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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Does anyone know if the Blue Sky is open? I emailed for a reservation and no reply. Paul
  2. ricktoronto, thanks, that is a perfect solution. Thanks to other posters also. Paul
  3. Boring question, but I am trying to persuade a pal to visit Pattaya for the first time and he will have to have access to a wired LAN for internet connection (for work). Don't know why but his connection won't work with wireless. Does anybody know any hotel that has wired internet connection? Thanks, Paul
  4. well, i am sure I will be at the DD at some point then. Does anyone know anywhere else that will be showing the tests? - Nice to have some options, Paul
  5. Well, no response from previous posting in the General forum, so bar owners; anybody going to be showing the Ashes this year? Paul
  6. I have been told that the South African satellite feed is no longer working in Pattaya, and so most bars won't be able to show the Ashes series this year. Does anyone know of any bars that will be showing the cricket over the xmas period? Cheers, Paul
  7. I use pontaxi (pontaxi@hotmail.com). 1000B plus 50B (for tolls). Always been there with a sign with your name on it, they will explain by email where to go to meet the driver (exit 3 basically). They are based out of the bag/luggage shop at the corner of Soi 8 Second road. P
  8. Guys, anyone like to comment on the quality and reliability of Etihad and Qatar (Economy) compared to (say) KLM? I have used KLM, BA and Thai in the past and thought all were OK, but never used one of the Middle East connects. I do like to be able to have a few drinks on the plane, only way I can get any sleep usually. So any issues there? Like if you want to get a couple extra after service are they OK? Thanks, Paul
  9. I have about 50000 BA miles I would consider trading for KLM/Air France (Flying Blue) miles if it is possible. Had it with BA really, now you can't get miles when departing from regional airports in the UK. Gits. I do a lot of short haul around Europe and BA out of Manchester was good. So use KLM out of Leeds via Amsterdam as much as possible now. I don't know if it is possible to trade....anybody know? Paul
  10. I wish her luck and hopefully not too many idiots. She is a metaphor a little bit you know, most of us to some degree ignore their reality. All these girls are in a sense gagged - they normally only say want we want to hear.... Paul
  11. I think as long as the girl is on time for work the next day (unless being barfined again I guess) then it quite simply should be up to the customer and the girl. Paul
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