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  1. The paperwork is easy, should just do it yourself if you have the required funds seasoned properly in a Thai bank.
  2. I changed having my social security deposited at Wells Fargo to Bangkok Bank in October. My deposit this month was still to Wells Fargo but I checked the MySSA website and they now have the details for Bangkok Bank, so I expect next month’s deposit to go to Bangkok Bank. I spoke with the Bangkok Bank staff near Soi 6 and they submitted the paperwork for me. However, I had to create a new restricted account with no internet or ATM access to receive the payment, even though I have another account at the same branch.
  3. It can be extremely dangerous, leaving you to the mercy of sextortion artists. Be safe, Don't Wank! https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/crime/blackmail-online-sextortion-suicides-videos-photos-sexual-police-advice-a8337016.html
  4. I got my 9th extension yesterday at Changwattana. Have blisters on my feet today because I haven't worn dress shoes for a year, nor long trousers. For the second consecutive year, I was the only one there wearing a tie. They treated me like royalty.
  5. They may assume that upon retirement all kept paying for the health insurance that was provided while employed. I don’t recall what the coverage was, but I worked several years, paid taxes, and contributed. Hence, I’m hoping I’ll remain exempt. I’ve been extended 8 times and can’t recall hearing of anyone being forced to change their visa, so maybe they’ll reward me for my contribution.
  6. I’m on retirement from a Non-OB visa and hoping they forget about us.
  7. They should market the Impossible Whopper with a non-alcoholic beer.
  8. I remember my first visit to Thailand in 1992. I ate at a fast food chain near the Nana intersection called Tikki Burger that featured a very spicy bean-based burger. The restaurant was filled with Thai teenagers, I was the only farang, and the burger was so spicy I couldn’t finish it.
  9. My first visit to Thailand was 1992, second was 1998, didn't experience Pattaya until my third visit, February 2003. I stayed at Siam Bayshore Resort, which I thought was a great place except for the 800 baht joiner fee! I only stayed a couple days before returning to Bangkok, but I enjoyed myself so much I came back the next week, booking Residence Gardens. I believe I used the special FLB Deal from this website. I moved to Pattaya in October 2004.
  10. There's a lot of action on the south side of Sukhumvit these days. Just across the street is Artbox, a night market between Sois 8 and 10, and the latest craze there is ax throwing. Sharpen your axe and skill.
  11. These were at dusk today with an ultra wide lens, previous photos seem to suffer from shrinkage
  12. Today I had an avocado burger from Teddy's Burger in Bangkok and it was a tasty burger
  13. Crab and Chanthaburi noodles at Savoey Seafood
  14. Honest, I didn’t put it there. It was a friendly, neighborhood bar. Pulaski Street, as I recall, and it never closed at midnight.
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