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  1. There's a new burger joint in town called Bang Bang Burger, at the location of the previous Daniel Thaiger burger before 'the T' on Soi 11, across from Hillary 11. They serve the same craft beers as before but the restaurant now has a boxing theme. They serve a Cassius burger, an Iron Mike burger, a Raging Bull (with jalapenos), and a Duke. Burgers go for 320, including fries. This is the Cassius, a bacon burger. Here is The Duke, which is without the bacon. I had to research "Duke" in boxing lore and it turns out to be Tommy Morrison
  2. After 12 weeks I returned for my second AstraZeneca jab. The vibe was much different this time, much more upbeat, and more people in the hotels. I booked the Sofitel and they gave me a corner room on the 25th floor with lots of windows. The governor of my province had outlawed the sale of alcohol until the end of the month in an effort to reduce the covid spread, even in the 7-11s, so I came a few weeks early. The lobby was a nice place to hang out for afternoon tea I tried the 24-hour room service for Khao Soi,
  3. I’m ready for the reopening
  4. I'm glad my visa is Non Imm O-B. They'll probably forget about guys like me. I deserve a break for paying taxes six years.
  5. All Good Things (in honor of Robert Durst)
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