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  1. No commission at TT but you lose out on the spread between bid and offer. Look at the rates in Jacko's post, the spread on Sterling is around 1% but the spread on PHP is nearer 10%. Might not make a lot of difference for a small amount to get you started in country but you must be better off doing single transactions in the home currency of your destination.
  2. I have also read the same. I have also seen it suggested that the best idea is to go to one of the larger outlets especially for larger amounts or less popular currencies. I think the main branches of TT in Pattaya are on Second Road in the Pattayaland area.
  3. After a welcome respite over the New Year it looks like the roadworks have returned with a vengance. Coming into town from Jomtien there was no entrance on to Pratumnak from Thappraya road, looked like they were putting in new drains there so that could take a while. Near the underpasd a large section of road on the Pattaya bound lane of Third Road was also blocked off but that looked like it could be just resurfacing. (I could be wrong though.)
  4. Too late to use the online system if the report is due on Monday. The window for online reporting is 15-8 days begore due date. Not sure if the system supports Chrome Books. Originally it was set up for Explorer only. I have only ever successfully submitted online witb Explorer.
  5. That is correct for reporting in person. The online system is available from 15-8 days prior to the due date.
  6. A bit late. Andy has already stayed there and went home months ago.😊
  7. I expect Bournemouth to do better when their injured players start to return but, I don"t follow things closely enough to know how many are long term injuries.
  8. Watford and Norwich already adrift at the bottom. Can't see either putting a decent enough run together at the moment, but you never know. Watford the most likely to escape if Deeney finds his scoring boots. Villa have trouble scoring so could easily be the third team. However, my pre-season pick Brighton are already in touching distance of the bottom 3.
  9. Personally I wouldn't attempt the beach walk from Jomtien to Pattaya. There are some significant rocky areas which are only passable at low tide. IIRC a BM (Idefix?) posted a pictorial report of this walk a few years back. There are three decent beach areas at the bottom of Pratumnak; Cosy Beach, Asia Pattaya Beach and the beach at the bottom of Soi 5 but there is a fair distance between each of these beaches.
  10. It has been a GC for just over a year. I went in a couple of times just after that. There wasn't much happening and the line-up was unimpressive. Haven't seen any reason to go back since.
  11. Just had a look on booking.com at various dates and all come in at 2000 baht per night. FFS you can get decent hotels for around 1/2 the price let alone a small guesthouse at the wrong end of Soi Pothole.
  12. The thread is about Robin Hood Tavèrn in The Avenue not Robin's Nest on Soi Dianne. There is no connection between the two businesses.
  13. They are doing delivery via Grab now. I haven't had a delivery since they started using Grab but a mate has and said it was very efficient.
  14. Greg's Little House Cafe and Deli is on Soi Nernplebwan according to their Facebook page.
  15. There you go, changed it for you.😁
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