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  1. They didn’t have any crab crackers! The crab was a special generally not on the menu at the Thai Terrace restaurant, I usually go there for the khao soi.
  2. I booked on agoda.com. Looks like it’s still available, I see about 1165/night for next month.
  3. BTW, they had beer 🍺 on the menu at Taco Bell on Soi 11, I don’t think they have it at the Phloen Chit location.
  4. Quite frequently, since they have to be half empty, but customers pay the same price. On my last visit to Bangkok in late February, I missed my last bus by 10 minutes, so hung out at Soi Cowboy until closing at 3:00, went to Margarita Storm for a taco salad, then caught the early bus at 5:00 A.M. Worked out well.
  5. I lived in lower Sukhumvit for seven years, until early this year. Hadn't been back for four months. It's a bit different, first things you notice now is the uncongestion and the clean air. There's social distancing everywhere, in the malls and restaurants. I always felt cramped living here because things were sized for Thais, but now I can enjoy my space. Even had a free seat next to me on the bus coming in and out of town and didn't have to pay for it. Gateway Mall I booked the Rembrandt Hotel on Soi 18 for half the regular price, there are some excellent domestic travel deals now, it's a 4-star hotel. They closed down the Rembrandt but put me in the Rembrandt Suites Hotel next door, facing Soi 20, it's newer and the price was less than the Nana Hotel. Hardly any guests were present. An exercise room but I had surgery last month and it's too soon to start working out, would be easy to rupture a tendon after all the antibiotics. Didn't stop me from taking a dip in the pool since they repaired my hernias. Perhapes I'll start weight lifting again in another 6 months or so, if I wish to turn my abdominal wall into swiss cheese again. The hotel had a breakfast buffet for 473 baht, but for the same price I walked over to Chu's at the Exchange Tower for a Norwegian Scramble with a cappuccino. The scramble featured smoked salmon on sourdough toast and the coffee included a small chocolate disk with Chu's stamped into it. I hadn't stayed on Soi 20 since 2003, then at the Windsor Suites, recently closed. At that time I would eat at the German restaurant Bei Otto, so I stopped there for breakfast, the farmers breakfast for 295. I had lunch at nearby Terminal 21, steamed crab in black pepper at the Thai Terrace restaurant I also had lunch in the food court, duck with sesame noodles for 40 baht. The biggest change I saw in the 'hood was the extension of the BTS sky walk at Asoke, now all the way to the Sofitel Hotel, with the Art Box on the south side. If they extend it another half-block, to the Hyatt Regency, you'll be able to take the sky walk between the Asoke and Nana BTS stations. Amazing how uncrowded Sukhumvit was in the mid afternoon on a weekday, here at the Asoke intersection. The first order of business was a haircut, it had been four months, so visited my regular barber on Soi 23. Crazy House was 'open', in a sense. Airing it out for an anticipated re-opening on Wednesday, I guess. Soi Cowboy had the usual food vendors in the afternoon. I visited my regular massage girl, she's talented and pretty but too shy for a photo, and headed over to the Art Box for dinner. Most places were closed and attendance was sparse, but I managed a small chicken burrito with a bottle of water at the Margarita Storm kiosk for 200, and Axe throwing was still in progress, but no bands were performing. Light traffic on Sukhumvit for an early evening Over on Soi 11 it was even more empty, quite a contrast to the days with the VW cocktail buses when every night was a block party. This was at 8:30 PM and nearly deserted. They've now opened a 24 hour Taco Bell to compete with Margarita Storm, just a block from where I used to live. I ordered Beef Taco Supremes for 208 baht, not cheap, and I had to pay 60 baht extra for the beef, with was runny. I should have stayed with the chicken, the best things were the sour cream and crunchy shells. If you consider Taco Bell as Mexican food, that's 9 Mexican restaurants within a kilometer, 10 if you include the Margarita Storm kiosk at the Art Box. The others: Mexicano at the Rembrandt, Soi 20 Margarita Storm, Soi 13 Slanted Taco, Soi 23 The Mexican, next to formerly Annies Massage on Soi 2 Tacos & Salsa, Soi 18 Sunrise Taco, Terminal 21 Cali-Mex Bar & Grill, Soi 11 La Monita Taqueria, Mahatun Plaza I lived in California long time, so enjoy Mexican. The Ambassador, looks like only three floors populated in the tower at right. The string of massage shops that used to be in the alley leading to Soi 13 have been replaced by restaurants. Ole German Beerhaus on Soi 13 but without many customers On the third and last day it was time for my photo shoot with Ammy Then, over to Soi 8 for dinner at Monsoon, this was as far west I went, never made it to Soi Nana, and Lolitas BJ off Soi 8 was closed. Had some Penne Seafood Pasta with a blueberry shake for 480. The Monsoon also serves Mexican, BTW, I've tried their taco salad. One of my favorite restaurants in lower Sukhumvit, good fusion food and not expensive. A very relaxing three days and two nights, and now it's time to head home. I'll be back next month when Soi Cowboy and Nana Plaza re-open.
