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  1. According to my account, I've used Uber 26 times since it launched in Pattaya. For the most part, I'm happy with the experience -- it's cheap, convenient, and comfortable. 80 percent of my rides happened flawlessly. There were a few drivers that took idiotic routes picking me up, two drivers that cancelled on me after long delays, and one lady that tried to drive the wrong way up Soi 13/1. All that said, I would absolutely use Uber again in Pattaya in the future. Most of my rides were in the 90-110 baht range, usually leaving from Soi Diana. My most expensive ride was 151 baht, all the way
  2. I did not. I booked through Agoda. There were four by the pool. Off to the side is a separate sun bathing area with two rows of beds. Not at all. One of the reasons I like LK hotels is that most of them use relatively soft mattresses. I hate the hard mattresses most Pattaya hotels use.
  3. When did you stay and what floors were your rooms on? My second-floor room had no issues with water temperature.
  4. Forgot to mention the hotel WiFi. The download and upload speeds were great, but the system uses a custom login gateway rather than WEP/WPA. If you want to have more than one device connected at a time (PC, tablet, phone, etc.) then you have to request another loging/password from the staff. That's mildly annoying.
  5. I recently spent a week at the LK Royal Wing. The hotel is located behind LK Royal Suites on Soi Buakhao, close to Pattaya Klang. It's not quite as nice as the LK Empress, LK Royal Suites, and LK Renaissance, but the high season price was much lower -- a little more or a little less than half the rate, going by Agoda's prices. For the most part, I was satisfied with my stay at $45/night. The room is fairly big, you get a much softer bed than what most Thai hotels use, the salt-water pool is great, and the staff was fine. Of course there are "stupid Thai hotel things" like a dark bathroom (
  6. Thanks for the great photos! I quite like Soi 11. Aloft is a nice hotel that's relatively inexpensive. Bed Supper Club and the various bars at Le Fenix are good fun. Climax disco is a nice spot to find late-night freelancers.
  7. The scrolling is inertial, so dragging is very slow. Have you tried a quick down swipe, taking your finger off the screen after the swipe? That's pretty fast on the Nexus 4 and Nexus 7.
  8. I don't know much about the woman, so I can't comment on whether she should have been allowed to obtain the guns or not. To me, an assault rifle seems excessive. That said, I don't see how you "may accept her negligence" when she's absolutely responsible. She bought powerful weapons. She didn't lock them away properly in a household with a mentally-ill son. I'm not arguing about the right to bear arms. That's a different and broader issue. I don't see how I'm clutching at straws. She bought two guns and an assault rifle, and left them so that head mentally-ill son could get his hands
  9. The shooter killed his mother with her own guns. If they were locked away properly, she and the children would still be alive. I don't understand how you can dismiss that negligence.
  10. I recollect being 12 just fine. By then I understood that there was no Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, Freddy Krueger, etc. I have no idea about your upbringing, but when I was 12 I knew the difference between real and make believe, I understood that the shootings in Star Wars weren't representative in real life, and I had a basic, but clear, definition of what was right and wrong. All credit goes to my parents. Certainly I enjoyed make-believe worlds, but I understood that a radioactive spider wasn't going to give my Spider-Man's powers. In the Connecticut case, it's absolutely appropriate to
  11. That seems like a case of bad parenting more than anything else. If kids that age are too stupid to understand that sex and violence depicted in videos, movies, and games aren't representative of real-world behavior then it should be blamed on parents. Besides, he kid in the article you mentioned was too young to be seeing those things legally. Pulling back, the kid in the article you mentioned was 12. The shooter in the Connecticut tragedy was 20. Those are very different situations. Did you watch porn as a kid? I watched some movies when I was under 18. Did you go out raping girls? I
  12. Jackson's choice was two movies. The studio wanted three.
  13. Okay. What do you mean by affected? What's the end result?
  14. Into insanely shooting people? I don't see the connection.
  15. And what of the vast majority of people that watch and play them? Blaming senseless violence on movies, music, and games is absolutely stupid.
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