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  1. They need to open up the bars. Here’s a water monitor in a 7-11 store looking for a 6-pack of Chang.
  2. I can’t do the online 90-day report because my TM47 is 10 years old and not accepted by the system. I used registered mail when I lived in Bangkok since it took 90 minutes to get to Chang Wattana. Where I am now, it’s not much of a problem and only takes a few minutes in person, 15 minutes to get to the office. Last time I was 5 days late and they didn’t bother to assess the penalty. They have landlords and hotels reporting foreigners staying now so they don’t need this, makes a lot of sense to eliminate it.
  3. See my camera thread to see more of her
  4. Even though my hernias were repaired the groin still swells up on occasion, besides what the girls do. The mesh prevents the intestine from poking through so I don’t get the sharp, piercing pain anymore. I think it’s just the body pumping fluids into the affected area as part of a natural healing response, but it makes a noise when you push it back in, a ‘whoosh’ like a washing machine. During a recent session with a particularly hot GoGo girl, my groin was taking a pounding 🥊 I could hear it getting pushed in. “What’s that?”, she asks, probably thinking she’s had customers make strange noises before but this takes the cake. Fortunately, I didn’t get strangulated and was able to finish without having to go into Emergency. 🚑 I’m glad I had the elective surgery.
  5. If you like shrimp tacos, may I suggest Slanted Taco on Soi 23. 90 baht, but you get 2-for-1 on Tuesdays. Here, a pair of shrimp tacos and a pair of sea bass tacos with a mango margarita made from fresh mango. No Hooters girls, however. You can also order in the Beer Garden outside, but I thought this Vedett Extra Blonde was overpriced at 300 baht, and then they added 17% for tax and service. I should have stayed indoors and ordered a second mango margarita instead.
  6. Another trip to Bangers. Times are tough and lots of poor Issan farmers are depending on their young daughters to send my money home. It's an arduous and thankless task but someone has to do it . Stayed at the Rembrandt Suites once again, unbeatable value for a thousand baht. I always felt I received good service, seems even better now. Girls soap me up and down during shower 🚿 give back massage, wash my dick . There's a Buddy's Bar and Grill between Sois 18 and 20, Guinness for 195/pint. Good breakfast too but they don't open until 11 AM. The 'full monty' is 250. It was nearly noon so I had a Guinness instead of cappuccino. First time I've had Guinness for breakfast but it's a versatile brew . I think you could put a scoop of vanilla ice cream in and it would still be good, although I haven't tried. Another time I tried the German Dog with sauerkraut. The German's don't do it this way but baseball season ⚾ is nearly here and in Milwaukee we put sauerkraut inside the bun with a bratwurst, then add mustard and stadium sauce. I used to have three of these 🌭 with 5 or 6 Pabst Blue Ribbons during the game . The canned kraut didn't do it for me (I'll tell you where to find good sauerkraut later in the post). Down Nana way they offer 50% on all food at Hooters between 3 and 4 PM. I was never a fan of Hooters food I've discovered it tastes better during these times. 👍 The baja shrimp tacos are my favorite, 🌮 with a tropical long island 🍹, tastes like fruit punch and packs one too. Sea Bass 🐟 tacos are not bad either Afterwards I ran into sailingbill ⛵ at a Tavern in the Haight-Ashbury section of Soi Nana. He's a good guy to have a beer with. Temperature checks to get into Nana Plaza More GoGos started to open as time progressed, Billboard, Butterflies 🦋, and Rainbows 🌈 4 & 5, at least on the weekend. Stopped by The Sportsman Pub on Soi 13 for St. Paddy's Day ☘️, on the ground floor of The Trendy Condo, where I used to live for 7 years. No green beer on tab, but the Magner's Cider went down well. They had a promotion, buy a second and get a free hat. The German Brau Haus next door roasts a pig 🐖 every Friday. This is the place to get good sauerkraut since they make their own. I ordered the small plate for 175, the large was 335 but would have been too much. Went over to Soi Cowboy for some Hoegaarden wheat beer. Just the name Soi Cowboy screams Hoegaarden. Surprisingly, Sharks is still closed, along with all The Arab's bars, but there were still 8 or 9 GoGos open. Tried the prime rib 🥩 at Arno's in the Hyatt Regency, which was disappointing. Bill came to 1250 including 7% tax and 4% service, so I rounded up to 1300 to take care of the waitress. Maybe I'll try the burger 🍔 the sometime, but I'll be having my steak at El Gaucho from now on. Patpong was extremely quiet, I think business is really struggling there. I stopped at Le Bouchon for some dinner, next to the famous Star of Light BJ Bar, which appears closed. Had the lobster 🦞 bisque for starters, served in a thin pastry. Chicken 🐔 breast stuffed with spinach for main course, first time I can remember where the starter was more expensive. Soft jazz 🎷 plays in the background for a relaxing meal, but no BJ at the star of light after. I did two photo shoots while I was in town, these with the mirrorless 📸, everything else was the cell phone.📲 The best camera is the one you have with you. -- Steve Jobs Hope you enjoyed, I'll be back soon. 👌
  7. Maybe I’ll try this next week as I stay around the corner on Soi 20
  8. FYI: Lumpinee Boxing Stadium is reopening today and tickets will only be sold to foreigners. How’s that for dual pricing? I see an opportunity to become a scalper. 💰 https://forum.thaivisa.com/topic/1209097-tickets-for-fights-at-lumpinee-boxing-stadium-will-only-be-sold-to-foreigners/
  9. It’s good you awoke in time. You don’t want to turn your back on these guys, they have sharp claws, a keen sense of smell, powerful jaws, and serrated teeth for ripping flesh from carcasses. I doubt you’ll find many homeless people sleeping in the park at night.
