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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. The Chinese took over Rover Group when it went into liquidation around 2005. Any modern MG you have seen has been manufactured under Chinese ownership.
  2. I'd have thought that seeing a 3.5 rating was worth further investigation anyway. It suggests that not everything has gone well all the time. All rating systems should be taken with a pinch of salt wether it be hotels, restaurants, taxis etc. I'd be looking for something nearer 4.5 stars, (based on a 5 star system, as in your example), before investigating further. Whatever you do the decision is best made on the basis of the most recent reviews rather than an average over a longer period of time.
  3. Just come into town via Bolt. Plenty of cars working and traffic not busy. One of my local restaurants is closed for the day but loads still open. Maybe easier to get out and pick up the food yourself.😁
  4. Not used the food delivery services but been checking Bolt. Basically not many drivers available and lots of traffic around. Hopefully getting back to normal from tommorow.
  5. Banana pancakes are widely available. A number of carts driving around, particularly in the tourist areas.
  6. When were the scrums in league ever competitive. I probably saw my first games on tv in the early 70s and the scrums in league always just seemed a like a way to get the ball back into play as quickly as possible.
  7. My understanding is that you have to use the visa within 3 months of it being issued. If you arrive at any time within that 3 months you will be stamped in for 60 days.
  8. I'm sure there has been an Isuzu showroom around there for years. I certainly recall seeing one there in the past.
  9. Probably a combination of things. A long weekend with people down from Bangkok, the cumulative effect of ongoing roadworks in the city and the aftermath of heavy overnight rain.
  10. Traffic was bad around Pratumnak yesterday. Bolt giving 15 minute plus wait times for cars but taking longer as traffic gridlocked. A couple of guys I know wanted to drive from Cosy Beach to the Irish Wolfhound on Soi 4 for Sunday lunch but turned around and ate locally. The road down to the yacht club, Three Mermsids, Sky Gallery etc was gridlocked most of the afternoon.
  11. The owner has had some serious health problems. The last time he posted anything he still planned to 're-open but that was a while ago now and nothing has happened since. I hope he is OK but suspect otherwise.
  12. Drove past it today when the taxi took the wrong turn. It looked dead and there was a big 'For Sale' banner hanging on the wall.
  13. I haven't been passed there for a couple of months but last time it still looked pretty dead.
  14. During the day yesterday they wete placing those intermittent white markings, you can see in the last two pictures, across the unbroken yellow lines in the middle of the road. Sort of interesting to see what they do with this and wonder if this will be repeated everywhere else they have painted these lines. Could they have made a mistake?πŸ€”
  15. Congrats on the 17 years, especially surviving the last 2 🍺🍺🍺
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