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  1. I've always thought that the 'attraction' for bars like Triangle and Billabong is that they put bums on seats and make their money on the high volume of the sales. I doubt that many people forego the second one. The only feedback I have seen from people who have been caught out is that they will not return, so it's something that people do once. I think there is a problem for smaller bars in the area who cannot generate the volume but end up charging a lower price than they would like to because of the lower prevailing prices in the area.
  2. Interesting to see how long a small GGB lasts in that location. Isolated GGBs in beer bar areas don't tend to be very successful.
  3. Hi Butch. I think the main reason for the maps of GCs and Dark side bars is that a lot of them are a bit off the beaten track or in locations that a lot of people, particularly occasional tourists, are not familiar with. By contrast, pretty much all the Beer bar complexes I can think off are on main thoroughfares, particularly around the Beach Road / Second Road and Soi Buakhau baht bus routes. I'm not sure that creating a map of beer bar complexes is worth the effort as most of them are easy enough to find, even Rhompu Market in Jomtien is on the main Jomtien Second Road.
  4. 40.48 in the TT near Bodega as I am typing.
  5. Better than yesterday. I saw 40.10 in the TT near Bodega bar yesterday.
  6. The guy who did my letter at Kasikorn told me that immigration were only accepting letters from 1 day before. No problem for me as I always get the letter the day before, but it's good to know that they are being as consistent as ever.
  7. Thanks Atlas. Following your observations about how quiet immigration was on Christmas Day I decided to do my retirememt extension today, rather than waiting until the New Year. I arrived just before 11am and was finished after about 10 minutes. Picking up the passport tomorrow afternoon.
  8. Probably Kursk, the largest tank battle ever fought.
  9. Got to agree with that. My balcony is navel height and I am no short arse. I'd have to be very unlucky to trip over the balcony. Given the combination of tiled floors, water and alcohol consumption I am surprised there aren't more incidences of people falling in bathrooms and smacking their heads on sinks, toilets, basins etc.
  10. Pretty sure they were still working on it when I walked past the other day. There was still some boarding up but couldn't tell how close they are to completion.
  11. Handy for TQ and the afternoon GGBs on 13/1 and 13/2. Maybe an acquired taste and very hit and miss but another option to take a look at.
  12. Bars on second road like Bodega and the Wonderful bars. Maybe take a stroll down 13/1 and 13/2, smaller bars but can be fun
  13. Probably not as many ladies around in the Buakhau beer bars in the afternoon compared to Nana.It depends what you want.Soi 6 might provide the nearrst equivalent. Plenty of places to sit outside watching the world go by but with the option of decent looking female company as well. I think Pattaya has far more daytime options than Bangkok, some livelier than others.
  14. This is the final post for today and covers the stretch up to Rabbit Resort. In some parts they have done virtually nothing although they have dismantled the toilets on the beach. Getting towards Rabbit Resort they are at least working on the drainage. I wouldn't recommend booking a room at Rabbit Resort in the early part of high season. I doubt it will be very pleasant sipping a cool beer overlooking a construction site.
  15. In front of Pattaya Park they have completed the road and drainage along about half of its length. There's still a lot of work to do in front of the rest of Pattaya Park although they have dug up the original path but haven't made much progress with the drainage. Further along they have made more progress with the drainage. I also noted that they have not destroyed the mature trees on the beach this time. They are using some of the vacant land between Pattaya Park and Rabbit Resort to store materials.
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