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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. It'll be interesting to hear how you get on. Walking along Buakhau a few years ago during one of these events you were competing with motorbikes for any space that wasn't occupied by a car or baht bus. That was when I decided I had had enough of living in Central Pattaya.
  2. Traffic will be manic. I've always walked everywhere on music or firework festival nights. Loads of places to stop off for a beer.
  3. Although still a minority I am sometimes surprised at just how many girls have cars. Only the other week I was sitting at a local beer bar and one of the quieter, older ladies was loading up her car to go home. A mate was also telling me about a friend of his girlfriend who has recently bought a Toyota Fortuner to operate a taxi business. The girls are getting richer, and it is not as rare as it was in the past for a girl to own a car. Granted there is often a falang involved somewhere.
  4. Technically we maybe in the wet season now but Pattaya escapes the worst of the rains. June - August there is likely to be some rain but not everyday and generally not for prolonged periods. September and October are the wettest months but even then Pattaya does not get as much rain as other areas such as Phuket and much of Isaan.
  5. They've been digging up the front of The Avenue and are now laying concrete. Acess from Second Road is limited. Best way in at the moment is via the car park. A week or so there was a way in by going around the side of Firepork but this is not currently available. The other day my mate and I ended up walking the plank over wet concrete to get to Second Road. Not great for businesses there in what is a very quiet low season anyway.
  6. It's close enough. 39.72 at the TT near Bodega bar an hour or so ago.
  7. Are you getting confused with the Swedish / Norwegian girl who caught rabies playing with a puppy in the Phillipines?
  8. Small apartments, 35sq metres is ok for a studio but not a one bed IMHO. Also full of Chinese tourists. I see a queue of them waiting to check in by security every time I drive by.
  9. Qatar have got a business promo on the BKK - MAN route at the moment. Today it's showing as around 65k baht for flights in September. The promotion does not appear to be available for Heathrow, (a mate checked the other day).
  10. I think this girl might be in the wrong job. (Couldn't get a better picture. Her right hand is covering the 'f' at the start of the bottom line.😁)
  11. tallguy

    Reentry permit

    I only make one trip a year so get a single re-entry permit but always figured that the point at which it is worth getting the multiple re-entry lies somewhere between 2-3 trips. The additional cost being offset by the convenience.
  12. tallguy

    Reentry permit

    1 trip to immigration versus 2 plus covered if he needs to make any extra trips. I think I would do the same as nkped.
  13. Even worse for Arsenal amd Chelses who have to go to Baku!!!
  14. Haven't done this for years but never needed to take a lot, maybe a large bottle of water and a book or similar.
  15. Liverpool still on top Jacko. City did not get extra points for winning an FA Cup game.😁
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