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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. It was a bummer not being able to have a nice glass of red with my steak. Hopefully that won’t happen again.
  2. Sadly, is a report on Bangkok without bars. Fortunately, bars opened yesterday so I'll be back after Makha Bucha Day, but I needed some dental work so I spent a few weeks. Since bars were closed, I stayed on the river, at the Royal Orchid Sheraton Hotel. Room was pretty good, all rooms have great views of the river. Looking the other way, from the hallway. Since bars were closed I made a trip to the liquor store for some whisky, purely for medicinal purposes, just in case I should get a toothache or something. There were only a few guests. The hotel lobby and lobby bar were empty. There were two outdoor pools, the garden pool was best, with a Jacuzzi. There were these peacocks hanging out in the garden I hadn't stayed on the river since 2004, then at the Shangri-La Hotel, had some fun times there with these hotties. These scanned from old film, a farm fresh stunner from Angel-Witch. My friend Tak, who I spent several days with and took on a dinner cruise. Here's Tak in the Shangri-La hotel lobby This girl came from Exocita I remember this girl treated me to a long blow job This girl came from Soi Cowboy and just wanted to fuck The Sheraton boat was out of commission but the Siphraya Pier was next door which had free shuttle boats to SiamIcon mall across the river every 20 minutes, so I hung out there most of the time. It only took a few minutes to get to SiamIcon mall The mall was decorated for Chinese New Year Some nice artwork inside This mall is so massive it has 61 restaurants, not counting the mom and pop's that sell street food. It has 61 sit-down restaurants, nearly all Asian. I checked many menus looking for a burger and couldn't find one, just some surf and turn, not much beef at all. I fancied some fresh crab, Jumbo Seafood is noted for chili crab, probably too spicy for me. I thought I'd just have some steamed but they wanted 3000 per kg for mud crab, that's five times what I pay when I go to Koh Kood, so I just had some French Mussels at D'Ark, since I like Hoy. They had a fountain show like at Bellagio but it finished by the time my meal arrived. Another time I went up to the 6th level for Canadian Lobster baked in cheese at Sushi Den. Unfortunately, the cheese was local but the meal was reasonably priced. And back to the hotel in the evening Night view from my room There was a Coffee Club next door at the River City Mall for an Eggs Benedict breakfast while enjoying the river view, also a Starbucks and a Subway in the River City Mall. After this I moved over to the Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit to be closer to my dentist. I also hadn't stayed at this hotel since 2004. Room was a little nicer than the Royal Orchid and price was 500 baht more, but the view wasn't too spectacular. I would have preferred facing north, towards Terminal 21, like this Like the Sofitel and Hyatt Regency, the hotel has direct BTS access, which is really nice. Breakfast was 300+ extra but well worth it. Eggs to order, crispy bacon, dim sum, imported cheeses, and fresh orange juice. I went over to El Gaucho Argentinian Steakhouse near by for a 350g Rib Eye. There were plenty of attractive women walking down Soi 19 in the late afternoon and I couldn't help but think about all the great girls I shagged upstairs when the building was City Lodge Hotel. Nearby, Soi Cowboy does a great lunchtime business for thais with plenty of food vendors, even when the bars are closed. I visited one of my masseuses, her name is Golf. My ball didn't find the hole during the Golf session but my putter did. Over at Nana, all was quiet. Hooters had their signage lit but they were closed. Had a Reuben sandwich at Landmark on the Terrace. Construction is making fast progress on the new office building between Q House and the Landmark Across the street, on the north side of Sukhumvit, another office building is being constructed. I used to frequent the Mom & Pop seafood stalls on that site near the Soi 7 Beer Garden. The new Wine Connection on Soi 11 has a nice special before 5 PM. Any pasta with salad and drink for only 199. I had the lamb and pasta which is usually 310 just by itself. Add dessert and coffee for just 149++ more For more cheap eats, I had some fried oysters at the MBK food service area, now on the 6th floor. There's a new Apple Store at Central Went over to Siam Square to meet up with another forum member, Dominic Toretto And I also scheduled a couple photo shoots while I was in town.
  3. Live streaming seems to be the craze now. This Japanese guy has been going it for a while, much better than the NWG. How does he do it? He tips everone in the bar a hundred baht. Here’s a session from King’s Castle I. I’ve been a customer of this bar for nearly 30 years, they consistently have the best line-up of any bar in Thailand.
  4. I’ve cancelled my return to Bangkok this week, looks like bars will be closed for a while, maybe all month.
  5. Nai Yai Am is adjacent to Rayong but I used to ride through Tha Mai on my way to Chao Lao Beach. REVISION: There have been no confirmed cases in Chanthaburi city, where I live, since March.
