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  1. Have you looked at the hotels on Soi 10? There is a good selection and they are newer than the Flippers. Likely to be less bar noise as well. I haven't stayed in any of them but would have a look if I wanted to stay in that area.
  2. I've just read the Wikipedia record of the airport occupations, (Don Muang was closed as well). Two things struck me immediately. Firstly, the protesters actually managed to invade the control tower, an area I would regard as secure. Secondly, thousands of passengers were stranded inside the airport, many of them would have been simply in transit. The Wikipedia article is worth a read, (although all the usual caveats re Wiki should be borne in mind). A lot of the information, though, is consistent with what I remember from news reports at the time. I was in Thailand at
  3. Remember the yellow shirts shutting down Suvarnabhumi airport in 2008.
  4. A mate of mine knew the owner of this bar and I went in to have a drink with him on a couple of occasions. I saw it as an old school drinking bar and it was OK for a nightcap. I don't recall there being many girls there. IIRC the first business that opened in it's place was a restaurant, (The Balcony?). It wasn't bad but might have been a little overpriced for the area at the time. I have a vague recollection that a newer White Lotus was opening on Buakhau in the last couple of years but couldn't find anything on Facebook.
  5. Try asking on the Facebook group 'Pattaya Oracle', it is probably the best source of information for questions like this. A while back there were a couple of places in Jomtien advertising mobility scooters for hire but I think they had closed last time this question was asked. The suggestion at the time was to buy one from somewhere like Fascino and sell it when you leave. Obviously this is only viable for a long term stayet.
  6. There are a few you tube videos around, David Strachan went down there recently, possibly last week. Basically it is just more beer bars just brighter and shinier than the old complex.
  7. My understanding is that individual property owners can register on the website. Doubt this is going away anytime soon. I think it has been on the books for a long time. It was largely ignored but then re-enforced after the Erawan bomb in 2015. I think there was some relaxation over the years and don't know why they have decided to crackdown on the rule now.
  8. I took the sign as being a reference to the Brexit vote, when the vote to leave was driven by voters in England.
  9. Probably based on official ratings which could have been given many years ago. Treat with a massive dose of salt. Best to look for the facilities and location that suits and then recent reviews.
  10. I think they got quite a few Chinese in there. During my walks I used to stop at a cafe on Pratumnak Soi 4 opposite the New Nordic sales office. It was not unusual to see minimised carrying Chinese tourists pull up and enter the sales office.
  11. Also involved with Emerging Trends Advisors, who also disappeared with their clients money. I used to smile everytime I walked around the New Nordic area and saw the adverts for the c10% guaranteed return on their overpriced, cheaply built properties.
  12. The Nordic mob went bankrupt. I think Covid disrupted their Ponzi scheme.
  13. If you are moving up to KK permanently it might be worth doing this and registering with Khon Kaen immigration and then conducting all your immigration business up there. If you are retaining an address in Pattaya then you may need to consider where you will spend most time. I have a couple of friends with houses up North who still conduct all their immigration business in Pattaya.
  14. TBH the longest I have ever heard the bank letter was valid for in Pattaya was 7 days and I generally did it the day before. Always given a ticket to pick up the passport the next day.
  15. Try asking on the Facebook group 'Pattaya Oracle'. It's normally pretty good for these type of questions.
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