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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. I have heard of other people doing this so maybe more widespread than you think. On the downside there are many exchange booths that closed during Covid so maybe less competition will affect the willingness of booth operators to do a deal.
  2. Could be, it's a couple of years ago now. Whatever the circumstances it is a ridiculous name.😁
  3. The theme is the same. They just show pictures of an empty bar without the draft beer pumps on the counter. The pictures of the food they showed were terrible, think Kiss Good breakfast standard. I'm sure it is currently closed.
  4. The business was bought by Indians a couple of years ago and in their wisdom they decided to change the name slightly. They did some marketing of the bar and their product on Facebook but came over as totally clueless.
  5. That's the way it worked before.
  6. I think that may be a step too far although they have had the Covid extensions over the last two years where you did not need to leave the country. Not sure about the current situation with these but expect them to be discontinued (for the majority of countries at least) very soon. I read elsewhere that the multiple entry visas were available again. Not sure if any details but that might be another option for you.
  7. Ok. I thought it was nearer 20k, still a lot cheaper than 40k. And they do your 90 day for no extra charge.
  8. The price is about 3 times what Maneerat charges for extension without money. The first time costs more but still less than half the 40k mentioned in the post above.
  9. Well that's an agent who isn't getting much business from any expats with half a brain. The visa price is about 3x the level that some other agents charge.
  10. Expect prices to start increasing over the coming months. The removal of the subsidy on diesel will increase transport costs and have a knock on effect throughout the Thai economy. The worldwide supply chain problems will also feed through to prices here. Prices of imported booze such as Guinness and Magners have already gone up by around 20%. Hotel prices are currently low because of low demand, that situation will change as restrictions on tourism are removed. JMHO
  11. You might find that Bangkok is very similar to Pattaya, the same rules apply. A report from another forum claimed that although there were some girls topless in Crazy Horse that's about as far as it went. Not the same level of hands on action as on the past.
  12. Lots of GGBs are sort of open. Legally there are are restrictions to how they operate but there are quite a few reports of nudity and other activities, (if you get my meaning). Unlikely that they will return to pre-covid operating conditions until all other restrictions on nightlife are removed. Possibly another 2-3 months, but who knows?
  13. Bangkok Bank seems to be their preferred bank for about the last year. They will still do it with a Kasikorn account but it will cost 14500 baht versus 12500 for Bangkok Bank. No idea about other banks.
  14. I think you are over thinking this. Until there is a major change in the remuneration of Thai public servants the agents will be key players in the visa process.
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