  6. The owner was from my home state of Wisconsin Try La Monita https://www.lamonita.com They don't have a pool table though
  7. I live in Chanthaburi, just an hour from the Koh Chang Ferry. There have only been 3 confirmed cases of covid in the province, none since March. I may move back to Pattaya sometime this year, just looking at the low rents on bahtsold, may even buy a condo if I can find a fire sale. Back to Bangkok, I ate at The Game for the first time, had a hot dog. Sorry to inform Bullfrog, The Mexican is a casualty. RIP. Bully's Pub is still open Hooters have a 50% discount on food from 3-4 PM every day, even on NYE. I had some Shrimp Tacos with coleslaw and a 'Tropical' Long Island Iced Tea. Bill came to 500, including tax and service, and I tipped the lovely lady for her photo. Stopped at the Landmark Hotel for a draft beer Chuvit Gardens adjacent Soi 10 looks almost like an autumn day in New England The bartenders at Nana told me Soi Cowboy was shut down on the 30th, but I went to see for myself. At least the music bars on the Asoke end were open. I haven't been to Country Road since 2003, listening to a few songs, I remembered why. A few bars were having private parties outside for their staff. I had a pepperoni pizza at Oasis, could only eat half, had the rest for breakfast this morning. Crazy House was the only GoGo open, but without dancers. You could go upstairs and sit with a lady, such was the state of affairs on NYE 2020. I thought about going over to Thermae but had enough to drink and wasn't interested in taking a lady, so I called it a night early. A fitting end to a shitty year, hopefully this year will bring better things. I'm heading home but coming back next week after the GoGo bars reopen. Happy New Year!
  8. Did some shopping at Terminal 21 today. The Beatles were performing A Hard Day's Night. Happy New Year!!!
  9. After the Bangkok Metropolitan Authority announced the closing of entertainment venues and massage parlors until Jan 4th, I thought this would be a Bangkok Re-Closing report, but that was not the case. Would have went home until after the 4th if my current booking weren't refundable, Bangkok is not much fun without GoGo bars and massage parlors. How about some Phuket Lobster at Savoey Seafood in Terminal 21? El Gaucho Argentinian Steakhouse next door has a 50% off special on steaks Tuesday, but when I showed up the hostess said I needed a reservation to qualify for the 50% savings, so I went next door to Terminal 21 and made a reservation on my phone, then came back a half hour later. I thought it was well worth it to save a thousand baht for the 250g Rib Eye. I still paid 150++ for a baked potato and 380++ for a glass of wine, so the bill came to 1800 including tax and service, but the steak was excellent. The manager said they normally require a two day notice for the 50% discount but he would allow it this time, so I left an additional 100 baht tip. As I mentioned before, I'd shagged lots of girls upstairs in this building when it was City Lodge, managed by Amari. Here's a sampling of some of my favorite bone-in delicacies. Three of these girls are still working the GoGos, into their 30s now. Here's something I haven't seen before, selling Avocados on Sukhumvit Here's another new twist, Lock Boxes in the BTS an MRT stations. Could prove very handy. Went to Indulge Bar at Asoke Intersection for their buy-one, get-one-free Sunday cocktail promotion Started with what I'd had before, the Citrus Comfort, and got a free one The drink I had with Strawberry liquor is called Champagne Supernova The Porn Star Martini is made with Vanilla Absolute Vodka and passion fruit. Shaken, not stirred, and the glass is sugared, not salted This drink was called Mother Theresa Goes to Hollywood, with mango and peach besides vodka and passion fruit. There's only one Mother Theresa, but I had two. My confession is that I ate the mango garnish. This drink served in the Tiki Glass was made with fireball cinnamon whisky. I started to lose focus by now. I finished with a pair of the Jimi Hendrix Xperiences, made with Hendrix Gin and cucumber juice. I don't particularly care for cucumbers, always tell them to hold at Subway, but I really like Jimi Hendrix. The bill for the dozen cocktails came to about 1900, and I left as a Voodoo Chile for the Electric Ladyland of Soi Cowboy. Big Dog's outside Nana Plaza in the afternoon, Jack & Coke 95 baht All the GoGos at Nana Plaza were closed yesterday. I went over to Soi Cowboy and it was business as usual. How can this be? Enforcement is decentralized and each police district controls their own territory. Most of the bars did close at midnight, however. I was glad the GoGos were open because I was horny and had a Chiang Mai beauty on my ToDo list for a while. It was time to get down to business. Pity she was too shy to drop her mask for the camera because she is truly stunning, but shyness is something I find very sexy about Thai women. She's a real sweetheart and we make a perfect couple, I'm only 19 years older than her father. After my pipe was cleared, I headed over to Saxophone Pub at Victory Monument for some live jazz. Hard to find a seat with unobstructed views, a huge middle post holds the old building from collapsing. They serve food, not too impressed with the kitchen, but the music is usually excellent. I'm very happy knowing Soi Cowboy will be open for the countdown tomorrow night. Cheers!
  10. I recommend the Sofitel, better value than the JW Marriott IMHO, and the third floor access to the BTS Sky Walk is very convenient. Soi Thaniya runs parallel to Patpong, the closed Hooters is on the Silom end. I haven’t been in Thermae for a while so can’t comment on the scene there.
  11. I was worried about a lockdown too but had already booked at low non-refundable rates. Now I’m having such a good time I wouldn’t mind being stuck in Bangkok a while longer.
