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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Raju is back. He was there in January but I haven't been there since early March.
  2. Makes a dif for me. I hate sitting on a stool. Chair or sofa for me.
  3. Ahhh that brings back memories. Back in the 1974 I left Rhode Island with 4 pals in a Chevy Vega to drive down to the Charlotte Speedway for a Rock Festival. Only about 800 miles so about 16 hours each way stuck in a car with 4 other guys. While there some chemicals were ingested and we did not sleep for the entire 3 days. I was driving back and we got off the highway in DC to buy some beer. I can not believe in my condition I was still able to drive and beer seemed like a good idea. We should have been dead or in jail. Anyway I get lost in the city trying to find the highway again and
  4. Thanks. WOW. There is a lot of activity there. Useful for the future. And to see if there are any pitfalls to avoid in January.
  5. Full disclosure - the owner of Classroom is an old and dear friend. Since I sold my condo I have stayed at Classroom whenever i visit. I find it the perfect mix of Pattaya hotels with a well maintained clean serviced room, larger than normal space, nice hot shower, and some have balconies. I didn't notice sun on the balconies but honestly I don't use them anyway. So no clue about that. The curtains are blackout and no worries if you want to sleep in. It is reasonably quiet unless someone is making noise in the hallway. I've only been since the onset of Covid and customers were f
  6. I need to find this flyertalk. Another resource is always good. On the layover it's a one time deal. Coming back better connections. And I don't mind a bit of time in case there is a delay from PHX to YVR. Plus I am hoping it's a nice business class lounge with free booze. a But yeah that was the one part of the travel that added time.
  7. Yeah I confess I may be climbing the walls by the time we land. I can't imagine what it's like in economy. Yikes. But I appreciate the lack of connection a lot. I know if I take off in YVR I am landing in BKK with no surprises (well, usually). I think from MKE it is a decent option. But unless you are in business I don't know. Maybe better to fly to Japan and get a break.
  8. Not that it saves any money but a heads up on a new airline to BKK from PHX. I just booked with Air Canada. Shocks me too. Not super cheap at $5700 rt PHX-BKK. BUT, the best part is it is one stop. PHX-YVR-BKK (YVR is Vancouver). And it's on new 787-9 aircraft with 1-2-1 seating pods which spec out pretty nice. Only negative for you is unlike Etihad at that price it costs to cancel. Not sure how much but it isn't free.
  9. Yeah and I apply it in this country. I look at flights out of LAX, SFO, SEA, ORD etc. I originate in PHX and book a separate ticket when I finalize my long haul flight. If it's LAX I don't even get the return flight from LAX-PHX right away cause Southwest air is so cheap I can wait til the last minute if I change my travel.
  10. I have never used Google flights. That looks intriguing. Thanks.
  11. Hi Guys, We all know flying isn't getting cheaper. I am trying to figure out the best and cheapest way to fly from Phoenix AZ to BKK in biz class. BIZ class means all access to the aisle and lay flat seats. BTW I don't need BiZ from PHX to say LAX or SFO etc. My previous travel was typically PHX-LAX on a seperate ticket than one of the Asian airlines via one stop to BKK. In the past I was usually able to get these LAX-BKK flights for around $4000 and keep any layovers to 2-4 hours. Right now it looks like my best bets are ANA or Asiana for more like $4600 RT. Anyone knows
  12. I love animals. Dogs, cats, wonderful companions to man. But sadly these wild strays are a threat and something should be done to reduce their numbers. So I'm not offended by your statement. Now when it comes to the monkeys on the Bangpra golf course I would volunteer to cull them. Give me a suppressed scoped rifle and the golfers won't even notice I'm at work. I hate those things. And they are dangerous.
  13. 109 here today. Wish I had one. 🤣
  14. I ate there a few times in February/March and thought the service and food was as before covid. Good food. Good service. Comfort food. No idea who owns or runs it but they have a better clue how to run a restaurant than I ever will.
  15. You have to look up. And down. And up. You never know where an obstacle will come from when walking the sidewalks there.
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