  6. The way I look at it, I got rid of excess baggage I didn’t need. It’s been scientifically proven a man’s dick is inversely proportional to the size of his stomach, so have your stomach removed and your dick grows without bound. Some girls complain but most don’t. 😁
  7. One quarter of all men get a hernia in their lifetime. I had one for months without realizing it. At the Auto Show last summer, I took a break for a coffee, the acidity in coffee will aggravate a hernia. I had a sharp pain in my right testicle. I didn’t know it was from a hernia, thought my balls were heating up from photographing the pretties. In the fall I started working out every day, started 30 minutes and gradually increased to 75 minutes/day, every day for four months. I added 12 pounds of muscle. Sixty minutes/day on the exercise bike, started getting a sharp pain in ‘the crease’, i.e. where the leg connects to the body. I thought it was a strained tendon. I also lifted weights, and kept increasing both repetitions and weight, aggressively. This made the condition much worse. I finally realized what I had during a visit to Chatuchak Market. I had a couple coffees and had such intense pain in my upper thigh that I could barely walk. Researched the symptoms on the internet and realized it must be a hernia. I made an appointment at Sikarin Hospital in Bang Na, they offered free transportation from lower Sukhumvit. The doctor diagnosed me with both a inguinal and a umbilical hernia. He didn’t use ultrasound, just a visual inspection. He said I should only do light walking, no bicycling, no swimming, and definitely no weight lifting. He said if my intestine should become strangulated by an abdominal muscle, cutting off the blood supply, get to an emergency room ASAP. My situation is different from most people because my intestines act as my stomach. I don’t have a stomach, this makes the operation more complex, so they gave me an estimate of 400,000 to repair both hernias with laparoscopic surgery. He also wanted to check my gallbladder because of the Gastrectomy I had previously. He believed there was a strong chance I’d have problems with gallstones, and said it didn’t make sense to do the hernia repair without checking the gallbladder. For that price I though I could learn to live with the hernias and only had one major problem, with the crispy fried oysters at the Terminal 21 Food Court. I guess it was all the grease. I had to pause each minute walking home until the pain subsided, a very intense, sharp and penetrating pain in my groin like someone stabbed me with a spike. People were looking at me on the street like ‘Are you all right?’ I definitely wasn’t but managed to get home and lie down. I lived with it for the next several months by being careful with my diet and avoiding coffee, red meat, citrus, etc. until my gallbladder became inflamed last month, just as the Doctor had predicted. During eight hours of laparoscopic surgery I had my gallbladder removed and the hernias repaired. I was in the hospital four days, one day just to wait for the result of the Covid test, one day in the ICU, and two days recovery, the first with only soup broth, then with some real food. The laparoscopic surgery provides a quick recovery, I was walking around the ICU under my own power the day after the surgery. When I had the Gastrectomy at Bangkok Hospital Medical Center, it was five days before I could walk. That being two steps with the help of a walker, otherwise I’d have fallen over. Spent five days with a feeding tube up my nose, then nothing but soup broth for the next five days before getting a real meal. The laparoscopic surgery was easy in comparison. Now I’m good to go. 😉
  8. Awesome! As a teenager, I had the pleasure of seeing the great Muddy Waters in concert, with James Cotton. I also really enjoyed the live performances of Junior Wells with Buddy Guy.
  9. Here’s an oldie, and one of my favorite ‘feel good’ songs that expresses the glass half-full. I think it’s amazing the artist could sing this Inspiring song so powerfully at a time when his dog was poisoned, had a bullet fired through his window, a burning cross placed on his lawn, all for moving into a neighborhood he could afford. So SMILE.😀
  10. Tiger King on Netflix is totally insane, you can’t make this shit up. Supposedly a 10-part series is in the works with Nicolas Cage as Joe Exotic. Also really enjoyed The Last Dance, the inside story of the Chicago Bulls NBA basketball dynasty with Michael Jordan, Et al. 🏀
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