an expert at going through BKK airport (and have a Visa in my passport already). My guess is I will be at the Thai limo desk at 12 Noon or better depending on luggage delivery. To be honest, I expect you would have to wait about 1.5-2 hours. I won't be insulted if you decide against after a long flight. Happy to share if you are willing to wait.
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