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  1. I walk that street with my head on a swivel and assume everyone on a bike or in a car IS out to get me. Or at best simply incompetent. Sometimes I will step way to the side and other pedestrians pass me and I'm fine with it. Let them get clipped when that bike has to swerved because oncoming forced him to. I am too old to heal fast so I consider walking there combat. 😳
  2. I just wonder if the economy there would have benefited more from vaccines for everyone allowing life to return to normal. Well probably a silly thought. it might actually work.
  3. And the number of rats that nested in those flower beds. Always impressed the tourists walking down the sidewalk from the high end north end to see their path crossed by the rats.
  4. Gotta confess I was expecting a fuckup but looks like they got in and out and no issues.
  5. I hate this. I can't figure this one out. LOL
  6. I think there simply wasn't enough need for a jet that large. Pity. Built a great jet but missed the mark on demand. I am hopeful that the Dreamliner shares some of the characteristics of the 380 like nicer air quality and smooth ride. Problem I have with that is the airlines that fly the routes I would fly it aren't kitting out the interior as nice as I would prefer for BIZ class. Not clear to me how tight the seats on JAL are. But real research won't begin again until I can see light at the end of the tunnel re returning to Pattaya.
  7. My favorite jet to fly is the 380. Smoother, quieter, air seems fresher. I have only flown in the upper deck biz class with I think Asiana though so not a large sample size. Bummer they will stop making them soon. I was always the optimist that having both Boeing and Airbus would spur both to higher levels of creativity and development. Maybe it's just really hard to get it right and be competitive.
  8. Interesting and sad thread. If Boeing screws the pooch again we the traveling public suffer along with them. Years ago when Airbus had issues I pointed out it is in the public's best interest to have 2 competing companies making jets. Finally the 380 was released and now we have a wonderful wide body jet in service albeit in limited routes. If Boeing makes another 737MAX error it will set aviation development back. And with the pandemic they can ill afford this mess. Really sad to read from a pilot of 777s that this might be as bad as reports say. Or that the FAA isn't as solid as w
  9. I don't really need convincing of anything as I don't have a formed opinion either way. I am just always skeptical of youtube memes from unknown sources that might have an ulterior motive. I am short of time right now just home from golf, eating and due to get to the scotch and cigars night with the boys so I'll have to get back to this tomorrow soonest to see if Boeings screwed the pooch again. Thanks for the links.
  10. I am no apologist for Boeing. They screwed up the 737MAX big time. I am also skeptical of the source for this. A quick search returned: Maximus Aviation L.L.C is a Nevada Domestic Limited-Liability
  11. And it would be the best decision they ever made. LOL
  12. That is exactly what I was thinking.
  13. Hope I didn't come across as complaining. I mean - it is free and no obligation on your part. I do appreciate the forum.
  14. Seems like it was down over 12 hours from the USA. Could be wrong.
  15. I miss that. Loved getting sloshed and walking home in the flooding. Or maybe I'm losing it and starting to miss EVERYTHING about pattaya even the bad parts.
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