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  1. I generally tip the same for a 60 baht trip into town I give 100. Still half the price of a normal meter taxi.
  2. I think the number of moto taxis around has reduced in a lot of places. At the entrance to my condo pre Covid there used to be about 10-12 drivers hanging around now there may be 2-3. I don't know if they have some sort of Rota system or if it is the same drivers all the time. I also read that some 500 baht buses and meter taxis had been taken off the road. The remaining 300ish seems more than adequate to meet the current demand.
  3. But a Bolt driver who might turn up in a newish Fortuner will do the journey for 60 baht.😁
  4. Only had one problem with a meter taxi from Bolt. One came from Foodmart, they are sharks there, and part way through the journey asked how much I was paying, I told him 60 baht as per the Bolt App. He reckoned he normally got 150 baht. I gave him 100baht, which I normally do anyway. I gave hom 1 star on the review and related what happened in the comment. I have had quite a few meter taxis turn up since then and no further issues.
  5. It works best for local journeys. I am not aware of anyone using it for an airport pickup. However, a couple of guys I know recently went up to Bangkok using Bolt, the price was about the same as you could get by booking a local taxi driver. I have just entered Suvarnabhumi to Soi Chayapoon on Bolt, it came up with a price of 982 baht for economy, I assume you would also have to add on tolls. The cars are generally decent sized saloons although I have had some smaller cars and pick-ups turn up. They have also sent along meter taxis reasonably frequently.
  6. Hardly ever see anyone in Witherspoons now. Still a bit surprised to see the shutters down when I walked past about 10pm.
  7. I've noticed the waiting charge, (1.6 baht/ min), during the booking process, but with current low levels of traffic in Patts it hasn't been a factor.
  8. A mate told me about the discounts being offered by Steak & Co a while back but it was only today that I got around to trying them out. The basic discount is now 20% off all menu items and 50% off desserts but there are also some great value specials. I went for the 200gm Aussie tenderloin at 277 baht including a side and a sauce. I opted for fries and pepper sauce and added in an extra side of sauteed mushrooms for 120 baht. I have to say the steak was excellent and melted in the mouth. I also took advantage of the discount on desserts. The apple crumble on the menu for 195 baht was discounted by the best part of 100 baht. Apple crumble is one of my favourite desserts and this one was superb. The crumble was nice and light and there was plenty of apple nicely spiced with cinnamon. It also came with a small seving of custard and a ball of ice-cream. The booze ban had kicked in by the time I got there so had a coke zero. Wine prices looked ok and on another occasion I might have opted for the 250ml carafe of red for 440 baht, maybe a bit on the high side but I have seen worse.
  9. Fab 103 fm do a daily news bulletin on You Tube major events are pretty much always well publicised. The Pattaya News website is also a good source of info on upcoming events. I can't say I have seen a comprehensive list of upcoming events recently, it's more a case of keeping yoir eyes and ears open.
  10. The thing is most of us are older than their 'papa'. A couple of years ago one of the old boys who winters over here, in his late seventies, was moaning about the attitude of a girl he met in a bar who was in her early twenties. The idea that he was old enough to be her great grandfather went right over his head.
  11. I've been using it regularly. Rides from Jomtien into Central Pattaya generally around 60 baht. Jomtien to Soi 6 70 baht. Good clean cars and normally efficient service. A few drivers didn't seem to know their way around Pattaya but easily corrected.
  12. 40 years since Lennon was murdered, 1980.
  13. Are you going to ban him then.? It was crap clickbait, a really bad old map. Why would anyone here bother looking at it?
  14. Can't claim to be an expert but my impression is that Bahtsold is a place where everyone can advertise. Boots on the ground and cash on the table is probably the best way to get a great deal.
  15. I have never seen anyone order one in any of the places that serve Guinness around town but that doesn't mean you couldn't get one. Under normal circumstances there are a fair few places around town that serve Guinness. I would expect most of the larger English and Irish style pubs to sell it, eg. Robin Hood, Retox Game On, Dicey O'Reilly etc. to sell it. In addition places like Metro Apartments and Murphy's Law and some gentleman's club's like Kinnaree and the Huntsman stock it. You might find it harder to find the pale ale element of the drink unless you are willing to substitute lager. There are some pub style places which sell English style bitters but I don't know if they are available at the moment. Another possibility is to find a place that does craft beers and get a bottle of light ale. A further problem might be that the staff would not know how to prepare the drink to get the separation between the dark and the light beers. Finally supplies of Guinness have been unreliable over the last couple of months. There was a long period in September when it was not available. It became available around the end of September, IIRC, but those supplies have now run out. I had the last pint of Guinness at the Metro about a week and a half ago although Murphy's Law still had some stock a couple of days later. Good luck in your search.
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