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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. That’s perfectly understandable since the mamasan will no longer close the curtain at The Strip so you can get a BBBJ from one of their fine dancers. I suppose i could have done doggy style standing up but it always seemed more natural to drop my pants and let her do her thing.
  2. LOL that was the Center Point Bar complex on Soi 7
  3. What say we crawl out of the septic tank and into another cesspool. Patpong. I recently made a visit to discover The Strip, Bar Bar, XXX Lounge, and Black Pagoda were all closed. Not much happening now, just as it was making a rebound. Never went into Bar Bar but I'll really miss the great BBBJs at The Strip. Kings Castle, Kings Castle I, Kings Castle II, Bada Bing, and Pink Panther are still open. Kings Castle I has a very good lineup, nearly as good as pre-covid. Papasan will sometimes pull on the girl's g-string bottoms so the audience can see if th
  4. Songkran is getting out of hand. I observed revelers with a water cannon mounted atop a tanker truck driving down Sukhumvit mowing people down. LOL I stayed on the Skywalk
  5. This place offers good deals on 10 gram packs. If you register and put something in your cart they’ll send you a coupon for 10% off after 2 days. I get really good herb for 225-270 per gram, similar quality to what the dispensaries charge 700. https://prikpot.com I bought some cheaper stuff from these guys. They had strains with names like ‘green crack’ and ‘squirrel tail’ for 59 to 79 baht per gram. The buzz isn’t as good and doesn’t taste or smell nearly as good so I end up not using it. Wouldn’t you rather smoke ‘Silky Delight’? Or ‘Critical Haze’? Or would you rather s
  6. LOL My balcony isn’t very big and the washing machine is out there.
  7. The dispensaries are too expensive for anyone but the tourist market. Thais order online where prices are much lower. I also order online, quality herb for less than half price because I order larger quantities. Free shipping and in my mailbox the next day.
  8. I took a walk around Soi Cowboy and counted 11 cannabis dispensaries within a block. In addition, there were another six table stands set up selling, making 17 places you could obtain some weed within a few minutes. It's much the same at Nana Plaza Here's a trivia question: Who can name this GoGo Bar? With all this high-grade cannabis, where to go to satisfy the munchies? Of course, if money is no object you can visit El Gaucho, New York Steakhouse, or Rib Room for a big, juicy steak. But these places ar
  9. I wanted to stay someplace new so I choose Sleep With Me, near Treetown. Bar Girl: "Where You Stay?" Me: "Sleep With Me" Bar Girl: "I only go short time." It's directly west of the Hilton, between Soi Buakhao and Third Road, about 100 meters from Soi Buakhao. Place is clean, guest friendly, no hassles. Walk-in rate is 1200, I paid less by booking ahead. I chose the hotel for the location and positive reviews. Room included a microwave oven that I didn't happen to use but could come in handy sometime.
  10. We’ve heard The Big Lie. Now let’s see The Great Escape.
  11. I was there last night too (but didn’t get a token). Most impressive was the exterior.
  12. Tonight it’s Soi Cowboy, tomorrow night is Nana. If you see me I’ll buy you a cold one.
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