  10. The boxing stadium was moved to a new location several years ago and implicated in an outbreak of COVID cases last year. It’s set to reopen with events without spectators. https://thethaiger.com/news/bangkok/lumpini-boxing-stadium-re-opens-tomorrow-for-online-and-tv-spectators-only Don’t know if they still feature boxing at Pink Panther, that’s was at 11 PM, and I’m on the BTS back to Sukhumvit by then.
  11. It was certainly hot out there in the afternoon. I walked over to Roadhouse BBQ at Rama IV and Surawong for a pint of Guinness afterward, which really hit the spot, can't recommend the food there. FYI: After 8 PM, freelancers congregate on Sarisin Road which boarders the north side of the park, but you need to speak some Thai to connect with them because none speak any English, they're there looking for Thai customers. The last time I shot the monitors it was in the late afternoon, and I walked over to Patpong for some drinks. After a few, I went into Pink Panther and ordered a Long Island Iced Tea. The lineup was good, so I ordered another. I figured they must be diluted because this was Patpong. Being so dehydrated, I got so wasted that I left my camera bag in the bar with $5,000 worth of gear. The waitress came running after me down the street waving my bag like I'd walked out without paying the check.
  12. Oprah got 7 million, Meghan and Harry weren’t paid
  13. Lumpini Park recently reopened after being closed for a few months due to covid. I took the opportunity to spend a few hours there. The park covers 360 rai, on land donated by King Rama IV in 1925. A statue of King Rama IV decorates the entrance in the southwest corner, facing the Sala Daeng BTS station. Entrance required a temperature check, although few people were present mid-day. An oasis in the heart of the city An artificial lake covers much of the grounds, people like to feed the fish. The grandstand previously hosted a free concert by the Royal Bangkok Symphony Orchestra Sunday evenings from December to February. The concert was moved to Centenary Park on Chulalongkorn University for greater capacity and better acoustics three years ago, although currently suspended. The concert is free to the public and I highly recommend it, it's really outstanding. Although biking and jogging is allowed now, the exercise equipment is still off-limits. There's some artwork on display An abundance of wildlife Lots of crows, and they make quite a racket Mom here is feeding the young 'uns from a dead turtle But I came into the park specifically to shoot these beasts, the water monitors. They remind me a bit of The Creature from the Black Lagoon, if you've seen the movie, and they're everywhere. This one looks like Nessie Only found in SE Asia, they can scale a tree like a squirrel with their sharp claws. Otherwise, they don't move very quickly on land, but they walk with a swagger, and they're great swimmers with the long tail. Except for the Komodo Dragon, they're the biggest lizards on the planet, and carnivores, although primarily scavengers. The first description of the monitor in English literature is credited to Robert Knox in 1681: There is a Creature here called Kobberaguion, resembling an Alligator. The biggest may be five or six feet long, speckled black and white. He lives most upon the Land, but will take the water and dive under it: hath a long blue forked tongue like a sting, which he puts forth and hisseth and gapeth, but doth not bite nor sting, tho the appearance of him would scare those that knew not what he was. He is not afraid of people, but will lie gaping and hissing at them in the way, and will scarce stir out of it. He will come and eat Carrion with the Dogs and Jackals, and will not be scared away by them, but if they come near to bark or snap at him, with his tail, which is long like a whip, he will so slash them, that they will run away and howl. They were aware of my presence but didn't seem particularly concerned. The adults have few predators. I thought this one was going to attack me They usually stay near the water, but not always. This guy went for a stroll. I don't know if he liked the paparazzi following him around.
  14. John Oliver made a stunning prediction three years ago, even before the wedding
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