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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Most people there were for the vaccine. After they close the center next week there will hardly be anyone using the station. This guy put a nice vlog together
  2. Vending machines and empty spaces, but I only saw the ground level, There are 4.
  3. Yes, you can choose which one you want. I went with Pfizer because that’s what I had last time (6 months ago). The arm is a little sore today, same as before.
  4. Thanks. You have another week to go there and get vaxed. LOL. For free!
  5. Just opened last summer, at a cost of 15 billion baht, the largest railway station in southeast Asia, with 26 platforms. Although it's been open for a while, there's not much happening there. Bang Sue Grand Station replaces the existing Hua Lamphong rail station, which is over a century old. It was initially announced that Hua Lamphong would close at the end of last year but now looks to be in operation for at least two more years. I wonder if people are just nostalgic and they don't want to leave. There's talk of eventually turning it into a museum, which I
  6. I sometimes went there for breakfast when I lived in VT6. They always had sports on, I think I heard the owner was a wrestler from Ohio State. They had good breakfasts, and Steak Night on the Weber grill. Good location next to Devils Den.
  7. Who can forget the runny eggs from the breakfast buffet?🍳
  8. LOL Afraid of all the ghosts of the people who died there. Fortunately, this one was farm fresh and didn't know the history
  9. Arrived at Patpong early and had a beer in Crown Royal, hadn't been in there in years. Radio City has opened now as a GoGo bar, used to have live music. Kings Castle I are also open. Over at the Strip, for 400 baht the mamasan closed the curtain so I could get a BBBJ from one of their pretty, slim, young dancers. Next door, XXX Lounge had Triple Bush Belgian Beer for a limited time, 10.5% ABV. The amazing thing was the price, 140 baht per bottle, I would expect to pay double considering Heineken is 190. I had three bottles to finish the eve
  10. I wasn't ready to return to Bangkok yet so booked a few nights at The Wave. The Wave is a boutique hotel wedged between View Talay 6 and the Bay View Resort. Some may be put off by the neon color scheme but I think it's pretty cool. It's more expensive than the Hard Rock Hotel, nearly double. Stopped at the food court in Central Festival for some lentil soup on the way over, used to eat lunch there frequently when I lived next door. The Wave Hotel This is the lobby The room was very comfortable
  11. I made the same mistake booking the Siam Bay Shore for a week. The joiner fee was 800. I tried sneaking girls in taking different paths through the grounds but they had their employees trained to catch you every time. I never stayed there again, which was a shame because I really liked the resort.
  12. I arrived Walking Street around 6 PM and walked as far south as the Bay Shore hotel More of this leafy green stuff Road torn up, looks like they're finally going to bury the unsightly electrical lines Nothing going on in Simon's Fahrenheit, one of the most happening places The action hasn't quite started yet at Pin-Up Walked out to the water's edge It's pretty dark south of Pin-Up This was a
  13. I was anxious to check out this new Tree Town so headed over one late afternoon, mid-week. I was thankful for overcast sky's and mild temperatures, recently had surgery for skin cancer. I checked the price on Stella Artois and Hoegaarden at the Beer Hub, not much less than what I pay at Baccara on Soi Cowboy, where the scenery is much better. There are signs with this leafy green stuff all over town. I only smoke cigars. This must be the way... Pretty quiet at the moment, don't know about late
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