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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.

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  1. hi guys these photos were taken over a few mths . we even had a girl who showed up the lads and was able to down the lot . great way to start the night ,if you get finish the lot its free ,so helps with a cheap night out 555 alan
  2. hi guys well we have a drinking game thats only for a few hardened MEN !! If you think you can drink like a man ,if you think you can do better than others ,if you what a photo to prove it . Come and see us at NEW LIVIG DOLLS 1 and we will put you to the test
  3. I have about 150 more photos............ let me know if you all want to see em! Alan
  4. Party, Party, Party.................. does it look like we had some fun? Alan
  5. Guys, I will be posting pics from the party at my home................ We did have some fun! Alan
  6. hi guys Well at last i have been able to post the photos from my 50th birthday party in NL1 last Oct . I would like to thank every one who drop in and helped give me a hang over to remember + it was great to spend some time with Rudy before he let Thailand. alan
  7. hi guys This is at time some thing that upset some guys ? When we talk about a girl who has just gotten here from up country . Ok yes we do have a new girl ,in fact so new that i even asked a few guys (like terry lee and others)if i should put her on as a dancer . She is tall with a great body ,i think we will work on the hair style over the new few weeks .But she is a nice girl who up to working for us had never been inside a bar before (nor had she been with a westerner before ) ANOTHER STUNNING GIRL HAS STARTED AS WELL AS THE GIRL ABOVE ,AND WHAT A BODY ,why oh why am i not
  8. hi guys Anndy cap dont worry to much about things being blurry ,i am still that way 4 days after my birthday party . You know when you had a good night when your wife wont talk to you for days alan
  9. hio guys hi SB Mate yes you were right a year ago it was 200 bt after 2 am ans sorry to say we did increase it to 250 bt ,but other bars increased there bar fine to 1000 bt so i think we are still looking after you . 100 bt ?? this must have been for some type of promo at the time ,and a one off . we will have shots starting at 55 bt alan
  10. hi guys well theres been lots of talk about bar fines going up or some places now putting them down in price (always a great thing to see) Just for the record NEW LIVING DOLLS 1 started to reduce the cost of bar fines a lot time ago now ,many bar owners said it could not last or we would go broke . Well thanks to you guys for stoping by we are still doing the bar fines a lot cheaper than many other places SHOWGIRLS 600 bt till 2 am after this 250 bt till close DANCERS and SERVICE girls 450 BT till 2am after this 250 bt till close we still try to bring you cheaper dr
  11. hi guys well i am getting old i think ! The girl who does all our photos gave me a CD of body parts which i was going to post here . I am sorry as there were some great shots .She gave me this the day before my birthday this much i remember ,i want to say my wife has but it some were but i am just not sure (getting old sucks). Back to the drawing board have to make more photos now alan If anyone found a CD with LOTs of photos of girls some where around my bar could you please make your self a copy and then give it back to me
  12. hi guys Just to remind you thats there is still my party on tonigh with free drinks alan
  13. hi guys thank you for your best wishes at my age now i need all the help i can get . 50 girls in one night at the age of 50 ???? not sure if thats a good idea as i do want to see 51 and if the 50 girls did not kill me trhat 1 extra called the wife would !! Jacko mate last year i did take the girls out for a night on the piss (after eating first) and yes we did end up in a boy ago go .It was some thing i NEVER want to see again . But this time its a night at home by the pool with food and LOTS OF DRINKS and not to for get YES my wife being 7 mths prego will be watching for sure
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