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  1. If you had been here during Covid you might take a different view. Some areas have recovered e.g. WS, LK, Treetown etc, but other areas are still dead and unlikely to recover.
  2. Someone I know recently bought a mobile hot spot from Tukcom for about 2k baht. You then just need to buy a simcard with an internet package, I think these start from around 300-400 baht per month.
  3. I'll try but you will probably get more and bettèr information and advice from the Facebook group 'Pattaya Oracle'.
  4. His problem was not with Diamond Tower and has to some extent been resolved. Once again, good luck.
  5. I asked a friend of mine who has had problems with his developer of there were any Pattaya wide groups you could consult but he did not know of any. He was living in the building and found it hard to get any interest from people with the same problem to take action together. His advice was to contact a lawyer ASAP and not to let things drift along. However as Jacko said this might be throwing good money after bad. Even if you win a court case it is hard to enforce the decision. One final thought. One Development company completed One Tower on Pratumnak Soi 4 before they started this proje
  6. I cannot provide any direct help. There is a group on Facebook called, 'Pattaya Oracle' which has a lot of ex-pat members who have a wealth of knowledge on many subjects. Someone on there maybe able to point you in the right direction. Unfortunately there are a number of projects which stalled during Covid and there are many others who are in the same boat. Good Luck.
  7. Nothing to do with the old bars on Yamoto. I believe the guy who owns Mayfairs on Soi Buakhau is behind this new venture.
  8. The Chinese took over Rover Group when it went into liquidation around 2005. Any modern MG you have seen has been manufactured under Chinese ownership.
  9. I'd have thought that seeing a 3.5 rating was worth further investigation anyway. It suggests that not everything has gone well all the time. All rating systems should be taken with a pinch of salt wether it be hotels, restaurants, taxis etc. I'd be looking for something nearer 4.5 stars, (based on a 5 star system, as in your example), before investigating further. Whatever you do the decision is best made on the basis of the most recent reviews rather than an average over a longer period of time.
  10. Just come into town via Bolt. Plenty of cars working and traffic not busy. One of my local restaurants is closed for the day but loads still open. Maybe easier to get out and pick up the food yourself.?
  11. Not used the food delivery services but been checking Bolt. Basically not many drivers available and lots of traffic around. Hopefully getting back to normal from tommorow.
  12. Banana pancakes are widely available. A number of carts driving around, particularly in the tourist areas.
  13. When were the scrums in league ever competitive. I probably saw my first games on tv in the early 70s and the scrums in league always just seemed a like a way to get the ball back into play as quickly as possible.
  14. My understanding is that you have to use the visa within 3 months of it being issued. If you arrive at any time within that 3 months you will be stamped in for 60 days.
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