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  1. To be fair I do not think the temperature guages they use are very accurate. The readings I have had in various places have not been consistent including one time varying by nearly 1 degree C within less than an hour in 2 different bars on WS.
  2. Have a look at NDTVi's latest youtube vid on Walking Street and Soi6. It is eerie.😨
  3. I have rarely got the confirmation e-mail. The majority of time I have gone back into the system to check the status to see it has been approved.
  4. My recollection was that the traffic on Beach Road was moving even slower than normal prior to the turn of the year. The absence of the tour coaches, and lots of other visitors, means traffic now flows fairly freely despite the roadworks.
  5. Only because there has been a lot less traffic than normal over the last couple of months.😁
  6. Thappraya Rd / Jomtien 2nd Rd Junction. Concreting complete on the right hand lane of each carriageway. The southbound carriageway on 2nd Rd is now blocked off just after the lights with a contraflow system operating on the northbound carriage way. The exact layout seems to change every few days. (Apologies for the quality of the photo).
  7. Probably something to do with the Schengen arrangement and the ease of moving around mainland Europe. In addition to the UK, I didn't see Republic of Ireland on the list of banned countries.
  8. Lots of roadworks around Pratumnak at the moment. Being going on for the best part of 2 years now. Supposed to end within the next month or so, but who knows? I lived in The Cliff in the Cosy Beach area for 4 1\2 years, which was fine but I wouldn't recommend it to a new renter. If you fancy Pratumnak the best thing to do is spend a few days around there when you are in town. Loads of different options available in the area.
  9. It was a longtime fixture on Thappraya Road, heading towards the beach.
  10. The removal men were in at Simon's Fish and Chips in Jomtien the other night. At first the Thai guy indicated they were moving somewhere close by but couldn't say exactly where. Quite a few empty units on that stretch of road now.
  11. The attitude seems to be that they have money to spend on various projects so they are making sure that it gets spent.😊
  12. They have opened up a U-turn in the Rhompu area in the last week, so that will be more convenient for visitors to immigration.
  13. Songkran has some very enthusiastic followèrs. Plenty of guys come every year and will be out playing on Sois 7 and 8 etc, from early in the afternoon until the water runs out. Personally I don't mind joining in for a couple of afternoons. There is a good atmosphere and the girls really seem to enjoy themselves. However, I get bored with the water throwing very quickly.
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