  12. This is the Christmas edition. I wanted to do something special for the holidays, so I booked the JW Marriott Always liked the lounge, pity I can't enjoy a cigar there anymore Nice view of Nana Plaza Happy Hour, 4 PM to 8 PM, in the second floor Manhattan Lounge I went out at 6:30 AM for breakfast, thought I'd just have a ham and cheese croissant at Burger King, but they don't open until 10 AM now. Not much was open. Some road side bars were around, but it was a little too early for a drink. There were some joggers about, including some very attractive women. Unfortunately, also some homeless people sleeping on the street, wouldn't feel comfortable taking their photo. Margarita Storm was open, still 24 hours I think, but I don't care for their breakfasts. I went there for a 4 AM Taco Salad. Eventually settled at Tom N Tom's, formerly Holly's Coffee at that location. Bagel sandwich with a cappuccino Down Soi 2 way, formerly Majestic Grande is now Doubletree, whenever it re-opens Hooters Nana had some food specials, a dozen wings and a pint for 299 At Nana Plaza, all the top floor bars are closed Sunday and Monday now, and Billboard and Butterflies are the best bars in the plaza. Soi Nana very quiet at 6:30 PM I went over to Patpong, first took a stroll down Soi Thaniya. There were lots of girls out, I took a few snaps and moved on quickly before the moto taxi drivers could threaten me because I'm not Japanese. It was a lot different this time, girls were smiling at me, they used to ignore me. When I reached one of the last bars before Surawong Road, a Mamasan says "Come in for a drink". WTF? I took my mask off and said, "I'm not Japanese, I'm farang". "No problem", she says, "come in and have a drink, sit with a lady." Well, I never thought I'd see the day where farang are welcome on Soi Thaniya. What is the world coming to? I politely declined her generous invitation and headed over to Soi Patpong. I'll come back later to taste some of the "forbidden fruit." Patpong looks empty without the night market. King's Castle scaled back to 30 girls, from their usual 80-90, and there were only two other customers but they had some great looking girls At Pink Panther, I was the only customer. After a few long island iced teas there, I headed back to the BTS but stopped in The Strip for one more round. There was only one other customer. I sat in one of the booths and had four girls joining me. Back in the old days, they used to close the curtain but stopped the practice when the junta took over, worried about being raided by the police. The mamasan showed me the drink menu, I noticed lady drinks were priced at 200 baht, so I told the mamasan I'd buy each lady a drink if she'd close the curtains. Desperate economic times call for desperate measures. The curtains were closed and off came my pants. Since this is an open forum, I can't describe what happened but you can use your imagination, being behind the curtain with four horny and hungry girls, it was an experience I'll always cherish. I took some photos but wouldn't dare post them, wouldn't want to get the bar in hot water. Next day, went to see Sutasinee, my stocking stuffer After four days at the JW, I changed to the Sofitel, have never stayed there before. It's right next door to Thermae Coffeeshop Rooms are great, the hotel is much newer than the JW Marriott There's a window into the bedroom so you can lay in the bathtub and watch TV, there's a separate speaker and volume control in the bathroom. The bathrobes are awesome too, don't need a towel, and the beds are super comfortable. Good views from the 21st floor Bring your own whisky There's a rooftop bar on the 32nd floor with even better views I ordered the cheapest thing on the menu, a glass of Spanish red Breakfast was included, it's a la carte but you can order as much as you want. Besides this, I had some smoked salmon Eggs Benedict this morning. I'll check out the pool this afternoon. Yesterday, there was a stocking on my door with two oranges, some cookies, and a candy cane. I took a hike up to Soi 33 for lunch at Tenderloins. I used to go there frequently, they moved to a subsoi 4-5 years ago but still feature a good value fixed lunch with many choices, for 450 baht. I had a cesar salad, small Argentine strip loin steak with baked potato, and ice cream and coffee. Only the wine was extra. After lunch, I got an oil massage with body2body, a bj, and some reverse cowgirl. Last night, Christmas Eve, I went over to Soi Cowboy looking for Santa. There's an old expat with long white hair and a white beard, and he always dresses as Santa and hangs out on Soi Cowboy during the holidays. I stopped at Indulge at the Asoke Intersection for a few of their exotic cocktails first, they run about 300 baht. Here's one with Absolute Vodka and strawberry liqueur, I forget what it's called. This is a Citrous Comfort, made with Southern Comfort, Havana Rum, lemon, lime, pineapple, and mint. Very tasty way to get your Vitamin C. The waitress said they feature a buy one get one free on Sundays. I didn't get to see Santa, but I'll try again tonight. Went over to Baccara for several bottles of Ho Ho Hoegaarden. Merry Christmas!!!
  13. Here’s a guy from my hometown, the greatest guitarist of all time
  14. It means I don’t do buffets. I could eat more frequently but generally don’t. After a while the intestines stretch out and I can handle more food but if I eat too much I get sick and it’s typical to feel poorly for half an hour after a meal. Frequent snacking works best but I eat out a lot and meals are fixed size, Thai size is better than farang size.
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