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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Does anyone currently in Pattaya use (or heard of) the ride sharing app “BOLT” In a recent you tube video, Rides 4 Kickz did a minor “promo” of the app, showing how it worked, and how cheap the rides were. Basically short trips for under 50 Baht. Quick, good service, using late model cars. Probably has at least six months before mass tourism restarts in Thailand, so at the moment its probably survival of the fittest, however I wonder how the MBT boys will take to another ride sharing taxi app, particularly one that offers short cheap rides? (youtube by Rides 4 Kicks here (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WkDvvB9AqDY&t=1s) )
  2. It is indeed sad to watch. My first trip to Pattaya was in 1998, stayed in Soi 7. The beer bars in Soi 7and 8 were (at that time) absolutely crowded. I hated them, being used to the PI bar scene. However, returning in 2004 onwards, my attitude towards the beer bars changed, and I started to frequent them more often, although rarely in Soi’s 7-8. These two Soi’s were in decline before Covid; doubt if they will ever come back.
  3. A vaccine, plus proof it works- i.e. elimination of covid virus and ability to purchase travel insurance. I’m planning for March 2021. (hopeful). Then a six month stay. At least.
  4. Dubai is not a particularly wealthy emirate, relying on Real Estate and Trade (Oil less than 2% of GDP). Last GFC, Abu Dhabi bailed them out- with statements like “we are all part of the one country, etc”. There was a cost, including the remaining of the Burj Dubai to Burj Khalifa. (this is a matter of pride). Would not be over surprised if Abu Dhabi took this as an opportunity to combine both airlines, into a national airline, being off course “Etihad”.
  5. “Babylon Berlin”, a Netflix (German language) TV series set in Berlin in 1929. Captures the decadence, poverty and political upheavals of the time well. Beautifully films and produced, some amazing nightclub dance scenes. Well worth watching.
  6. Similar experience in the UAE, where it seemed they just kept building more and more malls, each one “bigger” than all the others. A lot of them had very little foot traffic. Malls are a declining business in Australia and US, with the shift to on-line shopping. Possibly places like Pattaya (and even Dubai with its “Dubai shopping Festival”) rely on the tourist dollar.
  7. "Occupied" a Netflix series where Norway cuts off oil and gas, to become more climate friendly, but is then invaded by Russia (with approval from EU) in order to restore the energy flow. It is good political thriller, tapping well into the current political climate. Season 3 somewhat disappointing, with a focus on Russian interference in Norway’s election (and the US saying “yeah, so what”), but still one of the better offerings on Netflix. Original idea by Jo Nesbo, author of the Harry Hole crime thrillers.
  8. Bit off topic. There are a number of rules regarding Australian Age Pension, and it’s portability. Basic one, to be granted a pension you must be present in Australia, AND you must have the INTENT of living in Australia permanently. If you have been living overseas before being granted the pension, you need to wait 2 years before applying for portability. This rule does not apply if you have been living in Australia up to pension age. I believe people overseas continue to receive the same increases as those in Aus. There are some parts of the payment (certain supplements) that they may not receive, and payments are subject to AWL (ie you need to have 35 years residence in Aus for full pension, below that it is pro-rated.) Thai Visa is a good source of information on the Australian Old Age Pension, with the caveat that it’s a “forum”, not an official site.
  9. Thanks very much to InCider and Jacko for their helpful replies. I understand Jacko’s advice about Pattaya changing- it is three years since I last visited, and my expectations of a retired life there may be more fantasy than reality. Well, I can but try it. Maybe a bit later than I hoped.
  10. I am hoping to move to Thailand next year, on a retirement visa (or rather extension of stay based on retirement). With the introduction of mandatory health insurance, the application for an OA visa in Australia seems to have become “too complicated”. It is not the need for health Insurance, but rather the difficulty in purchasing from a Thai company whilst in Australia. Looking at this forum and information from Pattaya Expats web site, I believe I can follow the process outlined below?? Enter Thailand on 60 day tourist visa. (or enter on 30 day visa exempt) With at least 15 days remaining on permission to stay, apply at Jomtien Immigration for a “Non-Immigrant O” visa. Once granted, this will give another 90 days stay. Set up Bank Account and deposit at least 800,000 baht, should be “seasoned” for 2 months (initial application) before applying for retirement extension. Bank account can be in Foreign Currency (allowing for fluctuations to stay above the 800,000 With at least 10 days left on the 90 day O visa, apply for one year retirement extension. If this is correct, then I have 60 +90 =150 days before the need for the retirement extension, which would allow sufficient time to set up bank account etc. Questions. Is my understanding of the sequence to be followed correct? 60 day tourist visa OR 30 day visa exempt? Which is better to obtain? Or does it not matter. If I come on a 30 day visa exempt, will I encounter any problems renting an apartment on a 6 month lease? (I am off course over 60, and will naturally have health insurance, preferably from Australia) Thanks for any input.
  11. Strange, I can easily recall my first trip to Manila in 85/86. Remember the Hotel I stayed in (Holiday Inn), the bars I went to, and most of the girls I went with. I still have a vivid memory of all aspects of that trip- my first overseas. My first trip to Pattaya was in 1998, done as a 4 day side trip from Bangkok. All I remember is the most uncomfortable mini van trip from Bangkok (never again), staying in the Dynasty Inn (Ok, stayed there a number of times since) and the impression that it was generally cheaper than Bangkok.
  12. thanks for the answers. The concept of a FCD account is more appealing to me, especially with the AUD currently so low. The Bangkok Bank site (link below) suggests that opening an account with them is just so easy, almost in that category of “too good to be true”. I expect to be there in either November or January, so I will try with them. https://www.bangkokbank.com/-/media/files/personal/other-services/branch-services/international-branches/fcd_expat.pdf?la=en&hash=1B0B689C0A49EEFBB89232262CF1DAF23FC55920
  13. I am looking at moving to Pattaya next year, probably on a retirement visa (or visa extension based on). I am 68, and have been retired in Australia for almost 3 years. Unfortunately, the Aussie Dollar is currently on its downward spiral, and will most likely move lower next year. The AUD is historically volatile, and a reasonable expectation would be for it to recover and head back close to parity to the USD. For this reason, I am reluctant to exchange to much AUD for Baht. However, I note that the Bangkok Bank does have Foreign Currency Deposit accounts, which seem very simple to open. According to their website, all that is required (if on either Tourist Visa or Long-Stay visa) is your passport and a certified copy (from Embassy) of your passport. Deposit and Withdrawal fees are a bit high. Only branches listed on their web site are in Bangkok, and only a few of these have FCD accounts. Question. Are there branches (of Bangkok Bank) in Pattaya where you can open a FCD account? (I could not find this information on a search of the web or this forum). Can the 800,00 Baht required for visa extension be in foreign currency equivalent? I do note there are a few postings regarding the Bangkok Bank on this forum, but they all appear to be about the US/ Bangkok Bank relationship. Obliviously opening a BB account in New York is not a option for me. Thanks for any feedback.
  14. Down memory lane. I first joined Pattayatalk forum in 1998, after Pattaya Pate went on TSM Travel (another board I was on at the time) extolling the virtues of Pattaya, and explaining what he was trying to do with FLB. I dropped from the scene in 2001, forgot all my passwords (my log in was rgee, I think) and re-joined PT around 2007. 1998 to 2000- a lot of tourists in Pattaya, cheaper than Bangkok. Punter boards just starting. Fun times. I only visited in what was called the low season- all the beer bars in Soi 8 were still fill.
  15. The flight attendant sees a suspicious looking couple on board, so she reports it to the Captain immediately. “Sir, I think we have a case of human trafficking! There is a very pretty, hot and sexy, female passenger on board, who looks quite frightened and the man she is with is a fat old slob who looks like a lecher, very sullen, mean and dangerous!” The captain responds, “Patricia, I’ve told you this before. This is Air Force One...”
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